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The Doskoi Panda logo.

Doskoi Panda (ドスコイパンダ, Dosukoi Panda) is a logo that appears on many things in One Piece.

The brand appears on all kinds of items from shirts to footballs. It is also another one of the things Oda puts in his manga for fans to spot (much like Pandaman).

According to Oda, Doskoi is a popular brand-name franchise in East Blue and its headquarters is on Mirrorball Island (which was featured in the Jango's Dance Carnival featurette alongside the One Piece movie Clockwork Island Adventure.) It is a very high-end brand and as such, it is very expensive. One shirt might cost a person over Beli.png10,000. According to Oda, a cheap fake brand, Dosko1 Panda (ドスコ1パンダ, Dosuko-Ichi Panda), also exists.[1]

Oda later in the series also gave the name of another fake brand, Cyberpanda. Although fake, it is far more expensive than the original Doskoi brand.


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