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Egghead, formerly known as Marines Science Division: Lab 8 (海軍科学班第8研究所, Kaigun Kagaku han dai 8 Kenkyūjo?),[3] is a winter island in the New World belonging to the World Government that houses the laboratory of Dr. Vegapunk. It also has the label of Future Island (未来島, Mirai-jima?) and is said to be "500 years in the future".[1]

It is the primary setting of the Egghead Arc.


Egghead Levels

Above: Labophase
Below: Fabiriophase.

Egghead is located southeast of Wano Country[4] and southwest of Elbaf.[5]

Egghead appears to be a relatively small island dotted with trees, with its most notable feature being a giant, cracked open egg-shaped structure that towers above the clouds (Vegapunk's laboratory). The island also features an underground, man-made tunnel resembling a sewer with metal ladders that lead to the surface.

Four years ago, when Vegapunk first began work on Egghead, it only featured a standard laboratory with the number "08" on the side, referring to its designation as Lab 8 at the time.[3]


According to Nami, Egghead is naturally a winter island, but due to Vegapunk's Island A.C. technology, its climate is now closer to that of a tropical rainforest. That said, the waters surrounding Egghead still display elements of its original weather, featuring freezing winds, icebergs, and strong currents that even Jinbe, a fish-man helmsman, admitted were too powerful for him to navigate through properly. Furthermore, Warm Eddys that rise several meters upwards (to the point of resembling a waterspout) are found in this area due to the warmed-up waters coming from Egghead's inland reacting to its external cold waters.


The factory level of the island, the Fabiriophase[6] (工場層ファビリオフェーズ, Fabiriofēzu?) is home to the workers and researchers on the island.[7] It features the Future City with buildings resembling glass domes, rockets, and video game controllers, as well as a variety of highly advanced technology such as automatic meal dispensers and holograms depicting giant monster battles. This is the place where Vegapunk's inventions are displayed for public use. The Central Factory is also located here.


Somewhere in the Fabiriophase, there exists a scrapyard where Vegapunk's failed creations are discarded. The Iron Giant, a mysterious relic from the Void Century, is also found there in a state of inactivity.

Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe, and Bonney hid themselves here while being pursued by a Pacifista. It was also the place where they had their first encounter with the original Vegapunk (Bonney notwithstanding).


Labophase layout.
Vegapunk's Laboratory
Vegapunk's laboratory.

The laboratory level, the Labophase (研究層ラボフェーズ, Rabofēzu?) is within the giant egg that sits on a manufactured Island Cloud. This is where Vegapunk conducts his research projects[8] and stores some of his more important creations, like the Seraphim.[9] He, alongside his satellites, are capable of monitoring other parts of Egghead from here as well,[10] through a camera Den Den Mushi surveillance system.[11]

The Labophase's layout consists of three interconnected buildings, labeled A, B, and C. Buildings B and C consisted of three floors, while Building A had more than four, with three additional chambers branching off of the dome. Each floor holds valuable research and development operations headed by Vegapunk and his satellites.[12] The laboratory's entrance is accessed through an escalator and features a metallic door that can turn between tangible and intangible.[13] An old underground laboratory, which acts as a basement floor, also exists.

The laboratory sustained heavy damage after a Seraphim attack on CP0's orders, leading to the destruction of a few floors. [14] During the Egghead Incident, the laboratory was further damaged by Marcus Mars,[15] and later Jaygarcia Saturn.[16] Eventually, the entire thing was cut in half by Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro.[17]

Frontier Dome[]

The Labophase is protected by the Frontier Dome (フロンティアドーム, Furontia Dōmu?), a laser defense system. It is formed by two bands that encircle the cloud between the two levels; any enemy that attempts to cross past those lines is shot with a laser beam,[18] the exception being the user of the Pika Pika no Mi, who is otherwise light itself and therefore immune to lasers.[19] The Frontier Dome's power can be adjusted, which is represented by the numerals found in the bands (100 being max strength and 000 deactivation).[20][21] The Frontier Dome can be imbued with a passcode to prevent deactivation. In addition, the Frontier Dome can only be activated from the Control Panel inside the Control Room, leaving anyone inside the Lab trapped unless the Dome is deactivated once more.[22]

Frontier Dome
The Frontier Dome.
Kaku's Frontier Dome Fail
The Dome's security lasers.

Building A[]

  • Underground: Old Devil Fruit research laboratory. Later used as a prison by York.[23]
  • Second Floor: Research and development of Organoids (人工臓器オルガノイド, Oruganoido?, literally meaning "Artificial Organs"), synthetic organs developed for medical purposes.[12]
  • Third Floor: Synthetic minerals, like diamonds, are developed here, but for industrial purposes only.[12]
  • Fourth Floor: Location of the Control Room (司令室, Shirei-shitsu?),[12] from where the SSG can monitor Egghead and operate the Frontier Dome.

Building B[]

  • First Floor: Location of the Power Plant (融合炉パワープラント, Pawā Puranto?, literally meaning "Fusion Reactor") in which the Mother Flame is produced.[24]
  • Second Floor: Weapons research and development.[12]

Building C[]

  • Third Floor: Contains compressed gas cylinders.[24] Pythagoras was attacked by S-Snake here.[12]

Unknown Building[]

  • Room Nikyu (ルームNIKYUニキュ, Rūmu Nikyu?, Viz: "P.A.W. Room")[25] is located somewhere inside the Labophase. It contains a paw-bubble formed from Kuma's memories.[26]

Punk Records[]

Main article: Punk Records
Punk Records Infobox

Punk Records.

The Punk Records is a massive, ever-growing space located in the upper portion of the Labophase. This place serves as a storage for Vegapunk's brain, which he had physically removed from his own head due to its continuous growth.

Thanks to a special antenna implanted on his head, Vegapunk can remotely connect himself with Punk Records through brain waves, allowing him access to his own intellect and stored knowledge. Vegapunk's satellites are also mentally synchronized with Punk Records, feeding it with new discoveries and experiences every day.

Island Technology[]

As a result of Dr. Vegapunk's tireless research, Egghead's configuration as an island has been heavily modified from its original state. The island is now a high-tech wonderland where Vegapunk tests and exhibits many of his inventions. According to Lilith, most of this technology is fueled by the combustion of various materials.

Despite Vegapunk's achievements and much to his frustration, however, the lack of monetary funds and qualified manpower to iterate his works offsite means a lot of the revolutionary technology employed on the island cannot be mass-produced, limiting their existence to Egghead alone as a result. In fact, due to having so little time and help available, Vegapunk went as far as splitting himself into six satellite bodies in order to increase his multi-project efficiency and supervision. Some of those satellites also appear to be responsible for testing new technology on and around Egghead.

Usually, ships that sail to Egghead never reach the island, as some of Vegapunk's own creations, the Sea Beast Weapons, which are modified and mechanized Sea Beasts from the surrounding sea, roam the waters around Egghead and sink every ship that comes close to the island. Not only does this provide a powerful method of self-protection for Egghead, but it also allows Vegapunk to pillage enemy ships of their valuables in order to amass funds for further scientific projects. It was stated that unlike Ohara, Egghead has the means of protecting itself from a Buster Call.

Island A.C.[]

The Island A.C. (島エアコン, Shima Eakon?) is a weather-manipulating system that controls and regulates Egghead's climate, down to the soil temperature. It is because of this technology that Egghead, despite originally being a winter island with harsh frozen seas, currently exhibits a comfortable tropical climate. This system also allows other pieces of technology to properly function by providing them with the necessary atmospheric conditions to do so, such as the Vegaforce-01's jet propulsion and anti-gravity units, and the Island Clouds that support the Labophase.

Notably, Karakuri Island features a similar island-heating project that was left unfinished by Vegapunk during his youth, implying the scientist was eventually able to successfully complete the concept at Egghead.



A hologram.

A Hologram (ホログラム, Horoguramu?) is a tridimensional light projection that simulates a real or imaginary object. It is a technology that is common in science fiction works.

Egghead features various holograms depicting things such as humans, food, aliens, and giant robots. Normally, it is impossible for people to interact with the holograms, but thanks to Vegapunk's ingenuity, he was able to develop a special set of Light-Pressure Gloves (光圧グローブ, Kōatsu Gurōbu?) that allows him to physically touch the light constructs as if they were tangible.

Automatic Cooking Machine[]

Cooking Machine

Vegapunk's automatic cooking machine.

The Automatic Cooking Machine (無人調理機, Mujin Chōri-ki?) is, as the name implies, a device that automatically prepares a variety of meals (up to five hundred according to Atlas) as long as primary ingredients are available. The machine is interacted through illustrative buttons that, when pressed, provide the corresponding meal on the spot in less than a minute. The resulting trash is then consumed by a nearby Recycle-Wan, apparently for recycling purposes.

The use of those cooking machines is not free, however, requiring the consumer to pay for whatever meals they order. Failure to offer payment will be considered theft and lead to a Pacifista being deployed after the offender(s).

Pacifista Police[]

Pacifista Police

A Pacifista police officer.

Standard Pacifista units in armored outfits are employed in Egghead as its primary police force. Should someone violate any of the island's laws, a unit will be sent into the streets in order to locate and attack the offenders. Despite their role as upholders of local order, the Pacifista can still cause major collateral destruction due to their usage of laser weaponry.

During emergencies, more advanced Pacifista units, known as Mark III, can be deployed as well. Those act as an elite policing force and have access to unique combat technology, such as resin-based bubble shields.

Vacuum Rocket[]

Vacuum Rocket

The Vacuum Rocket capsule.

The Vacuum Rocket (真空 ロケット, Shinkū Roketto?) is a special transportation system consisting of a mobile capsule that is capable of traveling at extreme velocities through glass tubes. It is used as a form of locomotion between the Fabiriophase and the Labophase, taking around 32 seconds to fully complete a voyage between the two locations. Trips can be cancelled during emergency situations in order to prevent invaders from accessing the upper levels.

During the Egghead Incident, the Vacuum Rocket was destroyed by Borsalino.


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Kuma and Bonney meet Vegapunk

Vegapunk meets Bartholomew Kuma and Jewelry Bonney.

Sometime 4 years ago, following the incident on Punk Hazard, Vegapunk would be relocated to Egghead into a new laboratory known as Lab 08. At Dragon's referral, Bartholomew Kuma and his daughter Jewelry Bonney would travel to the island to meet Vegapunk, in order to request his assistance in curing her Sapphire Scales. Vegapunk agreed, although he stated it wouldn't be cheap, and offered to waive any fees if Kuma would allow himself to be cloned, a proposition that Kuma would ultimately accept, resulting in the creation of the Pacifista.[27]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

A Marine ship sailed to Egghead after Koby had been abducted by the Blackbeard Pirates.[28]

Sea Beast Weapons Infobox

The Straw Hats are surrounded by Egghead's coast guardians, the Sea Beast Weapons.

Sometime later, the Straw Hat Pirates arrived in the vicinity of the island, finding Jewelry Bonney drowning while trying to flee from the Mecha-Shark. Jinbe managed to save her but ended up stranded on the island itself with her, Chopper and Luffy while the rest of the gang and Caribou were saved by Lilith who introduced herself as Vegapunk.[29] Though the Lilith had different goals in mind what to do with the Straw Hats, she was contacted by Shaka, another Vegapunk, to bring the Straw Hats to him as he wanted to speak to them. She complied and transported the Straw Hats onto the top of Egghead into the research laboratory, where Vegapunk did all his experiments. There, she would lead the group into the lab, minus Zoro, Brook and Caribou, and explained the technological advancements of Egghead. However, she was soon contacted by another Vegapunk, Edison, and together, they, alongside the fifth Vegapunk, Pythagoras, launched a test run with S-Shark—a Seraphim unit resembling Jinbe—by having it attack the Straw Hats to test its fighting skills, capabilities, and qualities. However, their test run was cut short by Shaka, who ordered the Seraphim to stand down. Shaka explained to the Straw Hats about Egghead's advancements while comparing it to the technology once existing during the Void Century, commenting that the technology back there was even more advanced than what Egghead had, which surprised the whole group.[30]

Emet Anime Infobox

Luffy's group finds an ancient Iron Giant on Egghead.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe, and Bonney ended up making landfall on Egghead.[1] There they entered and met Atlas.[31] After eating and clothing themselves with automatic dispensers they found, a Pacifista policing the area appeared and attempted to arrest them for stealing the aforementioned items. When Luffy attempted to fight back, Bonney interfered, revealing that Bartholomew Kuma was her father, and that she planned to deal with Vegapunk for what he did to Kuma.[32] After Bonney had accidentally altered the group's ages and had a brief conversation with Jinbe about her father's history, the group would later somehow land into a scrapyard on Egghead, where they found an ancient gigantic robot lying among other scrap.[30] After meeting the real Vegapunk and having an exchange about Vegapunk's goals, his work under the Marines as well as his wish to be taken from Egghead, Vegapunk teleported himself into his lab, leaving Luffy's group on the ground to meet up. When Luffy's group was making their way towards the Lab, they encountered Lucci and the CP0 squad tasked with killing Vegapunk.

Luffy Vs Lucci Rematch

Luffy and Rob Lucci fight each other again on Egghead after two years.

Meanwhile, CP0 agents, Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy approach the island with the intention of returning S-Bear, though in actuality planned on assassinating Vegapunk and all his "satellites".[33] The group would eventually make their way onto the island after unsuccessfully gaining access to the island and landed in the Labophase, where they also happened to encounter Luffy and his group. Luffy and Lucci then engaged in a fight, destroying some of the structures on the Labophase before the fight ended, with Luffy being victorious. Later, when Luffy retreated, CP0 got control of the Seraphim and made their way onto the upper level of the Labophase where all the Vegapunk satellites were residing. Spotting the Thousand Sunny, they were unsuccessful in destroying it and were later joined by the Seraphim, whom Lucci then ordered to destroy the Vegapunk's Lab. However, when both he and Kaku were incapacitated by Stussy, Edison was able to stop the Seraphim's attack on the Lab.

Egghead Incident Infobox

Egghead is besieged by the Marines.

Additionally, Admiral Kizaru later appeared at Egghead with an armada of Marine warships to ensure the Straw Hat Pirates could not escape and potentially finish CP0's mission. He was later joined by Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, who arrived at Egghead with World Government ships, surrounding the island completely, resulting in them barricading and besieging the island. Kizaru later made his way onto the island after having been ordered by Saturn, after receiving intel from Rob Lucci, engaging both Sentomaru and the Emperor Monkey D. Luffy in duels, defeating the former and going into heavy blowouts with the latter. The Marine Fleet outside, meanwhile, engaged in a battle with the Sea Beast Weapons and the Mark III. Pacifista, but they were able to invade the island after the Sea Beast Weapons were destroyed by the Pacifista who received an order by Kizaru. Ultimately, with the shifting switch of the Pacifista between Vegapunk and the World Government, Saturn later decided to call in a Buster Call to destroy Egghead, as it currently had three major problems of the World Government on it: Monkey D. Luffy, an Emperor of the Sea and the embodiment of Nika, Bartholomew Kuma, who came in to save Bonney, and Vegapunk, who studied the Void Century and the Forbidden Time, hoping to get rid of these problems for the World Government.

Vegapunk Watches Egghead Destruction

Vegapunk watches as Egghead is slowly destroyed by the Buster Call.

The surrounding battleships later received the order and immediately started attacking Egghead, destroying everything, starting with the Stratophase where most of the buildings were located, with Vegapunk watching in horror as the "Future Island" and its progress was about to be destroyed.[34]

Nusjuro Cuts Labophase

Nusjuro cuts the Labophase.

As the Egghead Incident raged on, more and more of the island would meet heavy amounts of destruction. The Fabiriophase was subject to further damage as Saturn made the final decision to call in his fellow elders to assist. The situation would be exasperated by the arrival of the Giant Warrior Pirates, resulting in clashes between the giants and Elders. In particular, Shepherd Ju Peter and Topman Warcury would destroy multiple buildings in an attempt to kill Luffy and his giant allies. Meanwhile, the Labophase was targeted by Marcus Mars and Saturn, whom both did hefty amounts of damage as they attempted to put a stop to Vegapunk's broadcast. This would come to a climax when Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro sliced the entire Labophase in half.[17]


  • The name of Egghead may be based on the U.S. English derogatory term for smart or studious people.
  • The layout of Egghead is generally based on the Raygun Gothic style, a specific form of retrofuturism based on popular ideas of science fiction technology from the late 1940s through early 1970s. In particular, Egghead's features and denizens appear to be an homage to the optimistic embrace of (now retro-)futurism in Japan's prosperous post-World War II Shōwa Era:
    • The abundance of jetpacks, the DOM boots, and Atlas' general design resemble the early manga/anime Astro Boy, which was first published from 1952 through 1968.
    • Vegapunk and his Satellites, a team of androids with specialized functions working beneath an aging super-scientist, are based on the premise of the early manga Cyborg 009, which began publication in 1964.
    • The holograms of the giant alien beasts and the giant robots in the Fabiriophase reference the tokusatsu genre of Japanese live-action films and television programs, which heavily rely on practical special effects, which gained widespread recognition in 1954. The subgenres include the kaiju (which centers around giant monsters) and mecha (which centers around giant robots).
  • In UUUUUS!, the bird's-eye view of Egghead somewhat resembles a sunny-side up egg, making a connection to the island's egg theme name.


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