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Edd War[1] is a historical sea in the New World where the clash between the Roger Pirates and the Golden Lion Pirates took place 27 years ago.


Meeting Between Pirates

Shiki the Golden Lion had caught news that his occasional rival Gol D. Roger possessed knowledge of an ancient weapon. Gathering his fleet, he met Roger in the seas of the New World and offered him a position as his right hand man, stating that with his military strength and Roger's weapon, they could rule the world.


Roger stated that he did not want to conquer anything as without freedom, there would be no point in calling himself a pirate and promptly denied the offer. Shiki asked Roger if he wanted to be killed to which Roger stated he was going to take Shiki and his fleet down. With that, Roger fired his ship's cannon at one of the ships in the Golden Lion Pirates fleet, beginning the battle. Despite having just one ship, the Roger Pirates put an excellent fight against their enemies, who seemed overwhelmed. In the midst of their battle, a sudden hurricane hit the area, destroying half of Shiki's fleet and giving Shiki the disadvantage in the fight. This is also where Shiki got part of a steering wheel stuck in his hard head, forcing his crew to retreat. Despite this, Roger earned Shiki's respect.


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