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Dials are strange, mysterious devices which have the ability to store energy and matter. They are made from the remains of particular shellfish. The shellfish remains are gathered from the shallows near the shore of the White-White Sea.[2] Though they originate from Skypiea, some of them can reach and be used in the lower seas.[3]

Dials In General

Dials store energy and matter itself, usually by that particular type of energy or matter being absorbed by a tiny hole or holes on one side of the Dial. The content can then be released by pressing the apex on the other side of the shell. There are many different types of Dials that store various things depending on their type, as each type of Dial is limited to only a single element or substance that it can store.

In some cases, different types of Dials are capable of storing the same thing, but releasing it in different ways; both the Flash Dial and the Lamp Dial are capable of storing light, however the Flash Dial releases light as a sharp blinding burst while the Lamp Dial releases it gently and gradually. Furthermore, some Dials, such as Impact Dials and Axe Dials, release all their contents all in one blast, while others, such as the Flame Dial, are capable of storing multiple uses until it runs out. Either way, the Dial then has to be refilled with its designated content before it can be used again.

Dials also come in many sizes and shapes, from the size of an average seashell to the size of a human.

The storage capacity of a Dial is determined by the size of the shell itself. Additionally, as long as the Dial is not damaged, then it can continue to function independently, even if it is hundreds of years old.

Most of them seem to be very common throughout sky islands, though their rarity can vary by type, with some being native to specific regions and some extremely hard to come by due to the shellfish they come from being extinct.

Dials that store and release clouds are unfortunately rendered useless on the Blue Sea due to the clouds' natural inability to survive at that atmospheric temperature and pressure.[4] However, Nami was able to find a way to make sea clouds that can survive at Blue Sea level after two years of of studying weather science on Weatheria.

Sky Warfare

On sky islands, battles are fought differently than down in the Blue Sea. Oftentimes, weapons are upgraded, or even combined, with Dials. This creates incredibly powerful weapons and combat styles, allowing for tactics that would otherwise be unachievable.[5]

Impact Dials, as well as Reject Dials and Axe Dials, are generally hidden under a glove or bandages during Sky Warfare. Sometimes Flame Dials, Breath Dials, or even Flavor Dials (filled with noxious gases or bad smells) will be hidden as well. This allows for sneak attacks as the opponent will likely not be able to tell what kind of Dial it is, or that there even is one, until it's actually used.

Another common trick is to use Milky Dials to store and release streams of sea clouds which can then be traversed via various Dial powered cloud riding devices.

Dials can provide even more of an advantage against those who do not know what they are and thus do not expect their opponents to be able to do such things. People who do not know about dials, such as many residents of the Blue Sea, can even mistake the power of a Dial for an innate ability of the user, such as when Perona mistook a blast from Usopp's Impact Dial as superhuman strength, since Dials are non-threatening in appearance, often small, and rare on the Blue Sea.

When using Dials in combat, the user will normally say the name of the Dial but omit the "Dial" part, such as saying "Impact!" when using an Impact Dial.

Dial Types

Axe Dial

Yama slicing an opponent with his belt of Axe Dials.

The Axe Dial (斬撃貝アックスダイアル Akkusu Daiaru?, literally translated as "Slicing Attack Shell") is a rare type of Dial not found in Skypiea. Though its function was not explicitly stated, it appears that the Axe Dial is able to store and release slashes. When activated, it delivers a thin slashing blast in the shape of an X that is capable of slicing through iron in one blow. Like the Impact Dial, its main use is in Sky Warfare.

The fifty goat-like enforcers, known as the Divine Soldiers, each had one, and their commander, Yama, had a sash of them.

Ball Dial

The Ball Dial (気泡貝ボールダイアル Bōru Daiaru?, literally meaning "Air Bubble Shell") releases a puff of clouds that forms into a spherical shape upon being released. Ball clouds can be used as a floating platform that one can sit or stand on, or be applied with explosives and other features, as proven by Satori.[6]

Being a cloud-based Dial, it's useless at ground level due to clouds natural inability to survive the temperature and air pressure at such a low altitude.

Breath Dial

A large Breath Dial equipped to a cloud boat.

The Breath Dial (風貝ブレスダイアル Buresu Daiaru?, literally translated as "Wind Shell") is capable of storing and releasing air-currents.[7] These Dials are usually used to propel wavers through water and on ships if there is no wind for sailing. These Dials can also be attached to the sides of a snowboard or "skates" as alternative methods of travel, as demonstrated by the Shandia.

Unlike Jet Dials, Breath Dials can carry smells and aromas as well. They are handy for storing gases, such as poisons, bad scents, and flammable substances.

Eisen Dial

Iron Cloud blade from an Eisen Dial in the pommel.

The Eisen Dial (鉄貝アイゼンダイアル Aizen Daiaru?, literally meaning "Iron Shell") is extremely rare and one of the most formidable dials used for combat. It emits a stream of "iron cloud", which has the strength of iron but a cloud's weightlessness and ability to change shape. It can lengthen and/or widen without limits and can even form a thick defensive wall. Ohm possesses an Eisen Dial inside the pommel of his Eisen Whip. Eisen is German for "iron".

Being a cloud-based Dial, it's useless at ground level due to clouds natural inability to survive the temperature and air pressure at such a low altitude.

Flame Dial

A bird with a flame dial in its mouth.

The Flame Dial (炎貝フレイムダイアル Fureimu Daiaru?, literally translated as "Blaze Shell") stores and releases fire; it is not to be confused with Heat Dials.[7] Shura's giant bird, Fuza, has one in its mouth, which enables it to breathe fire like a dragon. Flame Dials can also be used in sky warfare, concealed in the user's hand beneath a glove or bandage to allow them to burn their opponents.

Flash Dial

Usopp using a flash dial in his fight against Luffy.

The Flash Dial (閃光貝フラッシュダイアル Furasshu Daiaru?, literally translated as "Flash Shell") is one of the three known types of Dials that store and release light. The Flash Dial lets out an extremely bright flash of light for a very brief period, effectively causing temporary blindness if used against someone.

It is first seen used in Braham's Flash Guns, but the Dial itself was first seen when Usopp used one in his fight against Luffy.

Flavor Dial

The Flavor Dial (匂貝フレイバーダイアル Fureibā Daiaru?, literally translated as "Flavor Shell") can store smells and aromas, along with other types of gases, such as explosive and flammable ones.[7]

Heat Dial

A lance equipped with a Heat Dial.

The Heat Dial (熱貝ヒートダイアル Hīto Daiaru?, literally translated as "Heat Shell") stores and releases heat energy; it is not to be confused with Flame Dials. It is commonly used by citizens of sky islands to power ovens and other heating devices. It appears to be able to let out heat in different amounts. It can also be used in sky warfare, as seen with Shura's Heat Javelin, a lance that can become red hot and burn anything it pierces.

Impact Dial

The Impact Dial as used in battle.

The Impact Dial (衝撃貝インパクトダイアル Inpakuto Daiaru?, literally translated as "Impact Shell") can be hit by anything blunt or incapable of slicing (although it was shown absorbing axe and sword strikes in the Non-Canon G8 arc) and will absorb the kinetic energy. The Impact Dial can also absorb the impact of explosions.[8]

Once the apex of the Dial is pressed, the stored blunt force is released, usually causing internal injuries to a living body it's used against while not leaving any visible external damage. This blunt force is enough to wound even Luffy, who is usually immune to blunt force due to his rubber body.

The Impact Dial, while not as dangerous as the Reject Dial, can still hurt the user through the backlash caused when such a large amount of energy is released, as shown with the most frequent user, Usopp, as well as Nami during her fight against Kotori. However, many Sky Warriors have been shown to be highly resistant to this recoil. It's unknown if there is a limit to the energy it can absorb, but so far these Dials have been able to absorb all of the impacts used against them.

Jet Dial

Gedatsu increases the power of his punch using a Jet Dial.

The Jet Dial (噴風貝ジェットダイアル Jetto Daiaru?, literally translated as "Wind Jet Shell") is a more powerful version of the Breath Dial which blows out a powerful burst of air at great speed. This allows them to be used for much faster propulsion than a Breath Dial. They were once used in wavers when they were common, but were replaced by Breath Dials when they became extinct. Shiro Mokuba I, being from a few hundred years ago, has a Jet Dial, making it faster and harder to control than a normal Waver. Enel's warship, the Ark Maxim, has a backup propulsion system powered by two hundred Jet Dials.[9]

They can also be used in battle; Gedatsu wears a Jet Dial on each of his arms to increase both the speed and power of his punches. The punch is fast enough to cause his fist to seemingly disappear, and strong enough to injure Chopper while in his Guard Point. However, Gedatsu dislikes using this technique due to the Jet Dial's friction tearing up his clothing.

In the anime, the appear to make a drill-like whirring sound when being used.

Lamp Dial

The Lamp Dial (灯貝ランプダイアル Ranpu Daiaru?, literally translated as "Light Seashell") is similar to the Flash Dial, capable of storing and releasing light. Unlike the Flash Dial however, it releases light steadily and gently, rather than all at once, making it much less useful for combat purposes but well-suited for domestic use as a light source. It was first seen during Pagaya and Conis' explanation of the various dials.[7]

Milky Dial

Gedatsu flying with Milky Dials in his shoes.

The Milky Dial (雲貝ミルキーダイアル Mirukī Daiaru?, literally meaning "Cloud Shell") can store and release clouds. This can be used to create pathways in the air out of sea clouds, upon which devices capable of moving upon clouds, such as Wavers, can travel. Gedatsu also installed Milky Dials in the soles of his shoes, allowing him to fly, protecting him from harm in his Ordeal of Swamp.[10]

Being a cloud-based Dial, it's useless at ground level due to clouds natural inability to survive the temperature and air pressure at such a low altitude.

Reject Dial

The Reject Dial.

The Reject Dial (排撃貝リジェクトダイアル Rijekuto Daiaru?, literally meaning "Rejection Shell") is a much rarer and more powerful version of the Impact Dial. When used, it unleashes whatever force it had absorbed up to that point, but also magnifies that force tenfold. It's a powerful weapon, but the backlash is hazardous to the user and powerful enough to destroy the body of one who is inexperienced. Due to this, they are rarely used.

The Shandia Wyper owns one, and used it three times during the Skypiea Arc; he seemed largely unaffected the first time he used it, the second time exhausted him, and the third time nearly killed him.

Thunder Dial

The Thunder Dial (雷貝サンダーダイアル Sandā Daiaru?, literally translated as "Lightning Seashell") is used for storing and releasing electricity. It is used in the Ark Maxim's engines.[citation needed] It is only named in the Unlimited Cruise games.

Tone Dial

Luffy and Usopp shocked at a Tone Dial replaying sounds.

The Tone Dial (音貝トーンダイアル Tōn Daiaru?, literally translated as "Sound Shell"), often abbreviated as TD in the Blue Sea, is able to record and replay sounds spoken into it, akin to an audio recorder. It was first shown to Luffy and Usopp by Pagaya and Conis when they explained the various functions of Dials.[7]

The most prominent use of a Tone Dial in the series comes from Brook, who bought one from a merchant on the Blue Seas and used it to record the last song played by the Rumbar Pirates for their good friend, Laboon. He stores the Dial inside his skull.

During Brook's career as a world-famous rock star, he sold many Tone Dials with his music recorded on them. Given how many he sold, stated by his manager to be in the millions, they seem to be the most common of the Dials to make it down to the Blue Seas. Oda explained in an SBS that during the timeskip, Tone Dials became mainstream in the Blue Sea. They are sold in pairs and have been modified so they can be inserted into headphones and on special turntables so that people can enjoy music portably.[11] The modern uses for Tone Dials were shown in the anime prior to the SBS.

Vision Dial

Amazon with a Vision Dial camera.

The Vision Dial (映像貝ビジョンダイアル Bijon Daiaru?, literally translated as "Image Seashell") is used for capturing images and playing them back,[7] comparable to a modern-day camera. It is useful for scouting and recording evidence.

When Enel was God of Skypiea, Amazon, the gatekeeper of Heaven's Gate, used a camera equipped with a Vision Dial to take pictures of all people entering Skypiea without paying the entrance fee and gave the pictures to the authorities.

Water Dial

The Water Dial (水貝ウォーターダイアル Wōtā Daiaru?, literally translated as "Water Seashell") is used for storing and releasing water.[12] It was spoken of as being capable of extinguishing the large fire left after Enel's judgment, but was not seen in use.[13]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Non-Canon Dials

Mad Dial

Mad Dial.

The Mad Dial (狂乱貝マッドダイアル Maddo Daiaru?, literally meaning "Frenzy Seashell"), in the video game One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2, is a special type of dial that appears in a laboratory on Punk Hazard. It releases a dark purple fog that infects the mind of whoever inhales it, driving them insane, hostile, and aggressive. The victims gain a dark, cloud-like aura around them, and their eyes turn red.

One interesting side effect of this dial is that it can alter the personality of certain individuals, such as causing Usopp to lose his general negativity, thus rendering himself vulnerable to the Negative Hollows generated by the Horo Horo no Mi, though repeat Negative Hollow attacks by Perona eventually restored his negative personality, curing him of the dials effects.

Even though the dials can alter a person's personality, people with high doctrine, such as Sanji, will retain their principles. Despite being affected by a Mad Dial, Sanji is still unable to kick any woman due to his strong beliefs, even if it means his death.

This type of Dial is known as a Frenzy Dial in the game's English localization and was previously named the Fog Dial (霧のダイアル Kiri no Daiaru?) by Smoker.[14]

Control Dial

Control Dial.

The Control Dial (操作貝コントロールダイアル Contorōru Daiaru?, literally meaning "Management Seashell"), in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2, appears in a laboratory on Punk Hazard. It creates a strange circular ray, similar to Foxy's Noro Noro Beam and is able to control the people affected by the Mad Dials' fog. It was previously named the Trembling Dial (震えるダイアル Furueru Daiaru?) by Smoker.[14]

  • Wild (拘束ワイルド Wairudo?, literally meaning "Restriction"): Marshall D. Teach restricted Whitebeard's will and made him go "wild".

Concludes non-canon section.

Dial-Based Technology

Dials are a part of everyday life in Skypiea; Lamp Dials are used to light peoples homes and Heat Dials are used for cooking.


Dials can be installed into weapons, making them more powerful and versatile. Weapons that are known to have such installations are as follows:


Breath Dials and Jet Dials can be installed into vehicles for transportation purposes. Known vehicles include:

  • Ark Maxim: Equipped with 200 Jet Dials as a one-hour backup propulsion in case his electrical powers fail.[9]
  • Dial Boat: Boats of varying sizes, equipped with Breath Dials on the backs, enabling them to travel the Milky Road.[24]
  • Waver: Small one-person boats that function like an electric scooter on the water, equipped with a Breath Dial to traverse over Sea Clouds.[25]
    • Shiro Mokuba I: A particular Waver equipped with a Jet Dial[25] and later modified to look like a white horse.[26]
    • Jet Board: A compact Waver in the form of a wakeboard equipped with a Breath Dial to traverse the Sea Clouds.[27]
    • Shooter: Compact Wavers in the form of skates equipped with a Breath Dial to traverse the Sea Clouds.[15]


  • Usopp traded rubber bands in Skypiea for Dials, touting them as the power that beat Enel. As rubber is not found in Skypiea, it is a mysterious substance to the Skypieans.
  • It is possible to get a hold of a dial without going up to the sky. The Rumbar Pirates bought a Tone Dial from a market, which they used to record their final performance for the whale Laboon, in hopes that their crewmate Brook would meet him again. Dial-based equipment, such as Wavers, also occasionally make their way down to the Blue Sea. It is also revealed that somehow during the two-year time skip, Brook sold about two million Tone Dials with his music recorded on them, similar to a CD or cassette tape in the real world.
  • In Strong World, Shiki used a Tone Dial to communicate with the Straw Hat Pirates and Nami used it to leave the last message to her crew. Although the possibility was mentioned, it is not clear if Shiki actually acquired it on a Sky Island itself or on the Blue Sea as the Rumbar Pirates did.
  • In the non-canon G-8 Arc, Usopp was revealed to be in possession of an "Odor Dial", which Luffy had filled with farts as a joke, which inadvertently allowed them to escape the Marine prison by causing an explosion when the gas came into contact with a burning oil lamp.
  • The non-canon Mad Dials and Control Dials from the video game One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 ability to corrupt and control various characters is similar to the Dark Magic that appears in the Dragon Ball video game, Dragon Ball: Xenoverse. Both are capable of turning good characters into evil versions of themselves that can be manipulated/controlled by the main antagonists of their respective games. Also, any characters affected possess traits in common such as a dark aura, red eyes, and more aggressive and/or violent tendencies. Both also cause the main protagonists' allies/comrades to turn against them, forcing the protagonists (and their uncorrupted allies) to fight them in order to restore them to back to their normal selves. Both also play a prominent role in each of their games' overall plot.


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