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The Drum Rockies are a chain of drum-shaped mountains on Drum Island. [1]


The Drum Rockies are the namesake of Drum Island thanks to their drum-like format. Because of their steepness, climbing the mountain is extremely difficult, but not impossible for people with superhuman endurance or animals adapted to vertical climbing. Lapahns are known to live in the hills at the base of the Drum Rockies, where they might start avalanches if provoked.[2]

According to Dr. Kureha, the peak plateau of the highest of the Drum Rockies lies more than a staggering 5000 meters above sea level.[3]


Drum CastleEdit

Main article: Drum Castle

The Drum Castle is where the royalty of Drum Island once lived, being located at the summit of the highest mountain. After Wapol departed his kingdom to escape the Blackbeard Pirates, Kureha took the place over for herself, turning it into her new home.

Drum RopewayEdit

Main article: Drum Ropeway

The Drum Ropeway is the main method of travel between the tallest point of the Drum Rockies and the rest of the kingdom. It's a tram-way system that uses a trolley to transport passengers up or down the mountain.

Hiriluk's HideoutEdit

Hiriluk used to live in a small man-made cave located on the lower mountainside of one of the Drum Rockies, accessible through a ladder. He also used this place as a workstation for his medical experiments.

Tony Tony Chopper was treated here after his first meeting with Hiriluk, living with the quack doctor for at least one whole year.[4]


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