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Din is a member of the Simon Pirates.


Din Portrait

A closeup of Din.

Din is an average sized man, with short blonde hair. He wears a green coat, with a light green, long-sleeved shirt underneath, and a structure on the back of it for the grasping of his birds. He also wears a green and black hat with goggles on it, an orange scarf, dark blue pants, and black shoes.


At first, Din seemed very polite, having a calm conversation with Monkey D. Luffy after only just meeting him. However, he later showed his vicious and twisted side by kidnapping Vivi and mocking Luffy for not being able to stop him.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Din with bird

Din with Simurgh.

Though he hasn't been shown fighting, Din is likely quite strong, since he easily defeated Vivi and Karoo.


Din has been seen carrying weapons on his back, but it is unknown what they are and how skilled he is in using them. He also used a pistol when he kidnapped Vivi.


Din has an unknown ability to summon birds at will. He uses them for transportation, though some of the birds, like Simurgh, can fight. It is unknown whether or not this is a Devil Fruit-based ability or if it has a different source.


Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom IslandsEdit

Din Kidnaps Vivi

Din kidnapping Vivi.

Din first appeared after Luffy had traversed through a large, underground cave system and arrived at a beach. He had a conversation with Luffy, asking who the pirate was and mentioning Simon. He left afterward, leaving Luffy to take a nap.

Later, Din and two birds he was with came across the Straw Hat Pirates on another island. Din seemed surprised that Luffy remembered him and the rest of the crew was wondering and asking Luffy who he was. After a conversation, the Straw Hat Pirates left, leaving Din to comment about the crew to himself.

After the Straw Hat Pirates fixed their ship, Din flew onto the island using Simurgh, broke into Hey's hideout, and defeated Vivi and Karoo. Just as he was about to leave with an unconscious Vivi, Luffy and Usopp entered the room. Luffy, shocked that Din would kidnap his friend, demanded that he release her. Din laughed, mocking Luffy's mistrust and failure to protect his friend. He fled with his giant bird, causing Luffy to chase after him with the Going Merry. Din escaped when a water vortex stopped the ship.

Major BattlesEdit


  1. One Piece GamesBig Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands, Otsu said that each bounty of Simon Pirates' four officers is Beli30,000,000 with Sanji, Usopp and Chopper.

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