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Donquino[3] was a member of the Roger Pirates.[1]


Donquino is a large man with thin limbs and dark-colored hair and long sideburns. He wears a modern captains hat, a striped sleeveless shirt, and slacks. He often has a pipe in his mouth.


Donquino is a jolly person, as he is often seen laughing and with a large smile. However, he was rather sad when Roger and Oden left the crew.[4]



At some point, Donquino joined the Roger Pirates.[1]

On an island in Paradise, the Roger Pirates defeated a battalion of Marines when they spotted the Whitebeard Pirates approaching them.[5] After the two crews battled each other for four days, Donquino participated in a gift exchange, toasting with Blenheim.[1]

Not long after Oden and his family boarded the Oro Jackson, Donquino and his crewmates celebrated their arrival.[1]

Donquino was present when Roger announced that he would disband the crew, and he sobbed when they dropped Roger off and again when they took Oden back to his home at Wano Country. After the Roger Pirates disbanded, it is unknown what became of Donquino.[4]


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