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Delta Island is a New World island that appears in the film One Piece: Stampede. It served as the location of the Pirates Festival.[2]

Layout and Locations

Map of the island

The island is split into three roughly even parts by three large rivers, with a round lake in the center. The land seems to slope upwards to the center lake, with sheer cliffs around it. There are also a few large spikes overlooking the central lake. It is covered in greenery.

The majority of the coastal and riverbanks had been converted into a harbor, with various shops and other buildings being built along side it. There are also a few towns scattered throughout the inland as well as along the coasts. Audience stands were built along the cliffs of the central lake for viewing the events. Underground is a tunnel complex, which Buena Festa used for planning and secret dealings.

After Douglas Bullet used his ability on the island and started rampaging, most of the land was turned to rubble. He also lifted the edges of the island to trap everyone on it, but this collapsed with his defeat.[2]

Treasure Island

Underneath the central lake is an underwater cave which can produce a Knock Up Stream, as well as a smaller island, referred to as 'Treasure Island' encased in a massive bubble. Bullet destroyed the treasure island, causing its remains to fall back into the central lake.



Shortly after Gol D. Roger became King of the Pirates, he and his crew discovered this island. There, he found out that his crew members had secretly made an Eternal Pose of Laugh Tale, which he promptly threw away.

Yonko Saga

One Piece: Stampede

In the present day, Buena Festa and Douglas Bullet planned to host the Pirates Festival on this island in order to lure as many prominent pirates as possible, as well as the Marines, in a plan to end the Great Pirate Era, and start a new one. In order to do so, they also needed the Marines to unleash a Buster Call on the island. They successfully launched their plan, using the Laugh Tale Eternal Pose as bait, with Bullet causing utter devastation to the island in the process using his ability.

However, the combination of the Worst Generation's Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law; Shichibukai Boa Hancock and Buggy; the Revolutionary Army's second-in-command, Sabo; and the Marines' Vice-Admiral Smoker, with assistance of Crocodile and CP0's Rob Lucci, managed to defeat Bullet. While many pirates were captured by the Marines, quite few were able to escape with the help of the Revolutionary Army. The Buster Call was also called off, due to Bullet's defeat, the treasure's destruction (at Luffy's hand) and many Marines still being present on the island.[2]



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