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The Dynamo Team is a group associated with the Ruluka Government. They appeared in the anime-only Ruluka Island Arc.[1] The group of two men helped Lake[1] and Wetton[2] by pumping power into their respective battle suits, the Electric Suit and Flame Suit.


Of the two members of the Dynamo Team, the one who operates the pedals of the machine is a normal-sized, slightly pale man who wear the Ruluka Government uniform.

The one who carries the tubing that transfers the energy is larger with slightly tanned skin and wears the Ruluka Government uniform.


The Dynamo Team is quite loyal, powering both suits of their leaders. They seem to hate their work, since they grunt and breath heavily when increasing the power levels.[1]

Abilities and Powers

The Dynamo Team seems to have decent strength, since they could to power Lake's and Wetton's suits. However, they seem to lack much stamina, since they were breathing heavily afterwards.[1]


When Lake attacked Sanji, Nami, and Chopper for not paying their taxes, the Dynamo Team powered Lake's Electric Suit. After some fighting, Sanji decided to run away. Lake tried to follow but couldn't due to being attached to the equipment of the Team. One of the two men warned him before Lake fell backwards onto the ground.[1]

Later, they also powered Wetton's Flame Suit.[2]


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