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Dragon Ball Capsule Neo - Weekly Shonen Jump 40 Years Limited Edition with One Piece is a series of gashapon figures produced by Megahouse. It's part of their Capsule Series, more specifically of the Dragon Ball Capsule Neo line, superceding their old Dragon Ball Capsule line as being of better quality in the same way POP Neo superceded the regular POP line.

Each part of the Dragon Ball Capsule Neo series is known to be released as a seven capsule set, each capsule actually representing one of the seven starred numbered dragon balls. A capsule, priced at ¥525, contains a diorama figure and a part of an eight diorama figure. Moreover, each figure is edited in two versions: a full colored one and a golden one. Non-completist collectors usually avoid golden versions as they are deemed as a marketing trick to easily engross more benefits.

Released mid-January 2009, the eight figure is the one representing Sogeking riding Shenron, the famous dragon coming out of the seven dragon balls when re-united.


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