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Den Den Mushi are a class of telepathic snail that serves as a means of vocal and/or visual communication across the world. There exists various Den Den Mushi species which specialize in different types of signals.

They are classified as type "B" creatures, being "Small Friendly".[2]


Wild Den Den Mushi

A wild Den Den Mushi.

Den Den Mushi possess a mysterious capability to engage in telepathic communication with one another across extensive distances, ostensibly facilitated by electronic signals. Additionally, they possess the remarkable ability to flawlessly replicate speech, including the intonations and cadences of individual voices. Over the course of numerous generations, individuals have capitalized on these abilities by affixing dials, receivers, and other supplementary components to these creatures, thereby transforming them into long-range communication devices.

Much like a real-world telephone, when a certain number is dialed, the snail will launch a telepathic link with whichever snail's mechanism corresponds to that number. The signal is not infallible, but a well-kept specimen can reach across entire oceans.[3][4] More elaborate mechanisms can even allow them to transmit and duplicate documents and photographs, akin to a real-world fax machine.

Overall, Den Den Mushi do not mind being used and tamed, as the arrangement gives them access to plenty of food.[5] Their accessories are also not injurious—or even especially difficult—to remove, and may be done so at any time to return them to the wild.[6][7]


16th Branch's Den Den Mushi

A Den Den Mushi with standard accessories.

The standard Den Den Mushi is roughly the size of an ordinary house cat, with the dialing mechanism and receiver built into its shell (or, in rarer cases, a completely separate device "plugged" into the back of its head). Specimens vary widely in color and shell patterns and are often customized to signify their owners. The Marines, for instance, stamp their emblem on the shells of their Den Den Mushi.

Due to their size, Den Den Mushi are typically left stationary on desks and the like. However, many have improvised methods to carry them and their accompanying accessories in times of necessity.[8][9]


On receiving a signal, a Den Den Mushi will make a purururu (プルルル?) sound, rendered identically to the real-life Japanese onomatopoeia for old-fashioned phone-rings. However, the anime (which renders the sound closer to purupuru) indicates that the snails are actually pronouncing these "rings" phonetically (and very dryly), rather than making any noise akin to a genuine ring. Similarly, it will make a gacha (ガチャ?) (click in the English dub) sound when the receiver is removed or replaced.

Den Den Mushi appear to have a separate signal for S.O.S. calls, which cause them to weep and cry loudly when they receive it.[10] However, the recipient of the call does not get any information about the situation unless they actually pick up and talk to the person sending the signal. According to Nico Robin, the Marines are known for tracing calls by sending false alerts.

Caesar Clown Talking Through Trafalgar Law's Den Den Mushi

Trafalgar Law and Caesar Clown talking through the former's Den Den Mushi.

During active use, a Den Den Mushi will relay not only the speaker's words and emotions (laughter, screams, etc.), but also distinctive facial traits and even injuries.[11][12] Depending on its mood, it can choose to disguise itself or mimic the traits of anyone close to it, either the one speaking or its owner.[13] It is also possible for two specimens to converse with each other using a third party.[14] Furthermore, they do not just pick up signals from each other, as they can send and receive signals from Smart Tanishi as well as receive warning signals from Territorial Sea Slugs.[15][16] They are also capable of relaying nearby sounds, such as gunshots or broken glass.

Den Den Mushi are very lethargic by nature, usually sleeping whenever not in use (and in some cases falling asleep mere seconds after a call ends).[17] While Den Den Mushi have never been seen to change locations by their own will, Shaka implies they can move when he speculates that Egghead's Cameko could have moved from their post.[18] The extent of their sapience is unclear, however they have been shown to take orders.[19] In extreme situations, they are capable of emotions such as fear and gratitude.[20]

When Oda was asked if the Den Den Mushi have a silent mode and if they can change their ring tone, he confirmed Den Den Mushi do have a "silent" mode. This is normally activated with a simple "shh" and a head nod. However, as they are living creatures, they have to be trained to access this ability. The resulting volume depends on the effectiveness of their training and their diet.[21]


Den Den Mushi signals are susceptible being to tapped using a Black Den Den Mushi.[22] Aramaki was shown to have a means of not only tapping the signals, but also override them, allowing him to speak through at least one of the connected Den Den Mushi. Upon being hijacked a Den Den Mushi will make an electrical buzzing noise.[23] Den Den Mushi can be prevented from sending signals long distances via Doflamingo's Bird Cage ability, Impel Down's communication was also cut by Shiryu, the method by which this was done is unknown.[24][25] Horned Den Den Mushi can be used to completely jam all Den Den Mushi signals within an unspecified area.

When the Straw Hat Pirates took control of the Ryugu Palace during the Fish-Man Island Arc, the guards stationed at the kingdoms gate had not received any communication from the palace and theorized that the snail might be sick. This means that Den Den Mushi are capable of getting sick and that an illness could interfere with their ability to communicate.[citation needed]

As living creatures, it is possible to knock them out using Haoshoku Haki.[26]

In the anime, during the Summit War of Marineford, Buggy and the escaped prisoners from Impel Down thawed out a Den Den Mushi that had been frozen in Aokiji's ice by dipping it in seawater that had been made boiling hot by Akainu's magma, which resulted in the snail getting shriveled up by the salt water.[27] However, Fukaboshi was later seen using a Den Den Mushi deep in the ocean without any ill effects to the snail.[28]

Habitat and Distribution[]

Den Den Mushi Freed

A Den Den Mushi returned to the wild by a dwarf.

Not much has been detailed about the natural range of Den Den Mushi, but they appear capable of surviving anywhere ordinary snails might (indeed, it remains unknown if there are "ordinary" snails lacking their abilities). Specimens have inhabited grasslands and forests as far into the New World as Dressrosa, and even the highly isolated "phantom island" of Zou.

At least some breeds of Den Den Mushi seem to be amphibious, as Fukaboshi was seen using one underwater.[29] However, they (or, at least, the mechanisms linked to their telepathy) are universally unsuited to extreme cold.[30]

In terms of human distribution, Den Den Mushi do not appear to be nearly as universal as real-life telephones. While fairly ubiquitous on Marine bases and ships, few have been seen in the possession of civilians outside the news media. Where pirates and other rogues are concerned, they tend to grow more common as one approaches the New World; the Straw Hat Pirates were not known to own one until they acquired the Thousand Sunny at Water 7, but around the Sabaody Archipelago, even small-timer Duval owned one with a specified number.[31]


Further information: Tanishi
Smart Tanishi

A Smart Tanishi.

Within the last 20 years, the Tanishi and its variants have become the major form of communication in Wano Country. These snails are capable of transmitting audio and video, like Den Den Mushi,[32][33] but Smart Tanishi have weaker signals so they require Boss Tanishi to facilitate long-range transmissions.[34] The design of Tanishi are based on tower shell sea snails, whereas Den Den Mushi are based on land snails.


There also exist many biological variants, with abilities not found in standard Den Den Mushi. These are usually much rarer and much more sought-after and constitute a vital part of both legitimate news media and Underworld espionage.

Audio-Based Variants[]

Baby Den Den Mushi[]

Mont-d'Or's personalized Den Den Mushi

Baby Den Den Mushi.

A Baby Den Den Mushi (子電伝虫, Ko Den-den Mushi?) is a smaller version of the standard breed, able to fit in one hand or even be worn like a wristwatch; correspondingly, it is favored by many for portable communication.[35][36] However, its signal is weaker than that of a standard snail and cannot be used for inter-island calls.[5]

They can also be used as speakers to broadcast the user's voice throughout the area.[37]

(It is unknown whether they constitute a separate, deliberately small breed - akin to micropigs - or are simply juveniles of the standard breed, expected to grow into the "proper" size over time.)

Black Den Den Mushi[]

Black Den Den Mushi

Black Den Den Mushi.

The Black Den Den Mushi (黒電伝虫, Kuro Den-den Mushi?) is a different species of Den Den Mushi that enjoys "eavesdropping" on the signals of other snails rather than openly communicating, allowing one to listen in on other people's calls.[5] It can also memorize anything it intercepts, to be repeated at a later time.

For these reasons, Black Den Den Mushi are most commonly used by the Marines to "wiretap" calls between pirates or other outlaws.[22]

White Den Den Mushi[]

White Den Den Mushi

White Den Den Mushi.

The White Den Den Mushi (白電伝虫, Shiro Den-den Mushi?) can produce signals that neutralize the Black Den Den Mushi's eavesdropping abilities; as such, they can be attached to any standard Den Den Mushi to encrypt the user's calls. Setting one up is time constraining, and not ideal for emergency calls. The Revolutionary Army use these types of Den Den Mushi so that Marines cannot eavesdrop on conversations.[38]

This breed is apparently very rare; the only known specimen is possessed by the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon.[39]

Horned Den Den Mushi[]

Horned Den Den Mushi

A Horned Den Den Mushi in the anime.

The Horned Den Den Mushi (ツノ電伝虫, Tsuno Den-den Mushi?) can jam transmissions from other nearby Den Den Mushi. The range and period of a transmission jamming caused by this type are unknown.

This species was first used by a member of the Fire Tank Pirates before Sanji and Pudding's wedding as part of the Retrieval Team-Fire Tank Alliance's plan to take down Big Mom.[40] After the Whole Cake Chateau collapsed, Mont-d'Or was able to communicate through a Den Den Mushi from Sweet City to the rest of Totto Land, alluding to the jamming disablement.[41]

In the anime, it is shown that their eyes flash red and they make a beeping sound with each flash when they function.

Earpiece Den Den Mushi[]

Earpiece Den Den Mushi

This Den Den Mushi variant is a small snail with its shell being below its head. Instead of having a separate speaker or microphone, the snail is held up to the user's ear. It was first seen when Ginny listened in on the World Nobles' communications during the Native Hunting Competition on God Valley.[42]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Other earpiece variations were first featured in non-canon material, via a filler arc and the Live-Action Series. In both cases it was depicted as a tiny Den Den Mushi, worn in a single ear. In the anime, they were used by the Silver Pirate Alliance to maintain contact throughout the Silver Mine.[43]

While the anime version depicts this variant as an external communication item positioned on top of the ear, the live action series' depiction is more internal with the snail positioned inside the user's ear. It is shaped more akin to a seashell, rather than the traditional Den Den Mushi appearance. They have been seen being used by Nami[44] and Dracule Mihawk.[45]

Silver Alliance's Den Den Mushi Earpiece
An Earpiece Den Den Mushi.
Earpiece Den Den Mushi Live Action
An Earpiece Den Den Mushi in the Live Action series
Mihawk Using an Earpiece Den Den Mushi
Mihawk using an Earpiece Den Den Mushi in the Live Action series.

Megaphone Den Den Mushi[]

Garp Den Den Mushi Live Action

Den Den Mushi Megaphone.

In the live-action series, upon crossing paths with the Straw Hat Pirates, Garp uses a Den Den Mushi styled like a megaphone to address them.

Cellphone Den Den Mushi[]

Cellphone Den Den Mushi One Piece School

Cellphone Den Den Mushi.

In One Piece School, there is a Den Den Mushi variant that resembles a cellphone with a small snail head sticking out the top.

Concludes non-canon section.

Visual-Based Variants[]

Visual Den Den Mushi[]

The Visual Den Den Mushi (映像電伝虫, Eizō Den-den Mushi?) are a type of Den Den Mushi that transmit images instead of sounds.

Visual Den Den Mushi

A Cameko recording and transmitting the Summit War of Marineford.

The Cameko (カメコ, Kameko?, VIZ: "Cam-snail") are baby Visual Den Den Mushi who have yet to gain the ability to display signals from other Visual Den Den Mushi.[46] They are able to store images and videos, as well as transmit them as signals to their adult counterpart, the Proko.

They are much smaller than the adult Visual Den Den Mushi, allowing them to be carried by one person, and can create flashes of light with their eyes in order to perform flash photography.[47]

Sabaody Archipelago Proko

A Proko projecting signals it received.

The Proko (プロコ, Puroko?, VIZ: "Pro-snail") are an older Visual Den Den Mushi that have gained the ability to receive signals emanating from the Cameko, while simultaneously projecting and disseminating the visual and audio content captured by the Cameko onto larger video displays.[46] They are not limited to displaying a single feed and are often shown displaying signals from multiple Camekos simultaneously. They can project the Cemeko signals onto monitors either via a physical connection such as wires connected to a display or by using their eyes to project the light onto a display similarly to a Projector Den Den Mushi.[48][49]

Proko are typically much larger than other Den Den Mushi variants, some have the height of an average human while others are significantly larger than the average human, However Dr. Vegapunk has access to much smaller Proko closer in size to Cameko.[50][48][51]

Aside from being more expensive than audio Den Den Mushi, Proko also consume more food. Thus, smaller villages may choose not to get even a communal Proko.[52]

Proko are able to broadcast their frequencies between two relatively close locations.[53]

Projector Den Den Mushi[]

Projector Den Den Mushi

A Projector Den Den Mushi.

This Den Den Mushi variant is able to view an image with one eye and project said image at a larger scale using its other eye similarly to some Proko. Projector Den Den Mushi are significantly larger than standard Den Den Mushi while also being much smaller than Proko Den Den Mushi, making them an alternative to Proko for more local image sharing.

One is used by Brannew during his briefing regarding the Four Emperors' bounties.[54]

Surveillance Den Den Mushi[]

The Surveillance Den Den Mushi (監視電伝虫, Kanshi Den-den Mushi?) is a Visual Den Den Mushi assigned to the task of surveillance.

A number of Cameko are mounted in specific locations around the designated area. They are all connected to a singular Proko, which is connected to a machine which produces video feeds to a set of monitors. Each screen displays the vision of a different Cameko.

In the event that the Cameko spots something wrong, it will send a signal to the Proko, which will cause its red eyes to begin flashing in an alternating manner, and make a buzzing noise to alert the people watching the monitors.[55]

Small Surveillance Den Den Mushi
Cameko Surveillance Den Den Mushi.
Giant Surveillance Den Den Mushi
Proko Surveillance Den Den Mushi.

Transmission Den Den Mushi[]

Livestream Den Den Mushi

Transmission Den Den Mushi.

The Transmission Den Den Mushi (配信電伝虫, Haishin Den-den Mushi?)[56] is a Visual Den Den Mushi that is able to broadcast across the world.[57][58] It was developed personally by Vegapunk,[59] and considered part of the SSG's research. Unlike normal Den Den Mushi's, the new model has a conical spiral shell rather than the usual type. One was used by Vegapunk himself, to be activated after his death,[56][60][61] despite reports of all the prototypes being lost.[59]

The Transmission Den Den Mushi were first introduced in One Piece Film: Red, in which they were used by Uta to livestream her concert on Elegia, though they remained unnamed.[58]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Self-Propelled Visual Den Den Mushi[]

Shiki's Surveillance Den Den Mushi

Shiki's surveillance Den Den Mushi.

The Self-Propelled Visual Den Den Mushi (自走式映像転送電伝虫, Jisō-shiki Eizō Tensō Den-den Mushi?) is a type of Visual Den Den Mushi that, as the name implies, move around on their own, as opposed to the standard Den Den Mushi that just sits in place.

They also appear to be close to the same size as the Proko and have attachments that allow them to project what they can see to a monitor.[62]

Virtual Den Den Mushi[]

Virtual Den Den Mushi

Sanji using a Virtual Den Den Mushi.

The Virtual Den Den Mushi (VR電伝虫でんでんむし, VR Den Den Mushi?) is a type of Visual Den Den Mushi that functions as a virtual reality headset. The snail sits on the user's head and is plugged into a pair of goggles.[63]

Concludes non-canon section.

Special Variants[]

Golden Den Den Mushi[]

Golden Den Den Mushi

Golden Den Den Mushi.

The Golden Den Den Mushi (ゴールデン電伝虫, Gōruden Den-den Mushi?) is an extremely rare breed whose only ability is to send a signal to its Silver counterpart; as a result, its only "accessory" is a single button on the top of its shell, which immediately transmits the signal when pressed.

It is about the size of a Baby Den Den Mushi, apparently made of solid gold, and completely immobile.[64] Only one function has been ascribed to it: to order the World Government's dreaded Buster Call assault.

According to Spandam, permission to use a Golden Den Den Mushi can only be granted by Marines of Admiral rank or higher.[64] Two specimens have been witnessed thus far, both used by Cipher Pol agents:

Silver Den Den Mushi[]

Silver Den Den Mushi

Silver Den Den Mushi.

The Silver Den Den Mushi (シルバー電伝虫, Shirubā Den-den Mushi?) is a breed that serves as the receiving line for its Golden counterpart, generating a loud vibrating alarm sound upon receiving the signal, this signal also communicates the location of the Golden Den Den Mushi which was triggered.[67] It is about the size of a standard specimen, and apparently possesses a solid silver shell.[68]

The specimens receiving both Spandine's and Spandam's Buster Call orders were visibly aged, with white mustaches and beards; it is unknown if this is inherent to the breed, or simply an indication that they have been used much longer than regular Den Den Mushi (or, possibly, that only one specimen exists and is linked to every Golden Den Den Mushi in active service).

Translation and Dub Issues[]

Den Den Mushi are derived from an old Tokyo folk-name for snails (でんでんむし, Dendenmushi?).[69] While preserving the pronunciation and corresponding hiragana, Oda coupled them with new kanji:

  • でん (Den?), meaning electric (a common component in the words for most electric appliances, telephones (電話でんわ, Denwa?) included)
  • でん (Den?), meaning communication
  • むし (Mushi?), meaning insect (the only kanji reflecting the original meaning, snails traditionally being lumped in with insects and most other garden pests)

Most English translations, professional or otherwise, do not attempt any kind of similar pun, and variously call the creatures Transponder Snails, Telesnails, or Snail-o-Phones (or Shock Bugs, in the case of the English localization for One Piece: Unlimited Adventure).

In the 4Kids-dubbed anime, these creatures do not always assume the voices of their users. They also make a generic phone ringing sound effect.


  • Some isolated areas do not have access, or choose not to use Den Den Mushi:
    • Skypiea is the only location seen where they seem completely absent or unavailable for use. However, Dials, the remains of particular shellfish that live in the White-White Sea, are used constantly by the natives.[70]
    • The Tontatta Kingdom's dwarves release their snails back to the wild.
    • Mokomo Dukedom do not have the knowledge on how to turn the wild snails on Zou into communication devices.[71]
  • Regular Den Den Mushi living in the wild appear in both One Piece: Unlimited Adventure and Unlimited Cruise as catchable bugs, used for creating items.
    • In One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, they are said to communicate with one another using radio waves. During Spandam's Special attack he uses a Den Den Mushi to call an artillery strike.
  • It is yet unknown whether all snails naturally possess telepathic abilities, or if Den Den Mushi are a distinct species. At the very least, they do not require special breeding to be converted into communicators; Franky indicated that he could easily do so with the wild specimens of Zou.[71]
  • In the 1850s, the Frenchman Jacques Toussaint Benoit built a contraption known as the Pasilalinic-sympathetic compass also known as "snail telegraph" based on the hypothesis that mating snails form a permanent telepathic link and can be used to send and receive long distance telegrams.
  • Chapter 587's Cover Page depicts Dragon and Ivankov apparently breeding an entire garden of Den Den Mushi by watering them; it remains unknown if this is a canonical means of raising the creatures.
  • In the anime, a monitor displays static after a Den Den Mushi loses signal, implying the use of radio waves.[72]
  • While no direct relationship is known, Germa 66 uses giant snails resembling Den Den Mushi as ships.[73][74]
  • In the anime, when a Den Den Mushi gets hijacked it rapidly changes faces repeatedly.[75]


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