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Douglas Gray was the general of the Galzforce in Galzburg. Prior to this, he served as a commander who commanded the army's most prolific soldier Douglas Bullet.[1]


Gray is mainly interested in benefiting himself and using Douglas Bullet to gain these benefits. He treated Bullet like his own son, but in reality cared little for him personally, and when Bullet was deemed too strong to be kept alive, Gray turned against him.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As general of the Galzforce, Gray had full control over its military strength. While a commander, he had a smaller scope of authority, but did oversee the army's strongest soldier Bullet.[1]


Douglas Gray served as a commander of the Galzforce as they fought a never-ending war. One Douglas Bullet that was under his command grew to become the army's most prolific soldier, and helped them make strides toward ending the war. Because of Bullet's accomplishments, Gray was promoted to general, and he became close with Bullet, promising to give him a comfortable position as an upper military official. Thirty-three years before the start of the series, the Galzforce won the war. However, Gray then decided to turn on Bullet, viewing his strength as a threat to his position. He was unable to take down Bullet, though, who killed him and wiped out the entirety of Galzforce.[1]


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