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Doha Ittanka II[2] is a man imprisoned in Level 6 of Impel Down.[1]


Doha Ittanka is an extremely large man, appearing similar in size to a giant. He has very long and bushy hair, and is missing several teeth. He wears a standard prison jumpsuit, and has chains shackling his wrists.[1]


Doha Ittanka is a violent and sadistic man, taking great pleasure when hearing about the potential for Whitebeard to meet his death.[1]


Edward Newgate

Doha Ittanka hates Whitebeard, as he became very excited when he heard of the possibility of killing the Emperor. Why he feels this way is unknown.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Ittanka's abilities are unknown, but he was capable of committing a crime so severe it led to the World Government keeping him out of the public eye in Level 6 of Impel Down.[1] Sengoku stated that a Level 6 prisoner like him would be an astronomical danger to a normal country's citizens.[3]



At some point in a past, Ittanka was apprehended by the World Government and imprisoned in Level 6 of Impel Down, likely due to posing a great threat.[1]

Impel Down Arc

When Crocodile noted that there would soon be a good chance for someone to kill Whitebeard, Ittanka and other prisoners clamored in excitement, wanting to take down the Emperor themselves.[1]

Later, Marshall D. Teach came to recruit Level 6 prisoners to his crew, the Blackbeard Pirates, by having them fight each other. It is unknown whether Ittanka was killed in the fight, escaped, or remained imprisoned.[3]


  • Doha Ittanka's name is a pun on "Dо̄ haitta no ka" (どう入ったのか? Meaning "How did he get here").
  • Stephen Paul, the official VIZ translator, informally translated Ittanka's name as "Howja Geddinthere II".[4] This translation was later used in the 7th popularity poll.[5]


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