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The Drayke Pirates are a crew commanded by Drayke and are the main antagonists of Legend of the Rainbow Island.


Not much is known about the crew, but they reside in the Grand Line and are able to travel to the East Blue with ease. Their primary goal is to find the treasure of Rainbow Island.

Crew Members

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Drayke Pirates
Drayke Pesca Kaabo Garride
Harry Dolce Reira

Crew Strength



Before the beginning of the game, the Drayke Pirates invaded Silver Arrows Island and kidnapped Atoli. Garride and Kaabo traveled with her to Loguetown, but when they took their eyes off her, she escaped. They pursued her through the town.[1]

Legend of the Rainbow Island

Garride and Kaabo cornered Atoli but before they could force her back to the ship, Dias intervened and protected her, throwing his boomerang at Kaabo. The two fled, but Garride and Kaabo followed them to Dias' house, kicking down his door and demanding he hand over Atoli. They noticed his Fisherman's Emblem and changed their demand, now wanting both children to come with them back to their ship. Dias retaliated again, and he and Atoli escaped. Garride and Kaabo intercepted them at the town's harbor, and they fought Dias and the Straw Hat Pirates, who had befriended the children. The two Drayke Pirates were overwhelmed by their opponents and were forced to retreat, letting Dias and Atoli escape.[1]


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