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Earth Linked to Heaven: The Dimension Zone is a floating area of the unnamed island Popora inhabits. It is the sixth area the Straw Hat Pirates explore in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure.[1]


The Dimension Zone is a mysterious, floating zone with three layers that can be accessed by jumping off of them and falling to the next. The three layers loop infinitely, and it is unknown how this phenomenon occurs. The layers themselves are made of brown rock and are covered in patchy, green grass. The region has a few ponds and waterfalls, as well as unique plant life like an electrically-charged plant and a plant that bears four different kinds of fruit.

Pieces of the Dimension Zone's layers are known to fall, and because of the region's bizarre looping gravity, large rocks can fall at any time. The Dimension Zone also exhibits wisps of pink and blue light, and large, spinning rings float in its atmosphere.

The area that holds the second seal is a rock platform with a small stream circling around it. It is surrounding by floating purple crystals that emit electricity.

The Dimension Zone connects to the Plain Zone, Cave Zone, and Mountain Zone.[1]

Dimension Zone First Layer Map.png
A map of the Dimension Zone's first layer.
Dimension Zone Second Layer Map.png
A map of the Dimension Zone's second layer.
Dimension Zone Third Layer Map.png
A map of the Dimension Zone's third layer.


At the beginning of the game, the following enemies appear:

Rob Lucci and Aokiji are the zone's bosses, and Whitebeard is the zone's secret boss.


One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

The Straw Hat Pirates entered the Dimension Zone from the Plain Zone. Usopp looked over the edge of the first layer, and a rock next to him slid off. A piece of it fell next to him, and Zoro had to pull Usopp out of the way before the rock fell right where he was standing. The crew was confused by the warped space, and Popora became worried. Usopp encouraged Popora to declare if he did not want to follow his master's orders, and the orb showed them memories of Usopp ordering his crew to follow their dreams. Usopp then declared that he was not afraid before almost tripping.

They explored the region until they came to floating patches of land that were disconnected from the main layer. Luffy activated the orb, and the central patch formed a gravitational pull to drag the surrounding patches closer to it. More pieces of land fell from above to form a path to the zone's first seal. The crew activated it, and the orb showed them memories of the Evil Guardian wreaking havoc on the island and Lucci telling the crew in Iceberg's room that the affairs with Robin did not concern them. The seal produced an apparition of the CP9 agent and his pet Hattori, who the crew fought and defeated. The seal broke, and the orb absorbed its energy. With only one seal remaining, the crew continued deeper into the region.

They climbed a path up the Dimension Zone's highest point before dropping through a hole in it to a layer below. They dropped down again to the final seal, and as they stood before it, Luffy asked if everyone was ready. The orb showed them a memory of Aokiji telling the crew about Robin's past, and the seal produced an apparition of the Marine admiral. The crew fought and defeated him, breaking the last seal on the Abyss Zone, and the orb absorbed the seal's energy. The crew was overcome with an eerie feeling that the Evil Guardian was now freed, and they returned to their camp to prepare for the final battle.[1]


Doze Evil Eye Butterflies, Crossbone Butterflies, and Rainbow Phoenixes can be found on the zone's flowers.

Island Clams, Scissor Shrimp, Lovely Angels, Adventure Fish, Treasure Pargai, and Aurora Sunfish can be found in the Dimension Zone's ponds.[1]


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