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Drum Ropeway or Drum Trolley is a tram-way that connects from the Drum Castle to the rest of the Sakura Kingdom.


The Drum Ropeway consists of extremely long ropes that travel from an underground room near Drum Castle to several stations at ground level. Eight years ago, each ropeway had their own station where people could embark or disembark.

The tram is operated by a person peddling at the front like a bike to go down or up. The roof of the trolleys are shaped like mushroom caps.[1]



During his reign, Wapol and those he gave permission to were the only ones allowed to ride the Drum Ropeway. There were six ropeways in total, each equipped with their own trolley.

After the Blackbeard Pirates attacked Drum Island, the six trolleys were rendered inoperative and the ropeways taken down for unknown reasons.[2] Unbeknownst to the Drum Island population, however, was that Dr. Kureha had installed her own personal ropeway after moving out to Drum Castle, having tied a long white rope from the station near the castle to her former tree home near Gyasta. Because the white rope was almost impossible to notice in the snowy Drum Island, people would sometimes witness Kureha descending from the mountains as if she were flying down on a sleigh pulled by Tony Tony Chopper, when in truth Chopper was just running down the white ropeway.[3][4]

Arabasta Saga

Drum Island Arc

A kid from Gyasta eventually discovered the white ropeway tied up to Kureha's old home. This allowed the Drum locals to set up a new trolley.[4] After recruiting Tony Tony Chopper to their crew, the Straw Hat Pirates used Kureha's sleigh to slide down the ropeway.

After Chopper's departure, Kureha now employs Lapahns to pull her sleigh down the ropeway.[5]


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