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For the animal species of the same name, see Animal Species/Yonko Saga#Doskoi Panda.

Doskoi Panda is a franchise label—apparently based off an actual animal—found on many products throughout the world.

Next to Pandaman, it is Eiichiro Oda's most prominent Easter Egg, and has appeared numerous times throughout the One Piece manga, anime, and real-life merchandise alike.


The Doskoi Panda franchise deals in extremely high-end products, charging over Beli.png10,000 for a single T-shirt.[1] Though its primary focus appears to be fashion, its label has appeared on everything from tableware to toys.[2]

It is especially prevalent throughout the East Blue, with its flagship sited on Mirrorball Island.[1] However, its products and reputation have spread as far into the Grand Line as Fish-Man Island.[3] Inevitably, this has resulted in many knockoff brands such as Dosko1 Panda and Cyberpanda (the latter, curiously, selling for even higher prices than genuine Doskoi Panda products).[4]

In One Piece Film: Gold, a Doskoi Panda store can be seen in Gran Tesoro's main street.


Chapter 86.png
Debut, on Chapter 86's Color Cover.
Chapter 87.png
First Canon appearance, in Diary of Koby-Meppo.
Sanji Wearing Doskoi Panda.png
Sanji's apron, the most often-recurring product.

Translation and Dub Issues

The meaning behind "Doskoi"—if any—remains uncertain, though it may be derived from "Dosukoi" (どすこい?), a cheer stereotypically associated with sumo wrestling.


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