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The Eagle Launcher is the latest and greatest portable bazooka developed by the Marine Headquarters.[1]

Appearance and Design

The Eagle Launcher is an incredibly large bazooka, easily over two times that of a normal adult, more like a giant cannon, and thus contradicting Shepherd's claim it as a portable weapon. It is metallic gray, with talon-designs around the front muzzle and back exhaust, with a large purple-handle on the center.[1]


As Shepherd claims, the bazooka is like the talons of a bird of prey, hence its name, and possesses power on par to a small battleship, easily taking down turrets and even propelling the user into the air via propulsion.[1][2]

In the hands of Shepherd, however, the weapon's full potential is heavily downplayed, as his ineptitude in wielding it has caused more trouble for himself than his enemies. Nico Robin easily turned the weapon to face the wrong direction, causing it to knock out his own men and propel himself into the air.[1] Later, his poor aiming led him to take down a turret that was about to shoot down the Straw Hat Pirates, thus unintentionally aiding his enemies to escape.[2]


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