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Ed Sullivan Show is the 10th story in the Straw Hat Theater series. It was originally published in The 14th Log: Franky on August 1, 2009.


In Edo Bay, the ninja Choppari Hanzo arrives on Nico Perry's ship and request meat for the emperor. Nico Perry asks Choppari to open his country for trade. Back at Edo Castle, the Gomukawa Lufinobi accepts the deal immediately and says to open the border

But, while the meat was in transit it was stolen by an evil fiend Usokawa Goemon. Usokawa planned on giving the meat to the needy farmers, but was stopped by Framoto Musashi. Usokawa is planned to boil in a pot, but Lufinobi's daughter, Namimitsu, sees Usokawa about to be executed and calls the Yokuzuna of Edo, "Thunder and Lightning"  Raiden Sanemon, who knocks the pot over.

The characters.

Meanwhile, in the town, the peasant farmer Zorosaku. He, along with other rebellious farmers, plan to storm to castle and free Usokawa. After they enter the castle, they come across a pile of meat. The super courtesan, Broodayu, says that she will let them have it. But, Lufinobi hears that the meat is found and goes after it with Framato. At the same time, Usokawa goes after the meat hoping to help the farmers, with Namimitsu and Raiden.

The group ends up just partying and enjoying the meat together, while Nico Perry watches, and tells them not to bother opening their country, since she is too embarrassed.



  • Choppari Hanzo(チョッパリ半蔵)- a Ninja who loves Cotton Candy. Played by Chopper.
  • Nico Perry(ニコ・ペリー)- a United States of Sullivan's Commodore. Played by Robin.
  • Gomukawa Luffynobi(ゴム川ルフィのび)- 15th Shogun of the Gomukawa Shogunate. Played by Luffy.
  • Framoto Musashi(フラ本武蔵)- Gomukawa Family's Samurai. Played by Franky.
  • Usokawa Goemon(ウソ川ゴエ門)- A Master Thief. Played by Usopp.
  • Princess Namimitsu(なみみつ姫)- The Daughter of Lufinobi. Played by Nami.
  • Raiden Sanemon(雷電サンエ門)- Edo's Yokozuna. Played by Sanji.
  • Zorosaku(ゾロ作)- A Rural farmer leader. Played by Zoro.
  • Broodayu(ブル太夫)- Yoshiwara's Super courtesan. Played by Brook.


  • Urouge - is seen as the figurehead of two ships.
  • Sengoku - is seen behind Nico Perry.
  • Garp - is seen behind Nico Perry.
  • Saul - is seen behind Nico Perry.
  • Mr. 3 - is seen watching the capture of Usokawa Goemon.
  • Hannyabal - is seen in charge of Usokawa's Execution.
  • Lola - is a Lady's Maid of Princess Namimitsu.
  • Cindry - is a Lady's Maid of Princess Namimitsu.
  • Monkey D. Dragon - is seen as a rural farmer rebel.
  • Inazuma - is seen as a rural farmer rebel.
  • Koza - is seen as a rural farmer rebel.
  • Emporio Ivankov - is seen as a rural farmer rebel.


  • The name of story is pun on Edo (江戸?), referring to the bay where Perry appeared (now known as Tokyo Bay), and Ed (エド Edo?) in the American variety show The Ed Sullivan Show.
  • In this omake, Chopper is portrayed as a ninja. In the Wano Country Arc he would wear a ninja outfit similar to the one in the omake.

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