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Digital Art Island Adventure is an interactive digital attraction created in partnership with teamLab.

The Straw Hat Pirates sail to Digital Art Island, where they meet a crazy scientist named Bolam who loves cute things.[5]


Digital Art Island Adventure has been hosted in four locations: Odaiba YUME-TAIRIKU in Tokyo, LaLaport Fujimi in Saitama, Tsuruya Hall in Kumamoto, and Akita furusato Village in Akita.[1][2][3][4]

The attraction saw 290,000 visitors in 45 days at Odaiba YUME-TAIRIKU.[6]


A Table where the Tontatta Tribe Live

A Table where the Tontatta Tribe Live is an interactive table in which members of the Tontatta Tribe run around. Bolam will appear to chase them, and visitors can interact with the Tontatta using their hands or items to stop him from reaching them. The table features different effects, like rain, food, and obstacles the Tontatta can climb over. Dwarves that appear include Leo, Bomba, Rampo, Kabu, Wicca, Inhel, Cotton, Flapper, and Pellini.[7]

Sketch Chopper

Visitors could color in drawings of Tony Tony Chopper and have them scanned to come to life as a 3D model on a digital screen. Visitors can interact with them by touching them on the screen. Dr. Bolam occasionally appears and releases a mysterious gas from underneath his cloak, but the Chopper clones will turn on him and attack him, causing him to fly away in an explosion.[8]

Straw Hat Pirates VS Dr. Bolam

Two versions of Straw Hat Pirates VS Dr. Bolam were developed. The first used teamLabCamera, and the second used teamLabStudio. The plot of the attraction is that the crew and Sabo are fighting Bolam, and visitors are prompted to simulate the characters' attacks.[9][10]

In the teamLabCamera version, visitors pose in a digital screen that automatically takes a photo when they pose like the screen's displayed target image. Visitors can claim their image on a attraction-specific Facebook page, where all pictures are uploaded automatically. Visitors can pose as Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Franky, Robin, or Brook.[11]

In the teamLabStudio version, visitors stand in front of a screen that detects their body and superimposes clothing items and abilities of specific characters onto them. They can interact with the screens and create real-time effects. The interactions are recorded, and visitors can be sent the videos via SNS. Visitors can pose as Luffy or Sabo.[11]

Sketch Chopper Papercraft

Visitors can color in a drawing of Chopper that is then printed out as a papercraft template. It can be constructed into a 3D papercraft Chopper. Unlike other attractions, there is no digital interactive component.[12]


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