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The Divine Squad is the military force of the ruler of Skypiea, who bears the title of "God". The only named member of the Squad is Moyle.


The Divine Squad members are dressed in white loose garments without sleeves and with a piece of purple cloth on one shoulder. Unlike civilians they have only one hair "antenna" on the head.[citation needed]



The God of Skypiea and his Divine Squad 400 years ago.

Four hundred years ago the God of Skypiea of that time used the Divine Squad to conquer the Upper Yard and drove off the Shandia.[1]

Skypiea Arc

Gan Fall was the last Skypiean ruler before Enel's invasion. The Divine Squad in service to him are seen 6 years ago during the unsuccessful negotiations with Shandia. Afterwards, some of the members were turned into slaves by Enel and forced to build the Ark Maxim - the ship for traveling to the Moon.[2]

Another part became the White Berets. Appearing to betray the Divine Squad, they pledged allegiance to Enel.[3] They believed that by remaining on the island and trying to prevent anyone from God's anger, they could protect the citizens, but in the end this plan turned out to be a miserable failure, as Enel was plotting to wipe out Skypiea from the beginning. From then on they defied Enel's law and helped the people from Angel Island to get into safety.[citation needed]


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