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The Dead End Race is a secret competition introduced in the fourth One Piece movie.[1]


The Dead End Race is a very dangerous race between pirate crews and their ships, taking place in secret from the outside world.[1]

The entry password into the race's registry is to present the barkeeper with two 100 Belly coins. The grand prize can be as much as Beli.png300,000,000.[1]

As the competition is set between renegades of the sea, it is a no-holds-barred, anything goes battle. This means cheating and killing the rival competitors are also permitted, and even common practices.

Known Participant Crews and Ships

Participants[1] Ship Status[1]
Straw Hat Pirates Going Merry[1] Victor
Gasparde Pirates (First Favorite) Salamander[1] Defeated
Willy (Second Favorite) Web Panic[2] Defeated
Bobby and Pogo (Third Favorite) Big Runner[2] Defeated
Bigalo Rokuron Dokuron[2] Defeated
A A A Unknown Defeated



When Nico Robin was still wandering after her escape from the Ohara Incident, she participated in the race with one of the pirate crews that she joined (and eventually left).[1]

Gasparde, after defecting from the Marines, took his crew and ship to participate in the race many times, to cure his boredom at the sea. They've won every race due to having rigged it.[1]

Sky Island Saga

Dead End Adventure

Eventually, the Straw Hat Pirates, desperate for money, partook the race when an old man gave them the entry requirements. They got off in bad terms with Gasparde and his crew due to conflicting views on camaraderie.[1]

As with the previous races Gasparde rigged this one, fooling the pirates and betraying the betting manager with the intent to recruit the survivors, and managed to defeat Willy's crew, who were the only ones to be insightful enough to discover Gasparde's foul play before their downfall. Bigalo's ship was capsized by Sea Kings, while Bobby and Pogo crashed into some buildings at near the beginning. Other contestants were deceived by Gasparde into thinking that Navarone Island is the finish line Partia, when in fact it houses Marine Base G-8.[1]

Eventually, the race boils down to the Gasparde Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates. The two captains fought on board of the former's ship, and Monkey D. Luffy eventually managed to defeat Gasparde, while a giant typhoon that came along wiped out the ship and its captain. With this, the Straw Hats won the race, but the Marines suddenly arrived, forcing them to flee before they could claim their prize, much to Nami's disappointment.[1]


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