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The Dero Dero no Mi is a non-canon Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to dissolve themselves and the will of others into a liquid, making the user a Soluble Human. It was eaten by Artur Bacca.[1]


  • "Derodero" (デロデロ?) is an idiom representing the state where one is hardly conscious and has great trouble keeping on one's feet.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The most common use of this fruit is for the user to dissolve themselves into a liquid, effectively making them immune from physical attacks. When dissolving, the user can control the acidity of their body, allowing them to gradually melt things that touch them.[2]

The fruit can also be used to "dissolve" the will of others, placing them under the control of the fruit's user. If the ability is not cancelled within 24 hours of being triggered, then the affected person will die. To trigger this ability, the user must make direct eye contact with the victim, meaning that anything to block vision is effective in countering it, including reflective lenses.[2]

While in liquid form, the user is completely immune to physical attacks, but can still be affected by electricity-based attacks, as the electricity still courses through the liquid form.[2]

No other weaknesses are currently known aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Bacca uses this fruit in combat to bring enemies and civilians under his control[1], as well as to avoid attacks.[2]


  • Melty Love: Bacca shoots a beam of acidic liquid out of his mouth, burning through whatever it touches. The acidity of the beam gets weaker the more frequently it is shot.


  • The name of the Devil Fruit ability, 'Dero Dero,' is an idiom that is most commonly used to refer to an intoxicated person and likens a person's state of drunken stupor to the nature of liquids.


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