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A virtual Easter egg is a hidden message or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, or video game. The term draws a parallel with the custom of the Easter egg hunt observed in many western nations.

Usually, such Easter eggs come in the form of a hidden character, scene or reference to something else outside the subjects area (for example a tribute to a series that is hidden in a secret area). Due to legal reasons, many companies invoked strict rules about Easter eggs, not only for copyright reasons but also due to the problems having something in the game that has not been announced openly.

The Different Kinds of Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

Oda's name and "ONEPIECE" can be found on the spines of the books.

Oda is renowned for featuring many different kinds of Easter eggs in One Piece. The most famous and frequently seen kind of easter eggs are the joke characters (also known as easter egg characters). The most notable joke character is Pandaman who appears throughout the series, in several different guises and incarnations. Other kinds of easter eggs are the fictional brands like Doskoi Panda and Criminal, but also the slight references to Oda himself seen for instance on spines of books.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Easter Egg
Joke Characters
Pandaman Pandawoman Tomato Gang Unforgivable Mask Domo-kun
Nnke-kun Minatomo Mikio Itoo Sam ??????
?????? ?????? ??????
Doskoi Panda Dosko1 Panda Criminal Cyberpanda

(Note: The second unnamed easteregg shown above appears in the canon series as one of the long animals that live on Long Ring Long Land.)

Easter Eggs in One Piece Volumes[edit | edit source]

Easter eggs can be found on many of the inside covers of published One Piece Volumes.

Volumes with Alternate Inside Covers (Front)[edit | edit source]

Original Alternate[edit | edit source]

Main Cover With Alterations[edit | edit source]

Volume 21 Inside Cover.png
Volume 21
(Pandaman replaces Crocodile.)
Volume 28 Inside Cover.png
Volume 28
(Pandaman replaces Wiper.)
Volume 63 Inside Cover.png
Volume 63
(Shirahoshi is in Megalo.)
Volume 69 Inside Cover.png
Volume 69
(Pandaman added on Luffy's head.)
Volume 71 Inside Cover.png
Volume 71
(Pandaman replaces Bartolomeo.)
Volume 72 Inside Cover.png
Volume 72
(Pandaman is behind Chinjao.)
Volume 73 Inside Cover.png
Volume 73
(Pandaman added inside Doflamingo's jacket.)
Volume 74 Inside Cover.png
Volume 74
(Pandaman replaces Sugar's grapes.)
Volume 75 Inside Cover.png
Volume 75
(Pandaman added on Koala's goggles.)
Volume 76 Inside Cover.png
Volume 76
(Pandaman added inside Grow Up Kuro Kabuto: Bakun So.)
Volume 77 Inside Cover.png
Volume 77
(Pandaman replaces Doflamingo, and the title logo is replaced in celebration of the completion of the series Naruto.)
Volume 79 Inside Cover.png
Volume 79
(Pandaman added inside Issho's mouth.)
Volume 80 Inside Cover.png
Volume 80
(Pandaman added in Buggy's hat and nosedrip, Hajrudin's button, Bakkin's hair and next to Tsuru.)
Volume 81 Inside Cover.png
Volume 81
(Pandaman added in Blackback's mouth, Brook's jacket, and betweem Nami and Wanda.)
Volume 83 Inside Cover.png
Volume 83
(Pandaman as the floating balloons.)
Volume 84 Inside Cover.png
Volume 84
(Pandaman face on Reiju's outfit.)
Volume 85 Inside Cover.png
Volume 85
(Pandaman as Brook's Yomi Yomi no Mi soul. In addition, Tomato Gang can be seen in the lower right corner.)
Volume 86 Inside Cover.png
Volume 86
(Pandaman between Luffy and Caesar, and on Sanji's chest.)
Volume 87 Inside Cover.png
Volume 87
(Pandaman replace Napoleon's face, and is hidden in front of Streusen.)
Volume 88 Inside Cover.png
Volume 88
(Pandaman replace Carrot in the background.)
Volume 89 Inside Cover.png
Volume 89
(Pandaman behind Katakuri.)
Volume 90 Inside Cover.png
Volume 90
(Pandaman siting on the Empty Throne.)
Volume 91 Inside Cover.png
Volume 91
(Pandaman replace Tama.)
Volume 92 Inside Cover.png
Volume 92
(Pandaman replace Zoro.)
Volume 93 Inside Cover.png
Volume 93
(Pandaman behind Queen, and Zoro's swords have their faces from the previews SBS.)
Volume 94 Inside Cover.png
Volume 94
(Pandaman behind Kikunojo and inside Big Mom's and Kaido's mouths.)
Volume 95 Inside Cover.png
Volume 95
(Pandaman replaces Shanks.)
Volume 96 Inside Cover.png
Volume 96
(Pandaman beside Shanks.)
Volume 97 Inside Cover.png
Volume 97
(Pandaman grabbed by Luffy.)

Easter Eggs on Volume Inside Covers (Back)[edit | edit source]

On Volumes 25-70 (with the exception of Volumes 63 and 64), there is a hidden easter egg series that follows the adventure of Pandaman.

The inside back covers of volumes 36-38 are blank after Pandaman gets eaten by a large fish on the inside back cover of Volume 35. However, a close-up shot of Pandaman on the inside front cover of Volume 38 (shown above) reveals that Pandaman had simply been underwater the whole time, hence proving that the easter egg series had been going on in these volumes despite no easter eggs being depicted on the inside back covers. Pandaman visibly returns on the inside back cover of Volume 39.

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Other[edit | edit source]

  • Pandaman's face (possibly Pandawoman's) replaces Mansherry's on the alternate spine of Volume 78.
  • That is also the case on the inside cover of Volume 82 with Vivi's.

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