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Dontacos was a wanted criminal. Not much is known about him, but his bounty poster was shown among the posters that Johnny and Yosaku had with them.[1]


Dontacos is an old man with a thick gray beard and mustache. He also wears a gangster hat.


As a wanted man, Dontacos did something considered to be bad enough to warrant him having a bounty placed on his head.[1]

Abilities and Powers

It is unknown what abilities and powers he had, other than he was feared enough to be given a bounty.[1]



Some time in the past, Dontacos was given a bounty by the World Government, only for it to be terminated later. It remains unknown specifically why his bounty poster was struck through by Johnny and Yosaku, but it most likely meant that he was killed or captured by Marines or Bounty Hunters.[1]



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