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Devil Fruits are a major plot device in One Piece. They are mysterious, supernatural fruits that are scattered throughout the world, which can grant special powers to anyone who eats them. As a price for consuming a Devil Fruit, the individual permanently loses the ability to swim. There is no known way to remove the power or weaknesses, but once a user dies, the power will be reborn into another fruit waiting to be consumed by someone else. In addition, an individual can only acquire the power of a single Devil Fruit and survive, with only one notable exception for unspecified reasons.

All Devil Fruits are broadly grouped into three separate types based on what kind of powers they grant: Logia, which grants a user the power to create, control, and transform their body into a natural element; Zoan, which allows a user to fully transform into a specific animal, as well as achieve a hybrid form; and Paramecia, which grant any of a wide variety of strange superhuman abilities that do not fit the other two categories. Each fruit is given a name based on what power it possesses, and each fruit has a unique appearance that can be used to identify it. One fruit, in particular, has the honor of having two names while also fitting into two types.

Devil Fruits are known to have empowered many of the world's most significant individuals, especially those among the Three Great Powers. This, along with their general rarity, causes them to be highly sought-after; single specimens may be valued at hundreds of millions in Belly, and extensive efforts have been made to mass-produce artificial versions for warfare.



Devil Fruits as Described by Morgan

Devil Fruits when first described by Morgan.

Appearance-wise, each Devil Fruit comes with its own shape and color, though all the Devil Fruits seen so far have possessed swirl marks or patterns. Some fruits have simplistic designs resembling regular fruits, while some have apperances that reflect the power they grant.[1] For example, the Gomu Gomu no Mi greatly resembles a regular Yubari King, giving no indication to its rubbery powers, while the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi takes the shape of a paw print, which is similar to the paw prints that appear on the user's hands (which allow them to repel any object they touch) after consuming it. Artificial Devil Fruits, on the other hand, are different from natural ones as they nearly appear all the same and have ring patterns on them instead of swirls.[2]


They say that the Devil Fruit was enchanted by sea devils. Whoever eats it gets amazing powers, but the seas turn against them...
— Shanks discussing one of the myths behind Devil Fruits.[3]

It is currently unknown what Devil Fruits are exactly, how they were made, where they came from, or exactly how they work. Some legends state that Devil Fruits were enchanted by "sea devils",[3] while others state that they are inhabited by actual devils which fight each other if they get too close, though the latter was eventually debunked by science. What is known is that they have existed in the world for at least eight centuries, with the oldest introduced Devil Fruits being the Toki Toki no Mi and the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.[4][5] Even the world's greatest scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, has no idea how they came to exist. However, he theorizes that Devil Fruits are a manifestation of the possibility for human evolution, with all the different powers representing the many branches for humanity's future, brought into existence by human hope and desire: thoughts along the lines of "if only I could do this" or "if only I could be like that". Vegapunk claims that those with powers exist in different dimensions dreamed up by others before them. However, according to Vegapunk, those who exist in this unnatural state are loathed by the sea, which he describes as the mother of nature, and thus become unable to swim as punishment.[6] It is unknown how much of Vegapunk's theory is true, but it is a fact that consuming Devil Fruits alters a person's Lineage Factor, which grants them supernatural powers.[7]

Whitebeard's Tsunamis at Marineford

Gigantic tidal waves created by the power of the Gura Gura no Mi.

Devil Fruits have been the source of power for some of the strongest people of the current generation in the world, including rookie pirate crews, the Marine admirals, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and at least six past and present Emperors: Whitebeard, Blackbeard, Big Mom, Kaidou, Monkey D. Luffy and Buggy. Because of their power, Devil Fruits are highly sought after by the many groups and organizations around the world, including the government and the Underworld. If sold, they can expect to fetch well over Beli100,000,000,[3] and Devil Fruit users themselves are sold at market prices the same way slaves are.[8] Of course, individual Devil Fruits each have their differences in price depending on the powers bestowed, as the Ope Ope no Mi, with its supposed ability to grant immortality, is worth over Beli5,000,000,000 on the black market.[9]

Big Mom Pirates Arrive at Wano

The Big Mom Pirates, one of the strongest organizations in the world, consists of many Devil Fruit users.

They are relatively common in the Grand Line compared to the four blues.[10] A typical pirate crew in the Grand Line will often center around a captain with Devil Fruit powers (such as the Bellamy Pirates, the Bliking Pirates, or the Foxy Pirates). In contrast, stronger crews and organizations will often contain multiple Devil Fruit users (such as the Whitebeard Pirates, the Big Mom Pirates, the Beasts Pirates, the Straw Hat Pirates, the Donquixote Pirates, Baroque Works, or the Marines). Two Emperors (Blackbeard and Kaidou) have gone out of their way to gather as many Devil Fruits as possible using their unique methods. In fact, since entering the Grand Line, nearly every single major opponent that Luffy has faced had a Devil Fruit ability. Whereas in the East Blue, he only faced three.[11][12]

Mihawk Defeats Daz

Dracule Mihawk, a powerful normal human, defeats Daz Bonez, a Full-Body Bladed Human.

However, just because one has a Devil Fruit ability does not make them infinitely superior to regular humans, as there have been notable examples of non-Devil Fruit users defeating those with powers. A clear example of this fact is Roronoa Zoro, who despite never eating a Devil Fruit was able to defeat many power users he's confronted in battle with his own strength and skills; namely Gem, Daz Bonez, Kaku, Monet, Pica, King and Rob Lucci. In addition, Gol D. Roger had never eaten a Devil Fruit in his life either, but was able to rival Edward Newgate, who was both equal in strength and possessed the Gura Gura no Mi, which is known as the "Strongest Paramecia" and granted him the power to generate powerful quakes and shockwaves and could potentially destroy the world.[13][14] He was also able to conquer the Grand Line and become Pirate King, achieving a feat that multiple powerful Devil Fruit users, including Newgate, Charlotte Linlin, Kaidou, and Shiki, all failed to accomplish, even more than two decades after Roger's death. Other legendary and world-renowned figures who do not possess or have possessed Devil Fruit powers include Monkey D. Garp, Don Chinjao, Sanji, Kozuki Oden, Jinbe, Dracule Mihawk, Silvers Rayleigh and Shanks. According to Kaidou, Devil Fruits powers cannot determine who can conquer the sea, and that Haki is the real defining factor.

Because encounters with Devil Fruits are rare (especially outside the Grand Line), several rumors about them have risen, making it difficult to tell between fact or fiction; some dismissed Devil Fruits as mere myths until actually getting to see one in action. The average person knows nothing or very little about what they are or what they do; this especially applies to people in isolated countries, even within the Grand Line, such as the people of Wano Country and even Princess Shirahoshi of Fish-Man Island, as none of them know about Devil Fruits. Instead, they believe the powers bestowed to users are curses[15] or sorcery.[16] Relatedly, Devil Fruits may also lead to the user being considered a "freak" and treated as an outcast. This treatment is due to some of the abilities considered far too strange or frightening for normal people to accept.[17] In many cases, Devil Fruit users are considered a different race altogether, and with good reason.


Sabo Eating the Mera Mera no Mi

Becoming a Devil Fruit user only takes one bite.

After being consumed, a Devil Fruit gives the consumer a superpower or a special superhuman trait, which they will soon become aware of, and the consumer will keep these powers for the rest of their life; a person who has eaten a Devil Fruit and gained its powers is known as a Devil Fruit User (能力者, Nōryoku-sha?, lit. "Power User" or "Esper").[18] There are more than 100 different Devil Fruits in the world, but only one of each Devil Fruit exists.[19][20] Additionally, all Devil Fruits are known to taste very bad and cause the consumer to permanently lose their ability to swim.[21]

Many Devil Fruit users have their own titles, such as Rubber Human (ゴム人間, Gomu Ningen?), Smoke Human (煙人間, Kemuri Ningen?), or Leopard Human (ヒョウ人間, Hyō Ningen?). In the case of Tony Tony Chopper, he became a Human Reindeer (人間トナカイ, Ningen Tonakai?) after eating the Hito Hito no Mi. As seen with these examples, the title is usually the type of ability followed by the species of the Devil Fruit user (or, in the case of items that have "eaten" Zoan fruits, the object they originally were). Some exceptions in which the title is connected to the ability but is not named after it are with the user of the Kage Kage no Mi, who gains the title of Ruler of Shadows (影の支配者, Kage no Shihaisha?), the user of the Hoya Hoya no Mi, who gains the title of Lamp Human (ランプ人間, Ranpu Ningen?, VIZ: "Lampman"), or the user of the Muchi Muchi no Mi, who gains the title of Training Human (調教人間, Chōkyō Ningen?, VIZ: "Discipline-Woman").

Only one bite is needed for the user to gain the power of the Devil Fruit. Afterwards the Devil Fruit becomes a simple, useless and disgusting fruit. Despite this, the majority of those who have consumed a Devil Fruit have elected to eat the entire fruit, as they appear to be unaware of this fact.[22] Furthermore, the consumer gains the powers and drawbacks of the fruit immediately after the fruit is swallowed, without needing to wait for the fruit to be digested.[23][24]

A person can only eat a single Devil Fruit in their entire lifetime; any attempt to gain a second Devil Fruit power will cause the consumer's body to be blown apart to such a degree that little trace is left of it, resulting in their death. The reason for this is currently unknown; Jabra heard a rumor that an actual devil lives inside each fruit and transfers to a fruit user's body upon consumption, and would fight with the devil inhabiting another fruit if they were to meet within the same body. However, this rumor is said to have been debunked by science.[25] The only seeming exception to this rule is Marshall D. Teach, who managed to hold the powers of both the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi without any visible consequences.

There are methods to obtaining a Devil Fruit power without actually consuming the fruit itself. For example, Teach and his crew are able to steal powers from the bodies of deceased Devil Fruit users, though the details of this method are currently unknown. Charlotte Linlin had also somehow obtained the power of the Soru Soru no Mi after its previous user, Carmel disappeared, but doesn't know how she did it. In addition, it is possible for a sufficiently skilled scientist to create an extract of a Devil Fruit and administer it to an infant who cannot yet eat solid food; this method results in the recipient gaining the ability as normal while the fruit becomes worthless, as if the baby had eaten the fruit normally.[26]

Caribou Smothers Drip

Devil Fruit powers can extend through the user's clothing.

Notably, Devil Fruit powers generally extend through the clothes the user wears. When a Devil Fruit user's body changes in size or shape, their clothing will stretch out and change with them without being any the worse for wear afterwards. When a Devil Fruit power involves the users body changing in nature, that power also applies to their clothing which will change in nature with them. If a power involves generating a substance, then it can come from the users clothing. This rule also applies to cyborg enhancements and prosthetic body parts. An example of this is Queen's artificial arm, which transforms into a brachiosaurus leg when he takes his brachiosaurus form.[27] However, it would seem that not all Devil Fruit powers adhere to this rule. Jewelry Bonney is an example, whose clothes do not change when her body does.[28] That said, the change may extend to weapons or other items on the user's direct person as well, such as Sasaki's sword, Karakuri Rasento, growing in size in his hand when he transformed into a huge triceratops hybrid.[29]

Interestingly, although eating a Devil Fruit affects the consumer's genetic blueprint, it causes no abnormalities in the user's children. An example is the Charlotte Family; though its matriarch, Charlotte Linlin, has Devil Fruit powers, none of her children were born with powers of their own. Furthermore, even though the parents cannot consume a second Devil Fruit, a Devil Fruit user's children who don’t already have powers can consume Devil Fruits of their own without dying, should the opportunity present itself.


You learn the name of the fruit when you gain its power, but it's a gamble as to what kind of power you'll gain.
— Kaku on his and Kalifa's unidentified Devil Fruits.[30]
Devil Fruit Encyclopedia

The Devil Fruit Encyclopedia owned by the Vinsmoke Family.

There is at least two versions of a Devil Fruit Encyclopedia (悪魔の実図鑑, Akuma no Mi Zukan?) that identify Devil Fruits. The only known information about the old Devil Fruit Encyclopedia is that it has no mention of the Gomu Gomu no Mi according to Vegapunk.[31] The newer version lists the names and powers of all the Devil Fruits. However, only a few have illustrations, meaning that most Devil Fruits cannot be identified by their appearance. For example, the Gomu Gomu no Mi and the Yami Yami no Mi had supplementary pictures and could be recognized before consumption,[32][33] whereas the Awa Awa no Mi and the Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe do not, and could only be identified by the abilities they granted.[30] This would imply that the information in the book is incomplete, and that there are still Devil Fruits out there with attributes that have yet to be documented. The reason for this is probably the fact that the most common way to come across a Devil Fruit is by seeing it in practice; that is, when the user is demonstrating their powers after already having eaten it.

Devil Fruit Encyclopedia in Sorbet Kingdom

The Devil Fruit Encyclopedia in Sorbet Kingdom.

One individual known to utilize this book is Blackbeard, who, in his search for the Yami Yami no Mi, memorized its shape from the illustration provided.[33] The Vinsmoke Family also has a copy of the encyclopedia,[34] which Sanji read, causing him to become interested in the Suke Suke no Mi.[35] A third copy of the encyclopedia was present on the Sorbet Kingdom, and was used by a resident to identify the Toshi Toshi no Mi's abilities.[36]

Types of Devil Fruit[]

Each and every Devil Fruit is categorized into one of three types, based on the type of power they grant. The three types are Logia, Zoan, and Paramecia.


The most common of the three Devil Fruit types, Paramecia-type Devil Fruits grant their users any one of a wide variety of superhuman powers; these powers include things like shock wave generation and locking onto targets. Paramecia Fruits can alter features of the user's body, granting them a slippery physique, a body of blades, or the ability to split their own body into pieces harmlessly. Some Paramecia Fruits allow the user to modify the people, objects, and environment around them by making things levitate or turning people into toys. Finally, some fruits exist that allow users to generate and manipulate substances, like wax or poison.

The defining characteristic of Paramecia fruits is that the abilities they grant are anything other than the ability to transform into animals or change their body into natural elements like the fruits of the other two categories.


The users of Zoan-type Devil Fruits gain the ability to transform into a specific animal, as well as transform into a hybrid form that combines attributes of their own species and the species the fruit allows them to transform into. Unlike other Devil Fruits, Zoan-type fruits are said to have a will of their own. A recently discovered science allows Zoan Fruits to be integrated into inanimate objects, bringing the object to life and granting it the standard Zoan transformations.

Zoan fruits greatly enhance the users physical abilities and are the best kind of power for augmenting melee combat. Carnivorous animal Zoans are better suited for combat due to their predatory attributes. Some Zoan even grant special abilities based on the animal, such as the king cobra Zoan allowing the user to spit globs of poison, or the mole Zoan allowing the user to dig through the earth, even through solid stone, at high speed.

Aside from most Zoans that transform their users into animals that currently exist, there are three known sub-classifications:

  • Ancient - Zoan Fruits that allow the user to transform into an extinct species, such as dinosaurs. Ancient Zoans are rare, and they appear to be stronger than regular Zoans. Some have even displayed atypical physical abilities that their users claim the real animals naturally possess.
  • Mythical - Zoan Fruits that allow the user to transform into mythological creatures, such as a dragon or a phoenix. Mythical Zoan animals tend to have additional special powers, like a phoenix Zoan being able to generate flames that have healing powers. Mythical Zoans are the rarest type of Devil Fruit, even more so than Logias.
  • Artificial - Artificially created Zoan Fruits that cause the user to permanently take on an animal characteristic; though, much more rarely, the user becomes able to transform at will. The artificial Zoan Fruits had a 10% success rate, while the other 90%, in addition to not gaining animal traits and losing the ability to swim, were stripped of the ability to express negative emotions, leaving them only able to smile and laugh, regardless of how they actually feel. These artificial Devil Fruits, known as SMILEs, were developed by Caesar Clown and Donquixote Doflamingo. Another version was developed by Vegapunk.[37][38][39]


The rarest and most powerful of the three Devil Fruit types, Logia-type Devil Fruits allow their users to create, control, and transform their body into a natural element, such as sand, mud, smoke, lightning, plant life, and even darkness. There are also Logias that can transform the user into artificial elements like paper or candy syrup, but these are considered non-canon.

The elemental transformation effectively makes the user intangible, as well as allowing the user to remain in control of their body, even when it is broken into pieces. They also gain every ability related to that element, such as sand being able to absorb moisture or light being able to travel at light speed. The darkness element and its power of all consuming absorption has the unique ability to nullify any other Devil Fruit power upon contact with the user. Some Logia Devil Fruits even grant the user an infinite amount of space inside their elemental body.


There are Devil Fruits whose types have yet to be identified:


  • Laffitte's unnamed Devil Fruit allows him to sprout angelic wings and utilize them to fly.
  • Gunyo Gunyo no Mi (English versions: Glorp-Glorp Fruit): Allows the user to create and control clay. Eaten by Prince Grus.


  • Meta Meta no Mi: Allows the user to control liquid metal, making them a Liquid Metal Human (液体金属人間 Ekitai Kinzoku Ningen). It was eaten by Graydle.
  • Zuma Zuma no Mi: Allows the user to control plasma, making the user a Plasma Human (プラズマ人間 Purazuma Ningen). It was eaten by Smash.

Devil Fruit Count[]

Note: This count does not include unused concepts or SBS jokes.

Canon Non-Canon Total
Paramecia 90 (This number includes the Gomu Gomu no Mi and the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi)* 45 135
Zoan 51 (This number excludes the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika and all Artificial Devil Fruits)* 7 58
Logia 13 3 16
Undetermined 2 2 4
Total Devil Fruits 152 57 209


Natural Devil Fruits[]

Devil Fruits exist in a cycle of reincarnation; when a Devil Fruit user dies, its ability is reborn into a new Devil Fruit in a random part of the world, and the one who eats it will become the new user.[40] Instead of growing from a plant, the ability simply regenerates inside another similar fruit, which then transforms into the Devil Fruit in question. When this happens, the empowered fruit changes its appearance. Some characteristics of a fruit's transformation into a Devil Fruit include the distinct spiral patterns, a curly stem, and a color change.[41]

It is currently unknown whether or not a Devil Fruit still returns into circulation if the power is stolen from a previous user post-mortem.

Artificial Devil Fruit[]

SMILE Devil Fruits have been shown to grow on trees, groomed by the Dwarves of the Tontatta Kingdom under the Donquixote Pirates' coercion. Unlike regular Devil fruits, the SMILE are more traditional fruits that are transformed over time.[42]

It is not yet known if artificial Devil Fruits will enter circulation once their user dies.


Devil Fruit Reincarnation
The Devil Fruit reincarnation cycle.
A Devil Fruit is Created
Incomplete SMILE Fruits
SMILE Fruits mid-growth.

Devil Fruit Powers that Returned into Circulation[]

Devil Fruit Last Possessor(s) Circumstances Status
Gomu Gomu no Mi/Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika Joy Boy Died for an unknown reason. Fruit eventually obtained by CP9, then stolen by the Red Hair Pirates, then inadvertently eaten by Monkey D. Luffy.
Mera Mera no Mi Portgas D. Ace Killed by Sakazuki. Fruit obtained by Donquixote Doflamingo, offered as a prize in the Corrida Colosseum, and then won and eaten by Sabo.
Gura Gura no Mi Edward Newgate Killed by the Blackbeard Pirates. Power obtained by Marshall D. Teach using an unknown method.
Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl Smiley Devoured candy and transformed into Shinokuni. Last seen on Punk Hazard.
Yuki Yuki no Mi Monet Inadvertently killed by Caesar Clown. Unknown status.
Ope Ope no Mi Unnamed doctor Died for an unknown reason. Fruit eventually obtained by Diez Barrels, stolen by Donquixote Rosinante, and force fed to Trafalgar Law.
Nagi Nagi no Mi Donquixote Rosinante Killed by Donquixote Doflamingo. Unknown status.
Soru Soru no Mi Carmel Mysteriously disappeared, but confirmed to be dead. Power obtained by Charlotte Linlin through unknown means.
Toki Toki no Mi Kozuki Toki Shot by the Beasts Pirates. Unknown status.
Suke Suke no Mi Absalom Killed by the Blackbeard Pirates. Power obtained by Shiryu using an unknown method.
Mane Mane no Mi Kurozumi Higurashi Killed by Kaidou. Fruit eventually obtained and eaten by Bentham.
Bari Bari no Mi Kurozumi Semimaru Died for an unknown reason. Fruit eventually obtained and eaten by Bartolomeo.
Fude Fude no Mi Kurozumi Kanjuro Eventually died after being mortally wounded by Kikunojo and Kin'emon. Unknown status.
Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi Kurozumi Orochi Beheaded by Kaidou, then beheaded another six times by the Nine Red Scabbards, and a final time by Denjiro. Unknown status.
Nomi Nomi no Mi Vegapunk Killed by Jaygarcia Saturn and Borsalino. Unknown status.
Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe Unnamed New World pirate. (Non-Canon) Killed by Marshall D. Teach. Fruit eventually obtained by Spandam and was given to and eaten by Kaku.
Pasa Pasa no Mi (Non-Canon) Simon Died after being devoured by the Shushibaruba. Unknown status.
* Note: While the Mini Mini no Mi and Gutsu Gutsu no Mi were used by two different users (Blyue and Lily Enstomach ate the Mini Mini no Mi and Lambor Bukini and Bill ate the Gutsu Gutsu no Mi), it is not to be assumed that either had died and that the fruit respawned, as all users and both fruits are non canon.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Benefits of Consumption[]

Whatever power you gain, it depends on how you use it. You probably won't get any weaker, and being unable to swim isn't such a big deal.
— Rob Lucci on Devil Fruit powers.[21]

Punk Hazard Infobox

Devil Fruit powers can permanently alter the climate of an island.

The main attraction of eating a Devil Fruit is the power bestowed to the user upon ingestion. Some powers are good for support, such as healing others, enhancing the senses, and turning objects into food. Many of these powers are advantageous in combat, such as enhanced physical strength, various unique attacks, and even control over the forces of nature. More often than not, the benefits and uses bestowed by a Devil Fruit far outweigh the loss of the ability to swim.

Devil Fruit powers are so varied and mysterious that the powers gained from eating one can serve purposes that may transcend normal limits. A good example of this is the Ope Ope no Mi, which has the title "Ultimate Devil Fruit", as it grants the user the miraculous power to cure any disease, including unknown and incurable diseases. In addition to being able to grant eternal life to anyone in exchange for the life of its user.[43]

Regardless of what power one receives, even ones that would normally be considered "weird" or "useless" can be utilized as a highly valuable asset both in and out of combat. If nothing else, eating a Devil Fruit will not weaken its user, as Rob Lucci noted. How strong a Devil Fruit itself is depends solely on its user's strength, skill and creativity in how to use its power.

Additionally, since each Devil Fruit user possesses a unique ability, they each require different countermeasures to deal with them, outside of the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses of Seastone and the inability to swim. As such, Devil Fruit users with odd or unfamiliar powers are very tricky to deal with in a fight. The standard approach is to take a step back and experiment with different means of attack against the Devil Fruit user.[44]

Another advantage of Devil Fruit powers is that many places and people lack information about them, resulting in the belief that the powers are some kind of magic or curse. The user can utilize these misconceptions on how the power was achieved to manipulate individuals for the user's purposes.[45][46]

Devil Fruit powers are highly coveted, with many sailors spending their entire lives seeking out just one specific Devil Fruit. However, most of these seekers often end up disappointed or dead.

The subject of which Devil Fruit is the most powerful is up for debate. Some Devil Fruits have noticeable strengths, such as the Magu Magu no Mi, a Devil Fruit with extremely high offensive power, or the Gura Gura no Mi, which is said to be able to destroy the entire world. However, as mentioned above, the strength of a Devil Fruit ultimately depends on the user.

Consequences of Consumption[]

You could sell them for hundreds of millions! One bite could plague you for life!!
— Jabra's warning to Kalifa and Kaku.[21]

Fuku Fuku no Mi Infobox

A Wano Country citizen referring to their Paramecia power as a Jutsu.

Despite all of their beneficial attributes, Devil Fruits have several downsides. One such downside is that so little is really known about them. In some cases, an entire society can be completely unaware of the existence of Devil Fruits. Due to this lack of information and with many Devil Fruits being unknown, eating a Devil Fruit can often be described as a "long shot", because on several occasions, it is only possible to know what type of Devil Fruit was after eating it and manifesting the power, which can often result in a power that is very difficult for the person to control.

Even if the power that a Devil Fruit user gains is useful, a Devil fruit user doesn't automatically have control over their powers. All Devil Fruit users must train to learn how to activate, control, and use their power. This process could potentially put the Devil Fruit user in a painful and/or humiliating position.

Another downside is that, while many citizens can be fascinated by people with powers,[47] others may consider a Devil Fruit user to be "a freak", "a monster", "a abomination" or even "a devil". With no way of removing the power, a Devil Fruit user may end up leading a miserable life full of discrimination and cruelty from those around them.[17]

The effects of Devil Fruit powers can also be reversed or nullified by an opponent's Haki.[48] Although, the user must possess a very powerful level of Haki in order to accomplish this. This application of Haki has only been displayed by individuals whose bounties are well above Beli1,000,000,000.[49]

Weakness to Water[]

Devil Fruit Effects

Submerged Devil Fruit users will lose their strength.

The most prominent consequence of eating a Devil Fruit is the weakness of being submerged in water: the sea hates and rejects Devil Fruit users due to perceiving them as inhuman, causing them to become weak and helpless while submerged, also referred to as "becoming a hammer (カナヅチ, kanazuchi?)".[6][3]

In a world made up almost entirely of ocean, being weak against the sea can prove deadly to many Devil Fruit users, such as pirates and Marines sailing on the Grand Line.

Though this weakness is usually referred to as the inability to swim, more accurately Devil Fruit users become helpless after being submerged in any kind of still water, not just seawater, because any body of water can be considered an extension of the "sea".[50] The inability to move their body in the sea is simply a byproduct of that weakness. This includes the Sea Clouds surrounding Skypiea.[51] Conversely "moving" water, like rain or waves, does not weaken Devil Fruit users as standing water, like lakes or rivers, does. Therefore Devil Fruit users can safely take a shower without side effects, unless being wet is specifically a weakness of their power as it is in the case of the Suna Suna no Mi.[50] This was also shown first when Monkey D. Luffy was in the Dance Powder-induced rain and did not feel his power slipping away, and again when on Zou, when the seawater that Zunesha used to shower did not affect him despite being seawater as it was "moving" water.[52]

Luffy Interrupts Hancock's Bath

Devil Fruit users standing in water, powerless, but still able to move due to not being submerged deep enough.

Another danger is that if even only a part of the user's body is submerged in water, they cannot use their Devil Fruit powers, no matter how much or how little is submerged.[citation needed] However, if the user's body has been permanently altered by the fruit, then the user's ability can be manipulated by outside sources; e.g., when Luffy was knocked into and sunk to the bottom of the pool at Arlong Park, Genzo and Nojiko dove underwater and stretched his neck so his head would be above water, allowing him to breathe. According to Oda in an SBS, it is not until a Devil Fruit user has at least half their body submerged in water that they become immobilized.[citation needed] This is seen when the Gorgon sisters and Luffy in Boa Hancock's bath were still able to move.[53] Brook was also seen slowly losing his strength as the water levels increased in the floods in Ryugu Palace, demonstrating that being in contact with the sea does not instantly rob their strength unless it reaches a certain level.[54]

It should be noted that just being wet is not enough to induce weakness and nullify the user's powers; the same is true for water inside the Devil Fruit user's body, such as water that the user drinks, as seen when Luffy used Water Luffy: he and his powers were not affected in any way by the water in his body or the water covering his fists.[55][56]

One of the greatest dangers created by a Devil Fruit user's weakness to water is the risk of drowning, which opponents can take advantage of in order to kill even the strongest of Devil Fruit users. The risk of drowning only applies to a Devil Fruit user if they cannot breathe underwater; as fish-man and merfolk Devil Fruit users are capable of breathing underwater, they are not subject to this risk.[57] Even if a Devil Fruit user can survive underwater without drowning, they will still be rendered unable to move. This immobility would make such users vulnerable to underwater dangers, such as ocean predators, as they would be incapable of defending themselves.

Although all Devil Fruit users are weak against water, the power itself may still work underwater (for example, Galdino can survive underwater by creating a bowl of wax surrounding him, and the keys he creates can be used to open Seastone handcuffs). Luffy was also shown after the timeskip to be able to use Gear 2 underwater, but it did greatly reduce the strength of his attacks.

Gear 3 Activation Post Timeskip

Devil Fruit powers will work underwater as long as the user does not actually touch the water.

Despite the weakness to water, a Devil Fruit user will only be affected by the water if they are physically touching it. Not touching the water itself will allow the user to be unaffected, even if submerged, as shown when the Monster Trio used diving gear to reach the sunken St. Briss[58] and again when the same trio coated themselves in Yarukiman Tree Resin bubbles to battle the Kraken.

Aside from the common weakness of becoming paralyzed in still water that all Devil Fruit users share, some Devil Fruit powers also have a further weakness to water, having their abilities dampened or weakened,[59][60][61] or even outright washed away or nullified, upon contact.[62][63] Salt, considered to embody some of the powers of the sea, can also interfere with some Devil Fruit's abilities in certain circumstances.[64]

In addition to the weakness to actual water, there is a substance known as Seastone: a special, near-indestructible substance that emits the same energy as the sea, referred to as the sea in solid form.[65] Coming into contact with Seastone has the same effect on Devil Fruit users as falling into the water, preventing the Devil Fruit user from using their powers and weakening the Devil Fruit user to the point where they cannot move. The Marines use this to their advantage when imprisoning pirates in Impel Down. However, a Devil Fruit user can resist and even ignore the weakening effect if they have enough physical endurance.[66] It is currently unknown if a Devil Fruit user could resist the weakening effect of actual water in the same manner.

Superiority and Unpredictability[]

Getting careless because you're a Logia type? You're just fire. My magma can even burn you! My powers are far superior to yours!
— Akainu explaining how he was able to harm Ace.[67]

Ace vs

Fire and ice canceling each other out.

While the strength and capabilities of a Devil Fruit are ultimately determined by the strength and skill of the user, some Devil Fruit powers interact in certain ways against each other, regardless of the user's capabilities. In some cases, one Devil Fruit has natural superiority over another, resulting in a significant advantage in combat. Aside from this rule of superiority, other Devil Fruit powers can react to each other in all kinds of unpredictable manners.

List of Confirmed Superiorities[]

Some Devil Fruits of similar powers have been confirmed to be in a relationship of superiority and inferiority. In a fight between the two, the one with the superior power is almost certain to win. Though this in no way means that the user of the superior power is stronger than the inferior's user.[68]

Superior Devil Fruit Inferior Devil Fruit Ability Differences
Magu Magu no Mi Mera Mera no Mi Forms of heat Magma is of a higher order than fire.
Ton Ton no Mi Kiro Kiro no Mi Body weight control The increase in weight by metric tons, which is 1000 kilograms.
Hie Hie no Mi Yuki Yuki no Mi Frozen states of water Ice is a more effective freezing agent than snow.
Buki Buki no Mi Supa Supa no Mi Weapon production The Supa Supa no Mi is limited to blades, while the Buki Buki no Mi can create all forms of weaponry.

List of Seen Unpredictability[]

In many cases, outside of the above-mentioned rule of superiority, there is no way to tell how Devil Fruit powers will fare when pitted against one other.[69] A Devil Fruit user who usually dominates all other powers can sometimes be brought down by a power typically considered "weak" in comparison.

Devil Fruits Effect
Mera Mera no Mi Moku Moku no Mi/
Hie Hie no Mi
Mutual cancellation.[70][71]
Mochi Mochi no Mi/
Ame Ame no Mi (Non-Canon)
Gomu Gomu no Mi Gomu Gomu no Mi techniques are matched, mimicked, and suppressed.[72][73][74]
Gomu Gomu no Mi Goro Goro no Mi Gomu Gomu no Mi user's rubber-like body is immune to electricity and can make physical contact with Goro Goro no Mi user's lightning body without the need for Haki.[75]
Doru Doru no Mi Doku Doku no Mi Doru Doru no Mi's wax can block the Doku Doku no Mi's basic poison, though not its most potent poison.[76]
Hana Hana no Mi Nuke Nuke no Mi (Non-Canon) Hana Hana no Mi user's appendages can grab and constrain Nuke Nuke no Mi's user.[77]
Yomi Yomi no Mi Soru Soru no Mi Yomi Yomi no Mi's user's soul energy can forcefully release souls from regular Homies, though not from Special Homies.[78]
Memo Memo no Mi Soru Soru no Mi Original soul owner's memories briefly return to Homies affected by the Memo Memo no Mi.[79]
Kibi Kibi no Mi SMILE Tama can tame the 10% of SMILE users who gained animal powers.[80]


I've worked hard to develop my Devil Fruit powers. I can use them to make any weapon I want...unlike some fools who are satisfied with their powers as they are. I continually condition myself and improve my skills!!
— Crocodile describes how training can improve Devil Fruit powers.[81]

After consuming a Devil Fruit, the user does not automatically have mastery over their powers and must train themselves to properly use their new powers. According to Crocodile, the more a Devil Fruit user trains their powers, the more they gain a greater understanding of how they work and their limits. With this, a Devil Fruit user can use their powers in more versatile and efficient ways. Furthermore, while uncommon, if the user becomes physically ready to handle the fruit's full potential, the fruit will awaken and grant an extended pool of abilities. In contrast, those who are content with just having powers and do not train them are unable to extract the full potential of their Devil Fruits. That is, even if the power granted by the Devil's Fruit is quite powerful, if the user does not know how to use and control it, it becomes practically useless. Lastly, if the fruit is mislabelled, the user may limit themselves on how to properly train their power. For example, because the World Government hid the true nature of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, it is publicly labeled as a Paramecia, and Luffy himself to this day is unaware of his true nature as a Mythical Zoan.

Inexperienced Gomu Gomu no Mi User

Luffy took some time to perfect his elastic attacks.

Different people take different amounts of time to master their powers. For example, Luffy spent years learning to use the Gomu Gomu no Mi, whereas Kalifa and Kaku only took hours to get used to their new abilities after consuming their Devil Fruits. Sabo trained with his Mera Mera no Mi ability at Baltigo days after Doflamingo's downfall, indicating that Sabo was still trying to understand its power. Despite having his devil fruit for a long time, it took Brook the recent 2 years purposely study his Yomi Yomi no mi to finally understand its full potential, earning his title of Soul King.

Proficiency also relates to the user's stamina. Before Chopper improved his Monster Point, he had to rest for at least three hours after the Rumble Ball effect had subsided. When exhausted, one cannot use their powers properly and must regain strength.


Listen closely, boy. There is another stage entirely to the powers of a Devil Fruit: awakening!!! It's very rare, but some powers can awaken and affect objects aside from the wielder!!!
— Donquixote Doflamingo to Monkey D. Luffy on the new power he is displaying.[82]

Devil Fruit powers can, in rare instances, achieve "Awakening" (覚醒, kakusei?), significantly increasing the user's abilities. According to Kaidou, awakening occurs when a Devil Fruit user's mind and body catch up to their powers.[83] When a Devil Fruit's power is awakened, the increased abilities have been seen to allow significantly greater power, more refined control, and new abilities that would otherwise not be possible. The effects of the awakening depend on the type of Devil Fruit. Awakening was first mentioned by Crocodile in Episode 447.

It has been noted that it takes time to fully master awakened powers; if they are not fully mastered, they can still be used, but they take a serious toll on the user's stamina.

See also the associated category: Awakened Devil Fruit Users.

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Paramecia Awakening[]

For Paramecias, an Awakening allows the user to use their Devil Fruits at a new level of strength and in different manners than they originally could. Luffy, upon seeing the Awakened power of the Ito Ito no Mi, commented that it did not seem like that of a mere Paramecia.[82]

Paramecia Awakening

Doflamingo uses the Ito Ito no Mi to turn the environment into strings.

An Awakened Paramecia allows the user to spread their power beyond their own body and transform or alter the properties of the material environment around them to match the nature of their Devil Fruit power, as well as manipulate the transformed material in any way they desire. The transformation effect can be spread over an extensive area. The main difference between an Awakening and the initial state of a Paramecia's abilities when first consuming the Devil Fruit, such as the Hira Hira no Mi, is that Awakening allows one to transform the environment from afar, as well as control it with just their mind whereas unawakened Paramecias require the user to touch what they wish to transform and often require bodily movement to be controlled.

For example, after Doflamingo achieved the Awakening of the Ito Ito no Mi, he became able to extend the potency of his string-creating ability, transmuting the ground and buildings into vast quantities of string that he can manipulate without even the need to touch them. Katakuri similarly affected the environment with the Awakened Mochi Mochi no Mi during his battle with Luffy, causing the walls of the Mirro-World to behave like, and even become edible like mochi.[84] The non-canon villain Douglas Bullet was able to Awaken the power of the Gasha Gasha no Mi, allowing him to extend the range of his power to disassemble and restructure entire islands to his liking.[85]

That being said, the ability to transform and manipulate foreign objects remotely is not universal, with a few abilities showcasing unique particularities despite the general idea of property alteration still being present. After Awakening the Jiki Jiki no Mi, Eustass Kid became capable of magnetizing things other than his own body, even other living beings, causing them to strongly attract and be buried under mountains of metal. Similarly, the Awakening of Trafalgar Law's Ope Ope no Mi allowed him to alter the properties of foreign objects to turn them into small space-defying ROOMs in essence, though the application process of this enhanced power is done manually.[86]

In addition, both Kid and Law have insinuated that using the advanced powers granted by Awakening take a huge toll on their bodies due to high energy consumption to perform, turning those techniques into last resorts meant to finish off opponents. It is unknown if this applies to every Paramecia's Awakening or is a particularity of their individual Fruits.[86]

Furthermore, aside from great environmental range, Awakened Paramecias may even provide entirely new abilities to their users. For example, Kid can apply inverse magnetic polarities to different non-metallic objects to make them strongly attract each other, completely bypassing the need to manipulate metal, which was the Jiki Jiki on Mi's primary application pre-Awakening.[87] The non-canon villain Gild Tesoro, upon Awakening the Goru Goru no Mi, was able to create a complex sensory network out of the gold he touched, enabling him to sense the movements of all his gold down to individual coins and even gold grinded down to a fine powder.[88]

Zoan Awakening[]

Jailer Beasts Attack Prisoners

The four Jailer Beasts are failed awakened Zoans whose minds were consumed by their powers.

For Zoan-type powers, awakening grants far greater strength, speed, and durability than un-awakened Zoan powers. This array of abilities also includes faster recovery time, which functions involuntarily, even when the user is unconscious.

Zoan Awakenings come with a great risk where the innate nature of the Zoan will consume the user's personality, turning them into simpleminded man-beasts. An example of this is the Jailer Beasts of Impel Down; they have yet to show any signs of complex thought, seemingly acting out on instinct and power, and they are always in a form resembling their full beast form, but with human attributes. It is unknown if they lost themselves and became this way permanently upon awakening or if they retain enough sentience that these forms are a conscious choice.[89]

Five Elders Confront Luffy

The Five Elders are successful awakened Mythical Zoans who retain their personalities.

As seen with Rob Lucci and Kaku, not all Zoan users lose themselves upon awakening though. In those cases, they may even attain a new, powerful transformation known as Awakened Form (覚醒フォルム, Kakusei Forumu?) that is divine in appearance, signified by a sash of flaming smoke that is usually black in color. Such a successful awakening is considered rare.[90]

Not much is known about Mythical Zoan awakenings other than information shared with standard Zoan awakenings. So far all Mythical Zoan awakenings have been successful, leaving the user's personality intact; notably, however, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika affects their personality in other ways, causing them to be overwhelmed with joy.

How a Mythical Zoan's unique abilities are affected by awakening is unclear. In the case of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, the user gains the ability to freely alter the shape and size of their rubbery body however they wish. Furthermore, they gain the power to extend their rubber body powers to surrounding non-living materials, similar to how certain awakened Paramecia-type powers affect the environment. However, this is considered unusual by Kaidou.[91]

Myths and Misconceptions[]

Due to the rarity and mysterious nature of the Devil Fruits, many rumors surround their existence. Particularly remote regions of the four cardinal Blues or isolated nations such as Wano Country often lack knowledge of the fruits, believing them to be a myth entirely or attributing their powers to pure magic. The following is a list of various myths and misconceptions about Devil Fruits in the world.

  • As stated by Shanks, Devil Fruit are considered by some to be "incarnations" (化身, keshin?) of the Sea Devil (海の悪魔, Umi no Akuma?).[3]
    • In the 4Kids dub, Shanks stated that they were "enchanted by sea ghosts".
  • Jabra believed a rumor that Devil Fruit users housed actual devils inside them. According to the rumor, if a Devil Fruit user went near an uneaten Devil Fruit, a devil would come out of the fruit and rip the user apart. This rumor has been debunked by research.[21]
  • In Amazon Lily, the citizens are unaware of the existence of Devil Fruits. The ruling Gorgon Sisters are believed to have gained their Mero Mero no Mi and Hebi Hebi no Mi abilities from a curse cast by a creature known as the "Gorgon".[92]
  • Vander Decken IX refers to his Mato Mato no Mi ability as the "Mato Mato Curse".[93] Sugar's Hobi Hobi no Mi is also called the "Hobi Hobi Curse" by its victims.[94]
  • The Tontatta Tribe of Green Bit refer to Devil Fruit abilities as Magic (奇術, Kijutsu?).[95]
  • In Wano Country, Devil Fruit abilities are considered Sorcery (妖術, Yōjutsu?) or Ninjutsu. Devil Fruit users are called Sorcery Users (妖術使い, Yōjutsu Tsukai?).[16]


Dr. Vegapunk, a Marine scientist and the world’s most prominent researcher of Devil Fruits, is heavily responsible for researching the effects and origins of Devil Fruits, as well as their interactions with Seastone. Vegapunk was the one who discovered that Devil Fruits work by affecting the Lineage Factor.

Caesar Clown stated that he has done numerous experiments on his own Devil Fruit, insinuating that he managed to enhance its power after consumption. He has not yet explained his research or how he did it.


Some Devil Fruit users have invented certain drugs that can alter and/or enhance their powers. So far, this has only been done with Zoan users.

Rumble Ball[]

Further information: Rumble Ball
Rumble Ball Infobox

Chopper with a Rumble Ball.

Tony Tony Chopper, during his six-year apprenticeship under Dr. Kureha, created a special drug called the "Rumble Ball". It temporarily modifies the effects of his Devil Fruit, granting him more forms in addition to the usual three. The Rumble Ball works by "disrupting the wavelength" of the Devil Fruit.

Once consumed, the Rumble Ball takes effect immediately, however, the effects will only last for three minutes.[96] Afterwards, Chopper must then wait for six hours before taking another one. If he were to take a second Rumble Ball before that time was up, he would gain the extra powers, but would not be able to control which form he took when he transformed. A third Rumble Ball within that time frame would cause his abilities to go completely out of control, transforming him into a mindless, nigh-unstoppable giant creature that would attack friend and foe alike and drain his energy, potentially to the point of killing him. He was also unable to transform back after taking this monstrous form, unless his Devil Fruit powers were nullified, such as with sea water. Once he returned to his normal form, he would be completely exhausted and unable to move for several hours.

After two years of training and research on an island with incredible medical knowledge, Chopper could utilize the additional powers granted by the Rumble Ball without actually taking the drug. Whenever he does take it, he then transforms into the monstrous form that he previously turned into by taking three Rumble Balls in a short time, which he was since able to gain full mental control over. As before, the transformation lasts only three minutes, and once he turns back to normal, he cannot move for a few hours.

Later, with Caesar Clown's help, Chopper extended the Rumble Ball's effect to last 30 minutes instead of just three. However, the after effect that follows suit will be that Chopper will temporarily regress to a tiny form and take on an "old geezer" mentality.


Kumo Kumo no Mi Model Rosamygale Grauvogeli Infobox

Black Maria's unnatural Human-Beast hybrid form.

Black Maria was able to alter the appearance of her Devil Fruit's Human-Beast form via drugs; instead of turning into an anthropomorphic beast person, she takes on a more centaur-like form. This also affected the spider portion of her transformation, granting it a separate face from Black Maria.[97]

The reason Black Maria decided to change her transformations appearance was not for combat purposes, but rather because she felt that her natural hybrid form was not "beautiful".[98][99]

Inanimate Object Devil Fruit Users[]

Zou Zou no Mi Infobox

A sword with an elephant Zoan.

Some years before the current timeline, Dr. Vegapunk discovered a technique that allows one to make an inanimate object (such as a gun or a sword) "eat" a Devil Fruit. The details of this process have not yet been revealed. So far, Zoan is the only type of Devil Fruit that inanimate objects have been shown as being able to absorb. The technique that allows an object to eat a Zoan fruit is not limited to solid materials, as toxic gaseous slime can also be used as a medium.

Objects that have "ingested" a Zoan Fruit gain the standard Full Beast and Hybrid transformations in addition to the ability to turn back into their object form at will. This gives them the mobility, abilities, and intelligence of the animal they turn into, in addition to having the properties and abilities of the object they were made from. Inanimate object Zoans seem to be very loyal to whomever owns them.

However, the object also gains a living creature's ability to feel pain and fear and becomes susceptible to disease.[100]

In the non-canon Fischer's x One Piece - Search for the 7 Treasures, a Devil Fruit "consumed" by an object was shown to remain intact, with a single bite taken out of it.[101]

Artificial Devil Fruits[]

Further information: Artificial Devil Fruit and SMILE

With scientists learning more about how Devil Fruits work, it became possible for artificial Devil Fruits to be created. Like real Devil Fruits, they grant powers to the consumer and take away their ability to swim. So far, two scientists, Dr. Vegapunk and Caesar Clown, have managed to synthesize and replicate Zoan Devil Fruits,[2] though with different methods. Vegapunk used the Lineage Factors of preexisting Devil Fruit users to replicate their powers, whereas Caesar used Lineage Factors from animals to create artificial Zoan fruits; they are called SMILEs.[37]

Incomplete SMILE Fruits

Artificial Devil Fruits being grown.

While the Zoan Fruits created by Vegapunk seem to replicate Zoan powers accurately (albeit with animal being the wrong color), the SMILE fruits created by Caesar allow the eater to permanently take on an animal attribute or body part(s). Furthermore, the SMILEs have a severe flaw: only 10% of the people who eat them could attain an animal power, while the remaining 90%, in addition to not gaining any powers, will lose not just their ability to swim, but also their ability to express any emotions other than joy, forcing them to constantly smile and laugh, even if it contradicts their true feelings.[102]

The manufacturing process of SMILE Fruits involved having luminescent sunflowers provide light to the trees growing the fruits while SAD is poured into a river leading into irrigation canals which then channel the river under the trees to feed them the chemical.[103]

SMILE fruits also appear to be greatly inferior in strength compared to real Devil Fruits.

It should be noted that only Zoan-type fruits can be created artificially. Paramecia fruits cannot be created, however, Paramecia powers can be replicated as long as the original users bloodline elements are available. These copied powers can be given to a recipient through an artificial Green Blood. Logia fruit powers have unfortunately proven too difficult to replicate, although, Vegapunk did manage to replicate the effects of the Pika Pika no Mi to a certain degree.

Early Concepts[]

In Eiichiro Oda's first and second Romance Dawn prototypes, the Gomu Gomu no Mi was depicted near-identically to its counterpart in One Piece proper. However, both prototypes gave their origins as a "legend tree" (幻の木, Maboroshi no ki?) that appeared once every fifty years, with no implications of similar or related fruits.


The rumor that Jabra recounted about Devil Fruits housing actual devils is similar to the Hindu belief about belerics; because of this, the Hindus of Northern India avoid the trees and will not sit in their shade. However, Beleric fruit is also known for its medicinal properties and is used by Hindu physicians for various ailments.

The other part of Jabra's rumor about the fruit's devil tearing out and killing the consumer from within is similar to another Hindu legend, particularly the version in Villivakkam, about two rakshasa brothers: Vatapi would take the shape of a fruit or meat and Ilvala would offer the "food" to innocent mendicants passing by. Vatapi would come out by tearing through the victim's body. However, this failed against Agastya.

Translation and Dub Issues[]

Many Devil Fruits are named after highly specific Japanese concepts and onomatopoeia (or shortenings thereof), rendering direct translations awkward if not impossible. For instance, the Mera Mera no Mi is named for the "crackling" sounds of a fire; all official English translations name it after synonyms for fire itself.

In the Funimation dub, Corto refers to them as the "Diablo Fruit".[104]

The 4Kids-dubbed anime renames the fruits to "Cursèd Fruits" (pronounced as two distinct syllables) to avoid the reference to the devil, which some religious viewers may have found offensive.

The English name "Devil Fruit" is used in the original Japanese manga in Chapter 1099.[36]


SBS-Based Trivia[]

  • In an SBS question, a reader asked if Wapol could get Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Mi powers by eating him. Oda answered that he would get food poisoning.[119]
  • Oda explained in an SBS why he made it so Devil Fruit powers extend through the users' clothing. He said that if he had done it realistically, the manga would have too much unnecessary nudity.[120]
    • Nonetheless, some Devil Fruit explicitly do not affect the user or victims' clothing, such as the Toshi Toshi no Mi.
  • Many SBS questions have concerned whether various Devil Fruits (including the Gomu Gomu no Mi, Bara Bara no Mi, Hana Hana no Mi, and Hie Hie no Mi) extend their powers to the user's genitals. In every known case, Oda has answered yes.
  • According to Oda, Devil Fruits are one of the few aspects of the One Piece anime that he has relatively complete control over; the anime's writers must request his permission to introduce an anime-original ability, and he may refuse if he already has the same idea for a manga story.[121] It is unknown whether this also holds for more tertiary media, such as the video games and stage shows.


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