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Doll is a Marine Vice Admiral and Commander of the G-14 Marine Base.[1] She is one of the nine Vice Admirals that took part in the Egghead Incident.[2]


Doll is a tall woman with blue eyes, long eyelashes, and short, black hair with bangs. She wears a black, short-sleeved top and black leather pants with a brown belt and belt buckle in the shape of a skull and crossbones. She also wears a spiked choker and hoop earrings and has small, purple flower tattoos on her arms and two gold bracelets on each wrist.[1]

While on duty, she also wears a Justice coat draped over her shoulders.[2]


Doll Full Body
Doll's full appearance.
Doll Marine Coat
Doll wearing her Marine coat.
Doll As A Child
Doll after being transformed into a child.


Doll is seemingly not an empathetic person, asking Tashigi to quiet down Helmeppo after his friend Koby had been kidnapped.[1] Doll was also annoyed at Garp for borrowing Navy manpower in an operation to rescue Koby from the Blackbeard Pirates without clearance.[3] Doll however does appear to have a soft spot for children, as she agreed with Vegapunk's request to attach balloons to the Marine Headquarters G-14 Branch to make the Punk Hazard children feel more at ease.[4] She also has some concern about the safety of her superiors, as she questioned Saturn and Kizaru's decision to stay behind on Egghead after it became the target of a Buster Call.[5]

Unlike many others, she addresses Borsalino by his real name instead of by his epithet.[6]

As a Marine, Doll strongly believes in justice.

Abilities and Powers[]

Rock And Roll Blaster

Doll uses Rock 'n' Roll Blaster.

As a Vice Admiral and the Commander of G-14, Doll has authority over all lower-ranking subordinates and all Marines within her branch.[1] She also has the potential to be given authority of ten battleships during a Buster Call alongside four other Vice Admirals.

Physical Abilities[]

Doll has superhuman physical strength as she could damage a Mark III Pacifista with a kick,[7] and pummel a giant with her bare hands.[8]


  • Rock 'n' Roll Blaster (音魂のロックンロール爆発ブラスター, Rokkunrōru Burasutā?, literally meaning "Sound Soul Explosion"): Doll imbues her fists with advanced Busoshoku Haki before delivering a rapid barrage of punches at an opponent. This was first seen being used to overwhelm Kashii.[8]


As a Vice Admiral, Doll can use Haki.[9]

Busoshoku Haki[]

Doll Haki

Doll using Busoshoku Haki.

Doll is an extremely skilled Busoshoku Haki user, being capable of not only using the practical hardening application but also the advanced application of emitting Haki out from her hands to attack opponents without making physical contact. [8]



Over 20 years ago, Doll was a subordinate of Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul.[10]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

While Tashigi was giving the children rescued from Punk Hazard their medicine, Doll approached her and asked her to calm Helmeppo down, as he was distraught about his kidnapped friend Koby.[1]

Doll Fighting Pacifista

Doll fights a Pacifista.

After CP0 had invaded Egghead and begun fighting the Emperor Monkey D. Luffy, the Marines were called to back up CP0. Before the G-14 Marines could leave, Monkey D. Garp had called Doll and told her about his intentions to take Helmeppo and rescue Koby from the Blackbeard Pirates. She tried to dissuade him from taking her subordinate and instigating a fight with another Emperor, but he ignored her protests and surprised her by stating he had already arrived at the Marine base.[3]

Doll was then part of the Marine fleet sent to Egghead, led by Jaygarcia Saturn, Kizaru, and eight other Vice Admirals.[2] When the Pacifista were later ordered to attack the Marines by Sentomaru, Doll engaged some in combat.[7] Shortly after, she and Urban felt the presence of Jaygarcia Saturn arriving on the island.[11] Sometime later, a Buster Call was activated with Egghead as the target. As a result, all Marines were ordered to evacuate the island. Saturn and Kizaru had elected to remain on the island. Doll attempted to question Kizaru on his decision, but was simply told to leave in response.[5] Due to the arrival of the Giant Warrior Pirates, Doll and Bluegrass hopped on a Sea Beast weapon to confront them, She revealed to Bluegrass that she used to be a subordinate under a Vice Admiral giant more than 20 years ago.[10] Before they could arrive at their destination, they witnessed the remaining Five Elders arrive on Egghead.[12]

Eventually, the two made it back to the island, and moved in to confront the Giants, who were attempting to make their escape with Luffy and his allies. Bluegrass used the Sea Beast Weapon she was riding to shoot a laser into the Giant's ship, with Doll following close behind. Doll used her Haki to attack Kashii, quickly defeating him.[8] Despite their attempts, she and Bluegrass would both be easily dispatched by Bonney via being de-aged to children. As a result, Doll herself expressed great anger toward Bonney.[13] Later, Doll was angry because Luffy punched Ju Peter.[14]

Major Battles[]


  • Doll's name can also be translated as "Dhole", a canid native to most parts of Asia. This translation would fit with the canine naming scheme of some Vice Admirals.


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