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Double Down is a character in One Piece Film: Gold. He formerly ran a restaurant called Wild Cow on Gran Tesoro.[1]


Double Down is a burly, muscular man with a bald head and a thick black mustache and beard, with the beard being groomed into five points. He has a small scar along his collarbone and a large scar on his left arm. He wears a dark brown shirt with a yellow apron over it that has a picture of meat and the word "WILDCOW" on it. He also wears blue pants, brown shoes, and small glasses with blue lenses.[1]


Double Down is a noble man, as he took the blame for two children and willingly received a beating from authorities.[1]


One Piece Film: GoldEdit

Inside Wild Cow, two children named Rikka and Tempo were being harassed by authorities. However, Double Down apologized to the authorities for the children's actions, and received a small beating from the authorities before they left.[1]

That night, the Straw Hat Pirates sprayed seawater all across Gran Tesoro, freeing Double Down and everyone else from Gild Tesoro's control over them. Double Down was then seen with his fellow townspeople battling against Tesoro's crew, and after Tesoro's defeat, Double Down and the other citizens left Gran Tesoro on a ship.[1]


  • A double down is a move in Blackjack where the user doubles their original bid in exchange for one more card.


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