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Digital Ar Island is a non-canon island located somewhere in the New World. It is the home of Dr. Bolam. It appears in the Adventure in Digital Ar Island attraction.[1]


Digital Ar Island is a tropical island covered in beaches. Its flora includes palm trees, and tropical grasses and shrubs.[2]


Dr. Bolam is the only known citizen of Digital Ar Island. Additionally, the Tony Tony Chopper clones he creates reside on the island.[2]


Adventure in Digital Ar IslandEdit

A group of the Tontatta Tribe came to Digital Ar Island, and Bolam tried to capture them. However, he was unsuccessful. The Straw Hat Pirates and Sabo traveled to the island as well. Because Bolam could not succeed at catching the Dwarves, Bolam tried to capture Chopper and created clones of him. The Chopper clones revolted and flung themselves at him, causing a gas-releasing mechanism under his lab coat to explode and sending him flying away.

Bolam challenged the Straw Hat Pirates and Sabo, and despite sustaining many blows from them, he was eventually defeated.[2]


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