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The Deri Deri no Mi is a non-canon Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to deliver an object to any target within view, making the user a Delivery Human (デリバリー人間 Deribarī ningen?). It was eaten by Prize.[1]


  • "Deri" comes from Deribarī, the Japanese pronunciation of "Delivery".

Strengths and Weaknesses

This fruit's abilities are rather strong, as it gives the user the ability to target any object it can view and deliver anything right to it. This includes delivering things that are too small or invisible for the user to see, like a virus. The fruit also allows the user to deliver others' hearts to themselves, similar to Law's ability.

The things being delivered will stop if the user is knocked unconscious, and they will lose momentum and fall from the air.[1] The fruit's user is also susceptible to standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Prize used his abilities to throw various items, including spears, a virus, and the poison gas bomb created by Caesar Clown. He also used it to remove Caesar and, later, Igaram Jr.'s hearts to manipulate for his own advantage.[1]


  • Spear Delivery (槍デリバリー Yari deribarī?): Prize throws a spear at his opponents. It was first used against his subordinates after they failed to retrieve Caesar. With this technique, Prize is also able to remove the hearts of his opponents.[1]
  • Virus Delivery (ウィルス・デリバリー U~irusu deribarī?): Prize throws a virus at his opponents, causing them to cough uncontrollably. It was first used against the Straw Hat Pirates during his first confrontation with them.[1]
  • Delivery!! Max! (デリバリー!!マックス! Deribarī! ! Makkusu!?): Prize uses his most concentrated delivery throw to launch one of Caesar's poison gas bombs. It was first used against an evacuation ship of kings from the Levely.[1]


  • This fruit is similar to the Mato Mato no Mi, as it allows the user to target specific points with projectiles. However, while the Mato Mato no Mi relies on touch to set its target, the Deri Deri no Mi relies on sight.


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