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The Dawn of the World is a concept mentioned by Nekomamushi and Pedro.[1][2] It is an event the Mink Tribe and Kozuki Family have been waiting on for centuries.[3] The earliest known mention of this term was transcribed in a letter that Nefertari D. Lili sent to her family in Arabasta 800 years ago, just after the Void Century.[4]


It is unknown what the Dawn of the World entails, but it is implied to involve the Poneglyphs. Members of the Mink Tribe such as Nekomamushi and Pedro have stated that they are waiting for the event. Pedro in particular was willing to rip out his own eye in order to convince Big Mom to spare him, as he believed the Dawn of the World was near and he had to return home alive.[5] However, it does not seem to be common knowledge among the minks, as Carrot was unaware of the concept before being told by Pedro.[3]

Pedro eventually became convinced that the Straw Hats will be the ones to lead the world to its dawn, and to that extent he was willing to sacrifice his remaining life to help them on their journey.[2][3] After telling Carrot she would understand the importance of helping the Straw Hats someday, Pedro made his sacrifice by detonating the explosives on his body in order to take out Perospero.[6]

Yamato told Momonosuke that he must survive as he was the one who would guide the world to the dawn.[7]

During the Levely, when Nefertari Cobra was assassinated by the Five Elders and Imu, his final actions were to shield the other witness to his death, Sabo, with the request of passing on his last words to Luffy and his daughter, Nefertari Vivi. He then recited what was presumably the final passage of Nefertari D. Lili's letter to Sabo, before being killed, the contents of which mentioned the "Dawn of the World". [4]


  • Pedro hoped his exploration crew, later turned pirates, will usher in the new Dawn of the World. Due to his dream, he named them the Nox Expedition Party, with Nox meaning "night", as every night leads to a new dawn.[8]
  • Nika, a warrior of legend from centuries ago who is the namesake of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika Devil Fruit, was referred to as the "Sun God", which could have correlation to "dawn".


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