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The Divine Soldiers were fifty warriors fighting for Enel. Yama was the leader, while Hotori and Kotori were lieutenants of the group.


A full body view of a generic Divine Soldier.

All Divine Soldiers, with the exception of Yama, were bald and had strange pendent organs on both sides of the head. They also had small and sharp horns on top of their head.

Their standard wardrobe consists of a full-body white robe with baggy white pants, a white toga bound around their waist level, and a red collar with a golden ring at the front, further giving them the appearance of goats. They wear brown sandals and shooters.


The Divine Soldiers all behaved like goats, frequently bleating out words when they spoke.

They were very loyal to Enel and the priests, although one turned against Gedatsu after being saved by Chopper.

Abilities and Powers

Each of them was armed with an Axe Dial, types of Dials which fire out a near invisible compressed air blade to attack enemies, and each wore a pair of shooters, which enabled them to travel through clouds.


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