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"Windblade" Diomis is a Marine Officer, who works under the Warden of Jail Island Isaac, and is stationed on Topez Mine's peak.


Diomis is a tall fair-skinned man with a downward-pointed nose. He wears sunglasses over his and appears to wear a roundish peaked hat with a small gold Marine symbol in the middle of his hat. He wears a white zipped up jacket with some pockets, a belt on his upper body, and strap around the chest with a word "MARINE" on it. He also wears white gloves, dark garish pants, and black shoes. As a Marine Officer, he wears a Marine jacket and he hangs it around his shoulders like a cape.


As a Marine, Diomis has a strong sense of justice. It is unknown whether he believes in moral or absolute justice.

Abilities and Powers

As one of the Marine Officers he has authority over lower-ranking members.


Further information: Rokushiki

Diomis using Soru.

During the fight against Luffy he shows that he has access to Soru.


During the battle against Luffy, Diomis uses his sword, and he is rather skilled at using it, creating compressed air slashes that damaged Luffy.


Yonko Saga

One Piece: World Seeker

Diomis is stationed on the peak of Topez Mine, guarding the huge gem towering the island. He is attended by two fellow soldiers. He fought Luffy, and later fought Law when the pirate tried to take the Omni-Cannon to the Floating Island.[1]

Major Battles


  1. One Piece GamesOne Piece: World Seeker, Law DLC Chapter 6: Belief, Law fights Diomis.

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