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For the former pirate captain and slave of Roswald, see Devil Dias.

Dias is a young boy who joins the Straw Hat Pirates for the duration of the game and leaves the crew at the end.


He is a short, slighty-tanned boy with short, spiked brown hair and thick, black eyebrows. He wears a blue and beige shirt, blue gloves that do not have fingers, light brown pants, blue boots, and a long red cape. He usually carries around a boomerang with him.


He is very cheerful, but other then that, has no personality.

Abilities and Powers

He carries around a boomerang and fights with it. As a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, he is most likely very skilled in wielding it.


On morning, Dias spoke with his town's mayor and began in adventure. He fought some pirates who were bothering his neighbors before going into town where he found two pirates threatening his friend. After speaking to the two, Dias and his friend left to have a conversation in her house. The two pirates returned, demanding that the children come with them. The four walk through the town and came across the Straw Hat Pirates, who along with Dias, defeated the two enemy pirates. Afterwards, Dias joined the crew and they, along with his friend, sailed off to the Grand Line.

Along the way, they arrived at an underwater cavern that Dias and Luffy decided to investigate. The found and fought a group of hostile Fishmen, including a member of the same crew as the two pirates who fought them eariler. After defeating the fishmen, Dias and thee crew went to Reverse Mountain and met Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday. After defeating them, they went to Whiskey Peak and joined in the citizens' party. Dias got up in the night to find Zoro, who knew that the party was a trap. The two fought the disguised Baroque Works members. After Miss Wednesday revealed her true identity as Nefertari Vivi, Dias and his crew fought Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, escaping Whiskey Peak after meeting Miss All-Sunday.

Dias and the crew traveled to a barren island and encountered a man who knew Dias's friend. Later, the man revealed his true identity as a member of the crew of the two men and the fishman. The crew defeated him and left the island.

Dias and the crew continued their journey to Alabasta and defeated Baroque Works, as well as the rest of the enemy crew.


  • Dias, as the main protagonist of the game, Legend of the Rainbow Island, can be named by the player at the beginning of the game. If the player does not wish to do so, they can continue without entering a name, causing the game to use the default name.


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