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Determined Doni is a resident of Jail Island and the son of Damian. He appears in the game One Piece: World Seeker.


Doni is a small boy with short brown hair. He notably wears a large cooking pot on his head. He wears a patched-up yellow shirt that is too small for him, a blue vest, a light blue ascot around his neck, a sash of the same color around his waist, short blue pants, and brown shoes.[1]


Doni is fearful and suspicious of outsiders, believing Luffy was a violent pirate and did not want Jeanne to save him from drowning.[1] Although he is a loyal aide to Jeanne and the Anti-Marine faction, he has no issue with interacting and spending time with people in the Pro-Marine faction. This resulted in conflict between him and his father and caused him to briefly run away with his Pro-Marine friend Eric.


One Piece: World Seeker

Doni was with Jeanne on the coast of Jail Island when she saved Monkey D. Luffy from drowning. He grew fearful upon finding out Luffy was indeed a pirate, but tensions calmed after Luffy revealed he had no knowledge of the stones on the island.

Later, Doni raced to the Thousand Sunny to inform Jeanne that robots were attacking Sogyoku Town.[1]

Some time afterwards, Doni wanted to play with another boy named Eric, but his father Damian forbade him due to Eric's father Albert being in the Pro-Marine faction. Doni ran away in response, and he and Eric were at Konko Plaza when Jeanne came to try to get them to return to their parents. The two boys refused, but gave Jeanne a letter to give to their parents. The letter stated that they had run off to Battery Island, and Doni and Eric went there as part of a ploy to get their fathers to reconcile in the place they once played together as children. However, Battery Island was infested with pirates when the duo went there, and the pirates' leader Don Axe prepared to kill them after being angered by them. Right then, Luffy and Jeanne arrived and Luffy defeated Don Axe. Axe's subordinates then tried to kill the two boys themselves, but Damian and Albert then arrived and knocked them out. Doni and Eric told their fathers why they had come here, and they and Jeanne helped get their fathers to reconcile again.[1]


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