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For the stage actor from the third special, see Ed.

Ed[2] is the owner of Love Love Pirates, a store located in Loguetown.[1]


Ed is a relatively thin man that has thick purple unibrow and purple hair that is split from the center with a curl in the middle. He wears a red bowtie and a teal button down shirt with rolled up sleeves. On top of his shirt he wears a green apron with a pink jolly roger. He also wears a ring with a large red jewel on his left index finger.[1]


Ed is a sly shopkeeper who relies on deception to trick his customers into purchasing items from his store. He has such a greedy nature that he does not find any qualms in telling lies if it helps him earn more money. This is evident when he took out a toy-like gun and lied to Usopp about its supposed legendary origins in order to convince him into buying it. His sly nature is further shown by his habit of rubbing his hands together while doing business.[1]

Ed also understands how to target gullible customers into buying his supposedly rare items. When he sees customers that seem to be amazed by his merchandise, such as Usopp, he jumps at the chance to trick them into buying. His ability to capitalize on gullible people is further shown when he was able to convince and deceive Usopp into buying a bunch of things from him. [1]


East Blue Saga

Loguetown Arc

Ed deceives Usopp into buying "Gold Roger's gun."

Immediately after Usopp walked into his shop and started glancing around, Ed welcomed him and declared that all the items in his shop once belonged to pirates that had returned alive from the Grand Line. When Usopp excitedly asked if that meant that all the items went on adventures across the Grand Line, he told Usopp that that was correct and that his store only did business with warriors of the sea such as him. Seeing as how Usopp was now easily captivated, he then brought out a toy-like gun and said that it was the favorite of Gold Roger and asked him if he wanted it, to which Usopp then begged Ed to show him more. Eventually, Usopp left the store with a bunch of items and Ed happily thanked him for his business.[1]


Video Games

Non-Playable Appearances


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