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Dorry the Blue Ogre is a giant from Elbaf and one of the two captains of the Giant Warrior Pirates alongside Brogy. He is an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Little Garden and Egghead Arcs.


Dorry is a well-built giant with a long beard. He generally dresses in a viking attire with a helmet that goes over his eyes. He is so large that Luffy can fit in the palm of his hand. He is 160 years old, which means that he is a giant in the prime of his life.[3]


Dorry Manga Color Scheme
Dorry's manga color scheme.
Dorry Full Appearance
Dorry's full appearance in the manga.
Dorry & Brogy Bounty Poster
Dorry and Brogy's old wanted poster.
Dorry at Age 58
Dorry at age 58.
Concept Art Dorry
Dorry's concept art by Oda.
Dorry Anime Concept Art
Dorry's concept art from the anime.
Dorry Sprite
Dorry's portrait in One Piece: Gigant Battle.


Dorry is a good-natured giant, though his pride can sometimes cloud him from making the best judgement calls. He firmly believes in the customs from his homeland and follows them with great honor, even doing so while severely wounded.

Due to his pride, he rushed into the conclusion that Luffy was responsible for the bomb in his drink, seeing that he and Vivi were the only ones around (to his knowledge, at least).

Like many characters in One Piece, Dorry has a unique laugh, starting his with "Gegya" (i.e. Gegyagyagyagya!).



Dorry vs

Dorry and Brogy fighting.

Dorry is Brogy's best friend. However because of the argument they had 100 years ago, they were engaged in a life and death battle against each other as per their homeland's customs. Despite this however, they are still the best of friends and deeply respect each other. Dorry and Brogy's competitive relationship with one another is comparable to that of Zoro and Sanji.

Monkey D. Luffy[]

Dorry instantly struck up a friendship with Luffy as well, after Luffy was eaten by a dinosaur and Dorry saved him. They had a relationship as strong as that of two old friends. Luffy took great delight in learning of his daily battles with Brogy, and the ever-present mutual respect the two giants had for one another. Their relationship was briefly soured when Dorry suffered an internal explosion after drinking alcohol that was given to him. Knowing Brogy would never sabotage their duel and seeing no other potential culprits, Dorry presumes the Straw Hats responsible. He and Luffy come to blows, as Luffy realizes he has to calm the giant warrior down. After observing Luffy's dedication to keeping him out of an unfair duel, Dorry realizes the Straw Hats are innocent and reconciles with the young captain. Despite this, he still goes off to fight Brogy in his condition, much to Luffy's protests. When the battle is further sabotaged by Mr. 3, Luffy makes a point to punish the Baroque Works agent severely for ruining the integrity of the giant's duel.

Two years later in Egghead, Dorry and Brogy came to Egghead to help Luffy against the Marines. They are also aware that Luffy is Nika.


Dorry and Brogy are close friends with Shanks as he called the Emperor as "brother". Dorry and Brogy agreed to aid Shanks against the Kid Pirates.

Abilities and Powers[]

Dorry has a bounty of Beli100,000,000 on his head, an indication of his danger. Moreover, like other giants, he possesses superhuman strength and resistance. However, having been one of the two captains of the Giant Warrior Pirates, he was extremely strong even compared to the other individuals of his race and had authority over one of the strongest crews in the world.

As a demonstration of his strength, he fought on a par with Brogy for a hundred years and together with the latter he managed to defeat such great creatures that not even the other giants of their crew would have been able to capture.[7] The strength of the two giants is in fact such that Galdino, a member of Baroque Works who is capable of defeating a pirate with a bounty of Beli42,000,000, said he could in no way defeat them without resorting to deception, even with the help from Miss Golden Week, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine.[8]

Dorry has a strong will and was capable of resisting a powerful blast of Topman Warcury's Haoshoku Haki.

Physical Abilities[]

Dorry And Brogy Two Years Later

Dorry resorting to unarmed combat.

As a Giant, Dorry has immense physical strength. Together with Brogy, Dorry was able to injure and fight off two members of the Five Elders.

Dorry is also capable of easily killing the dinosaurs of Little Garden, prey he hunts daily.[9] Together with Brogy he also managed to pierce the Island Eater, despite the great distance that separated them. Even Luffy, after seeing them perform this feat, stated that the two were monstrously powerful.[10]

Dorry also survived a barrel of liquor that exploded inside his stomach, and still managed to fight Luffy. The latter also, when Dorry intended to fight him and Vivi ran away, stated that it would have made no sense to run away in front of an opponent like him.[11] Dorry's defeat by Luffy's hand is in fact partly to be attributed to the serious conditions in which the giant was living, as well as the fact that the latter had underestimated the pirate.[12] Later, despite all the injuries he suffered, also managed to immobilize Luffy himself[13] and fight with Brogy, eventually being defeated by the latter only because of Galdino, who with his powers had benefited his rival.[14]


Dorry is a powerful swordsman, having enough strength and skill to fight equivalently with Broggy. With a sword, he can launch a flying slash attack alongside Brogy that is powerful enough to kill the Island Eater and also sink the Victoria Punk.


Further information: Terry Sword

Dorry fights with a shield and a long sword. His previous sword was called the Terry Sword, but after a hundred years of battle, the blade lost its sharpness and eventually broke. Dorry later replaced it with new sword.


  • Hakoku (覇国, Hakoku?, literally meaning "Warrior Nation"): Putting all of their strength into it, Dorry and Brogy each call upon Elbaf's "warrior code", and slash their weapons at the ocean, creating two compressed air beams (Dorry's is blue, while Brogy's is red) that will slice through anything in their path, even the ocean itself. However, the amount of power needed for this attack proved to be too much for the giants' rusty weapons, so both this sword and Brogy's axe shattered.[10] In the Viz Manga and Funimation subs, this is called Hakoku Sovereignty.
  • Taiyo Noko (太陽鋸タイヨウノコ, Taiyō Noko?, literally meaning "Sun Saw"): Dorry and Brogy stand on opposite sides of their opponent and strike simultaneously. Dorry uses his sword to slash through their neck while Brogy uses his axe to slash their torso, cutting their enemy in three. This attack was first used against Shepherd Ju Peter in his Sandworm form.[15] The name of the attack is pronounced Taiyōnoko, rather than the standard Taiyō Nokogiri (太陽鋸?), leading it to sound like "Child of the Sun" (太陽の子, Taiyō no Ko?). In the Viz Manga, this is called Sun Saw.
  • Svalinn (太陽の盾スヴァリン, Suvarin?, literally meaning "Sun-Shield"): Dorry and Brogy stand next to each other and use their shields to parry an attack together. This technique was first used against Topman Warcury in his Fengxi form.[16] The technique is named after Svalinn, a legendary shield from Nordic mythology which stands in front of the sun. In the Viz Manga, this is called Svalinn Sun-Shield.
    • Skilja (スキールダ, Sukīruda?, literally meaning "Separate"): While parrying a attack, Dorry and Brogy use their shields to strike the enemy back.[16] "Skilja" means "separate" in many Scandinavian languages. In the Viz Manga, this is called Skilja Split.



Dorry was one of the two leaders of the Giant Warrior Pirates alongside Brogy.[17] Their crew was one of the fiercest in the world, as the crew was composed of Giants.

Brogy & Dorry Questioned

Dorry and Brogy are posed a question.

His life as a pirate ended when he entered a contest of honor with his fellow captain Brogy over the size of the fish the two caught. It was revealed in a flashback that a little girl had asked which one had been bigger. Brogy and Dorry went to the isolated island of Little Garden to settle the feud with a duel, and have been doing so for the past 100 years.[18]

Arabasta Saga[]

Little Garden Arc[]

When the Straw Hat Pirates came to the island, Dorry hung out with Luffy, Vivi, and Karoo. When he was drinking rum that was given to him, an explosion occurred inside his stomach. He believe the bomb was placed there by the Straw Hats and began to attack Luffy.[19] However, Luffy was able to subdue the giant and he accepted the Straw Hats were not responsible for the sabotage.[20] The volcano erupted and he was barely able to stand, yet, he trudged forward to battle Brogy despite his new bomb induced injuries, but not before trapping Luffy under the skeleton of a giant Sea King, in order to prevent him from interfering. With a little extra sabotage of Mr. 3, Dorry lost the duel.[21]

Giants Farewell Straw Hat Pirates

Dorry and Brogy farewell the Straw Hat Pirates.

Presumed dead at first, Dorry regained consciousness sometime after the battle with Mr. 3 and he and Brogy embraced, both glad to be alive. Dorry believed he survived the blow as their weapons have grown old and too weak to cause serious harm.[22] Dorry and Brogy then gave the Straw Hats a special farewell by blasting them through a legendary giant fish that blocked their way.[23]

Water 7 Saga[]

Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works"[]

After he saw Miss Goldenweek and her allies depart from Little Garden, Dorry continued his fight with Brogy.[24]

Fish-Man Island Saga[]

From the Decks of the World[]

Dorry continued to duel with Brogy on Little Garden two years later, with no end in sight. Newspapers are seen flying in the background, suggesting that they have read about the Straw Hats' return.[25]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

Dorry and Brogy Destroy Victoria Punk

Dorry and Brogy sink the Victoria Punk and the Kid Pirates.

Dorry is seen on Elbaf with Brogy, seemingly having ended their duel, where Shanks asked the two of them for help with fighting Eustass Kid.[26] Upon Shanks's command, he and Brogy would later sink all the Kid Pirates and their ship with Hakoku and declared to them that if they came and willingly aimed a gun against someone else's land, they should be prepared to suffer the same fate.[27]

Giants Arrive On Egghead

Dorry and Brogy arrive on Egghead alongside their crew.

Sometime later, during the Egghead Incident, Dorry and Brogy both made their way to Egghead. Many of the Marines present on the island were left highly confused upon seeing their giant ship. Upon hearing their confusion on the topic of their arrival, Dorry and Brogy both explained that they had arrived to save Luffy, while also attacking many of the Marines.[28] Both captains called out to Oimo and Kashii to lead the assault around the sides of the island, and to sink any Marine ships that they spotted.[29]

Sun Saw

Dorry and Brogy save Luffy from Ju Peter.

They later stumbled upon Franky, Atlas, Bonney and Kuma after Brogy smacked Vice Admiral Tosa with his axe. They were unaware that Franky was part of the Straw Hat crew and told him they were looking for the Straw Hat Crew, though dismissed Franky's concerns that they were hostile towards them. They ordered their crew members to bring Franky's group to their ship before proceeding to make their way into the main area of the island after Bonney told them that they would find Luffy, Sanji and Vegapunk there.[30] Dorry and Brogy continued to make their way across Egghead while the Five Elders appeared and confronted Luffy. While facing them, Luffy was devoured whole by Shepherd Ju Peter. Dorry and Brogy witnessed this, and quickly made their way over. They simultaneously decapitated Ju Peter, freeing Luffy, and greeting him for the first time in two years.[31]

Split Skylda

Dorry and Brogy knock Warcury away.

Dorry and Brogy had a warm reception with Luffy, both glad to see him after two years. Both were also surprised to see his Gear 5 appearance, remarking that it was identical to a God in Elbaf. Upon realization that they had to make their escape from Egghead, Dorry blew his Viking horn, signaling this message to his crew. Before they could leave, Topman Warcury confronted them, stating that escape was impossible. After disorienting them using a burst of haki, Warcury attempted to slice them using his sharpened tusks, prompting Dorry and Brogy to block with their shields. When questioned by Warcury on why they were bothering to help Luffy, both stated that he was their friend, before bashing Warcury away using their shields. The attempted attacks didn't end, with Saturn shooting orbs of venom at them. Luffy used his own abilities to deflect the orbs back at the Elders, causing a massive explosion. To the shock of Dorry and Brogy, the Elders simply regenerated from the damage, causing them to realize that fighting them would be fruitless.[32]

While they retreated, Ju Peter attempted to suck them in to prevent the three from from escaping. Luffy managed to stop this by kicking a building into the Elder's mouth, but then ran out of energy and de-transformed out of his Gear 5 form. Dorry was shocked that Luffy suddenly became an old man, but Brogy offered to feed him some emergency Hakarl ration from Elbaf, which allowed Luffy to gain back his normal physique. Luffy then attempted to stop Warcury by punching him with Red Roc, after Dorry informed them that he was charging at them, but Luffy only hurt himself in the process due to Warcury's tough hide.[33] As they ran, Warcury's flames begun to catch up to Dorry and Brogy, Luffy in his Gear 5th form attempted to attack Warcury again, leading him to hurt his hand once more.[34] In the end, they decided that further attacks weren't worth it, and favored simply running.[35] To their luck, Warcury and Ju Peter eventually abandoned their pursuit and left to deal with more important matters, allowing the three to escape undeterred.[36]

Luffy And Giants Escape

Luffy, Dorry, and Brogy escape Egghead.

After running for quite some time, the trio managed to finally arrive at the Giant's ship, leaping on just as it was preparing to depart Egghead. Despite this, their success would be short-lived, as Marcus Mars used his flight abilities to pursue them out onto the sea. Mars fired an energy beam at the ship, and to make matters worse, an earthquake hit, resulting in the boat being rocked wildly. Fortunately, Luffy became reenergized after eating, and transformed into his Gear 5 form. Dorry and Brogy both began to dance afterward as the Drums of Liberation began to play.[37]

Translation and Dub Issues[]

Dorry and Brogy Manga Spellings
The giants' names from the manga.
Brogy and Dorry Names Red Data Book
The Giants' names from the Red Data book.

So far, Oda has provided two versions of his name: Dorry was seen in the manga and later Dorey appeared in the data books.

Due to certain reasons, the entire Little Garden Arc was completely skipped in the 4Kids English dub. This created a plot hole as Dorry and Brogy's appearance not only introduced the concept of giants to the entire story, but it was relevant in certain later events concerning Oimo and Kashii.

Also, Dorry was also mistranslated as Dorry the Green Giant, when in fact he is the Blue. This stems from the fact that the kanji used for the word "Blue" (青) can also be taken to mean "Green", depending on the context.

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Video Games[]

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  • In One Piece Color Walk 2, Dorry's height was given as 1190 cm.[38] This is most likely incorrect, as Oda later stated in an SBS that the minimum height for a giant is 12 meters.[39]
  • Dorry's favorite foods are Beer and plesiosaur meat.[4]


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