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Desan and Croquis are pirates who attended the Pirates Festival. They appeared in One Piece: Stampede.[1]


One of them is a lean man with tan skin, shaggy blonde hair, and sideburns. He wears a sleeveless green button-up shirt, a swamp green sash around his waist, and blue pants.

The other is a large, heavy-set man with fair skin, slicked-back brown hair, and a scar on his forehead above his left eye. He wears an open sleeveless purple shirt and a light green sash around his waist.[1]


Desan and Croquis are bold, charging a well-known vice admiral without hesitation.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Despite navigating their way into the New World, Desan and Croquis were easily caught and swept away by Smoker's Devil Fruit abilities.[1]


The slimmer of the two wields a cutlass.[1]


One Piece: Stampede

Desan and Croquis attended the Pirates Festival. After the Marines began their raid on Delta Island, Desan, Croquis, and Captain Seven charged Smoker but were easily overwhelmed by his abilities.[1]

Major Battles


  • Desan and Croquis are voiced by two actors and models from Men's Non-no, a Japanese fashion and lifestyle monthly magazine for men.[2]


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