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For a full synopsis of what happened before and during the Egghead Incident, see Egghead Arc.

The Egghead Incident is an ongoing event that occurred when the World Government learned that Dr. Vegapunk had been studying the forbidden knowledge of the Void Century[2] and decided to assassinate him[3] while one of the Four Emperors, Monkey D. Luffy, barricaded himself on the island Egghead.[4] However, to the public, Morgans reported the incident in the news as if the Straw Hat Pirates had taken Vegapunk hostage, whilst the Marines were attempting to save him.[5]

Due to Vegapunk studying the taboo secrets of the world, as well as the presence of both a survivor of the Buccaneers and Luffy, who had awakened the power of an ancient god, one of the Five Elders, Jaygarcia Saturn ordered a Buster Call to destroy the island.[6] The remaining Five Elders descended upon the island to personally handle the situation with their unfathomable powers, but were unable to stop Vegapunk from posthumously broadcasting a damning message all across the world.


After the Ohara Incident and the destruction of Ohara, Vegapunk secretly read through Ohara's library, memorizing everything stored within it.[7] This eventually evolved into research into the Void Century, despite its illegality.

Egghead Disappearances[]

CP5 Investigating Vegapunk

CP5 investigating Vegapunk.

Three months before the Egghead Incident began, York, in an attempt to become a World Noble, had reported Vegapunk to the Five Elders, as well as sending them the Mother Flame, which Imu later used on Lulusia Kingdom.[8][9] A month later, CP5 was sent to Egghead to confirm her allegations,[2] but the agents disappeared after reaching the island. A month later, a CP7 envoy was sent, and two weeks after it also disappeared, a CP8 envoy was sent, which disappeared as well.[8] In actuality, York had used the Sea Beast Weapons to chase them back to the island, where she quietly captured them without any of the other Vegapunks' knowledge. She had correctly surmised that the World Government would not honor their agreement and would rather eliminate her as well.[10]

These events were later referred to as the Egghead Disappearances (エッグヘッド 失踪事件, Egguheddo Shissō Jiken?).[8] Due to this, the Five Elders and an unknown individual assumed the initial report to be correct and the disappearances to be caused by Vegapunk himself. In response, CP0 and a Marine fleet were sent to the island, with the goal of assassinating Vegapunk and his satellites.

Pirates' Arrival[]

Mark III Deployed

Sentomaru deploying the Mark IIIs to guard Egghead's coast.

The day before the Egghead Incident began,[2] both the Straw Hat Pirates and Jewelry Bonney coincidentally arrived on Egghead before CP0. Realizing that CP0 had arrived to assassinate him and his satellites, Vegapunk requested refuge with the Straw Hats, with Luffy accepting. Over the course of the resulting conflict, Stussy and Sentomaru abandoned their World Government posts, and the remaining CP0 agents agreed to a temporary truce due to the seemingly rogue behavior of the Seraphim.

As the pirates and World Government agents battled the Seraphim, York revealed herself as a traitor to Vegapunk and began picking off the other satellites, with her goal to eliminate everyone except Vegapunk and the Cipher Pol hostages.[10]



Egghead Residents Evacuate

Egghead's residents evacuating.

The event can best be described as a siege, with the defenders being the new Emperor "Straw Hat" Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, as well as Dr. Vegapunk, his satellites (sans York), Sentomaru, Stussy and Bonney. The pirates made use of the island's futuristic defense system and living weapons, including the Sea Beast Weapons, 50 Mark III Pacifistas, and four Seraphim, whilst making an uneasy alliance with CP0 agents Rob Lucci and Kaku. On the attacking side was a Marine fleet of 100 ships including 20 battleships, 30,000 soldiers being led by 9 Vice Admirals, Admiral Kizaru and one of the Five Elders, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn.

York Captured

York informs the Five Elders of Luffy capturing her.

By the time the siege began, York had been apprehended by the alliance of the Straw Hat Pirates and CP0, and she was forced to make a call to Mary Geoise requesting assistance and revealing her true intentions, though she was reaffirmed she would achieve her dreams in exchange for the power plant that could power the Mother Flame.[1] Furthermore, two of Vegapunk's satellites, Pythagoras and Shaka, had been eliminated by York, while the Seraphim had to be contained in Bubble Balls, as they were still under orders to eliminate the Straw Hats and other Vegapunks.

As a result of the call, Saturn reiterated that the three main objectives of the siege would be to guarantee York's safety, the preserving of the Punk Records and the securing of the Power Plant which could fuel the Mother Flame, deeming everything else disposable. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats' goal was to escape Egghead with at least Vegapunk Stella, though preferably with all the remaining Vegapunks.

Furthermore, York had locked the Frontier Dome with an encryption, and while this kept everyone safe within the Labophase, it also prevented them from escaping, with Vegapunk, Atlas, and Edison trying to crack the password so they could unseal the Dome.

Sea Beast Weapons Attack Marine Fleet

The Sea Beasts engage the Marines.

The Marines outside, after receiving intel from Rob Lucci, prepared to start their assault on Egghead. Kizaru was the first Marine to enter Egghead after having been previously ordered by Saturn to avoid Sentomaru and go for the Labophase directly. However, Kizaru decided to face Sentomaru directly, using Yata no Kagami to make his way to the island and engaging Sentomaru in a direct battle. Sentomaru, having anticipated his arrival, ordered the Mark III Pacifista to engage and attack the Marine ships outside,[9] which they did and immediately came into conflict with the several Vice Admirals stationed on the battleships. In addition, the Sea Beast Weapons were deployed to engage the battleships in combat and slow the advance of the Marines.

Pacifista Attacks Sea Beast

Kizaru has the Pacifista turn on the Sea Beasts.

Sentomaru and Kizaru, however, fully engaged in a high-stakes duel, each one exchanging blows, with Kizaru starting by using Yasakani no Magatama, only for Sentomaru to evade the attack and instead counterattack Kizaru with Ashigara Palm. However, ultimately, Sentomaru failed to cause significant damage to Kizaru and was instead defeated, and Kizaru then picked up the Authority Chip and ordered the Pacifista to attack the Sea Beast Weapons instead of the Marines. Having won his duel with Sentomaru, Kizaru made his way up to the Laborphase where he was immediately engaged in another one vs. one duel, this time with Monkey D. Luffy,[11] both heavily trading blows, with Luffy even changing into his Snakeman form.[12]

Meanwhile, in the Labophase, the Vegapunks attempting to break York's encryption were interrupted by Lucci, who took the opportunity to try to assassinate Vegapunk. However, he was blocked by Stussy, and thrown outside by Zoro, who engaged him in combat. In the ensuing chaos, Kaku was also immobilized by Sanji, using a Bubble Gun.[11]

Luffy Grabs Borsalino

Luffy protecting Vegapunk from Kizaru.

However, during the blowout, Kizaru used his Devil Fruit to fly outside of Egghead to gain some momentum and then accelerated his speed by using his Devil Fruit, teleporting back in, using the speed to kick Luffy, sending him flying across the Labophase, destroying the Vegaforce-01 in the process and having Luffy crash into the Frontier Dome. Using this short window, Kizaru then turned his attention to Bonney, who tried to use her Devil Fruit powers on him, but he instead turned his body intangible and kicked her into the Frontier Dome as well and then proceeded to travel inside the Labophase, appearing in front of Vegapunk and the Straw Hats. Before he could complete his mission, he was then grabbed by Luffy in his Gear 5 form,[12] who then used his arm to swing Kizaru around, throwing him away from the Labophase. Despite Luffy's throw attempt, Kizaru was able to evade being thrown into the ocean and instead used Yasakani no Magatama to return to Egghead, duplicating himself in the process and forcing Luffy to engage in a sky skirmish. Kizaru then used Ama No Murakumo to slash at Luffy, with Luffy retaliating with Gomu Gomu no Dawn Whip, but he only hit a light clone. Kizaru then proceeded to chase Luffy across the sky, with Luffy panicking over the clones and their speed.

Borsalino Clones

Borsalino tries to use his Devil Fruit power to overwhelm Luffy.

However, it turned out that was a ruse by Luffy to have all clones in a line to strike at them at once using Gomu Gomu no Dawn Stamp. Luffy was then shocked to see that the real Kizaru was not among the clones and already was inside the Laboratory again, subduing Usopp. Kizaru then spotted Vegapunk and Atlas leaving the Laboratory, attempting to blow them both up with a laser beam, but Luffy stepped in front of Kizaru, swallowing the laser beam, which then exploded inside Luffy, causing him to glow up by the impact;[13] however, that did not have much of an effect on Luffy, as he started to once again engage Kizaru in combat. Kizaru then tried to stop their fight prematurely, stating he had a more serious issue to take care of, but Luffy replied only that it was his mission to stop Kizaru from doing his.[14]

Pacifista Attack Marines

The Pacifista enacting Atlas' order and begin to eradicate all Marines.

Thanks to Kizaru's command, the Marines were able to invade Egghead; however, they faced some trouble when they were fighting Jewelry Bonney, who was sent down to the Fabiriophase previously by Kizaru and saved by Sentomaru. In addition, both Vegapunk and Atlas made their way from the Labophase inside a vessel named the Vegatank-08 with the intention to overwrite the Mark III Pacifista's previous command.[13] With Atlas succeeding in doing so, the Pacifista once again turned against the Marines, and the team from Labophase turned their attention to locating Bonney but were initially unable to do so. Eventually, Sanji located her using his "Lady Radar". As he spotted her, Bonney was heavily engaged in a fight against several Marines, including Bluegrass and another Vice Admiral, though he managed to get her to safety aboard the Vegatank-08. As they were retreating back up, a voice announced that Saint Jaygarcia Saturn was about to make landfall on the island, leaving everybody shocked. The group then saw an explosion occur close to them, with black lightning shooting out of it and Saturn appearing in the center. As he appeared, powerful fighters across the island reacted to his arrival, interrupting their own battles. and a Marine soldier had its head explode as he stared into what happened to be Jaygarcia Saturn, although in a different form.[14]

Jaygarcia Confronts Vegapunk

Saturn confronts Vegapunk and his allies.

With the Elder's arrival, Kizaru returned to the Fabiriophase, knocking the Vegatank-08 back to the surface in the process. Luffy followed him down, and though Kizaru attempted to shoot him down, he only succeeded in increasing Luffy's momentum, ending in Kizaru taking a hit to the head. With Luffy's energy used up, he flew up like a firework, exploding into the sky. Meanwhile, the group in the Vegatank-08 found themselves at Saturn's feet, as Bonney grabbed a katana and jumped forward, stabbing Saturn in the chest.[14] However, Saturn recovered from the attack and captured Bonney, and ordered the Marines to execute her.

Kuma Punches Saturn

Kuma assaults Saturn.

Just then Bartholomew Kuma, Bonney's adoptive father and an Ex-Warlord of the Sea, arrived on Egghead, and he plowed through scores of Marines while being shot at mercilessly. The Marines then reported to Saturn that Kuma was on the island, and they could not control him, which Saturn disregarded as nonsense. As the Marines prepared to shoot Bonney, Kuma dispatched the firing squad in a huge explosion, causing Saturn to drop Bonney in surprise. As Saturn was about to step on Bonney with his spider foot, Kuma blocked the attack and proceeded to clench his fist ready to unleash his rage toward the Elder much to Saturn's horror. [15] While the punch landed and dealt heavy damage to Saturn, the Elder managed to regenerate from his injury. After further attacks from Sanji and Franky, Saturn was joined by Kizaru. At this point, the Elder ordered a Buster Call to destroy Egghead completely, with Dr. Vegapunk's studies on the Void Century, Kuma's buccaneer heritage, and Luffy's awakening of an "Ancient God" being all the justification he needed to see to it that the island is to be completely annihilated.[6]

Buster Call[]

Pacifista Turn On Marines

The Pacifista follow Bonney's command and attack the Marines.

As the soldiers retreated to the ships and prepared for bombardment, the Pacifistas stood by. Saturn and Kizaru decided to remain on the island. Vegapunk pleaded to Saturn to only target him, but Saturn dismissively stated they do not need progress, before informing Vegapunk that he had ordered a battleship to chase after the escaped ship carrying the researchers. However, unbeknownst to them, the battleship had failed to destroy the escaped ship, and was sunk instead by Giant Warrior Pirates under the command of Dorry and Brogy, heading toward Egghead. Soon, all the Marine ships began the bombardment, starting with the Fabiriophase. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates attempted to escape to the shore.[16]

Giants Arrive On Egghead

The Giant Warrior Pirates arrive to rescue the Straw Hat Pirates.

In the midst of an attack toward Kuma, Atlas relayed to Bonney that she had the highest command hierarchy on cyborg units that are based on Kuma, allowing her to take control of the 50 Pacifista units, and soon they began to destroy the surrounding fleet. In the midst of this, Saturn stabbed Vegapunk. Luffy managed to recover his strength and renewed his attack against Kizaru. In the meantime, the Giant Warrior Pirates had arrived on the northeast coast of Egghead and broke through the blockade,[17] and managed to sink 30 small and midsize ships and made landfall. In light of this, the Marines pulled the small and midsize ships away from the front, leaving only the battleships. Meanwhile, Luffy landed an attack upon Saturn, and sent the Elder flying away in front of Catarina Devon and Van Augur who were on Egghead for an unknown reason. After Devon touched Saturn, the duo declared their mission was complete and warped away. [18]

Vegapunk's Recording

The Vegapunks prepare to address the world.

Sanji questioned Dr. Vegapunk on how they are supposed to get him off the island if they could not move him, but he simply responded that he has made his bed and had things on Egghead he had to protect. He then asked the Straw Hats to look over Bonney since she would be a target for the rest of her life given her command override capabilities over the Pacifista. Saturn found his way back to the Straw Hats and coated himself with deadly venom, and then began viciously attacking Luffy, Sanji and Vegapunk with his many legs, prompting Luffy to tell Sanji to take Dr. Vegapunk and run. Kizaru tried to attack once again, successfully piercing Vegapunk in the chest, wounding him lethally; but suddenly, Luffy became gigantic and grabbed Kizaru fully up in one hand, making him cough up blood while using his other hand to grab Saint Saturn's face, telling them that there is no way he is letting them escape. At the same time, a pre-recorded broadcast of Vegapunk began to be broadcast to the world.[19]

Escaping Egghead[]

Five Elders Summoned To Egghead

Saturn summons his fellow elders from Mary Geoise.

In the recording, Shaka appeared and questioned Stella on what could be done if the recording was interfered with. The two decided on using the Marines' Den Den Mushi network in order to force the broadcast through. Though the entire world managed to receive the audio of the broadcast, the issue of getting people to watch the message visually firsthand still remained. After some bickering, they decided on giving the world 10 minutes to prepare to set up a Visual Den Den Mushi to watch the broadcast, reasoning that any longer than 10 minutes would open up the chance of someone trying to stop them. While this was being played and people around the World moved to set up their Visual Den Den Mushi's, Luffy decided to get rid of Kizaru and Saturn simultaneously, using Gomu Gomu no Dawn Cymbal to smack them together and then throwing them off the island. While he managed to send off Kizaru into a Marine Ship, Saturn however, simply reversed course and started counter attacking Luffy, though he too failed to hit him. While fighting Luffy, Saturn telepathically communicated with the other Four Elders, with them deciding that there was no time to waste. Saturn landed back on the island, and then proceeded to use an unknown ability, prompting four Magic Circles to appear around him on Egghead to summon the rest of the Five Elders.[20]

Nusjuro Slashes Pacifista

Nusjuro begins immobilising the Mark III unit.

The Five Elders appeared in their Full Beast forms in front of Luffy, with Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro then beginning to immediately freeze the Pacifista to immobilize them while Marcus Mars ascended towards the Labophase, trying to breach its Defense System. The rest of the Elders remained in the center of Egghead, engaging Luffy in combat while Zoro managed to gravely injure Lucci. Shepherd Ju Peter attempted to swallow Luffy whole, but Dorry and Brogy saved Luffy by decapitating Ju Peter in his Beast Form.[21] Zoro managed to defeat Lucci but due to the CP0 agent still standing, Jinbe, who came to take Zoro to the Thousand Sunny, had to clear the way for them. Lucci transformed back just as Mars appeared in front of him after having effectively breached the Labophase's Defense System, inquiring him about York's position while Lucci relayed to him the number and locations of everyone present in the Labophase. Having achieved their goal of rescuing Luffy, Dorry signaled the Giant Warrior Pirates to return to their ship. This act led to Topman Warcury unleashing a roar of Haoshoku Haki which rendered some Marines unconscious. Having been unsuccessful to stop Luffy or the Giants, Warcury attempted to slash Luffy with his horns-turned-blades, but Dorry and Brogy blocked and repelled the attack, sending the Elder flying backwards. Saturn decided to dispatch the three at once, shooting poisonous bubbles at them; but Luffy managed to repel the attack back at Ju Peter, Warcury and Saturn by forming a bat out of a tree. However, unable to injure the Five Elders, Luffy insisted that they hurry to retreat as he considered the Elders immortal. At the giants' ship, three Vice Admirals blocked Bonney's escape route. After Mars located York and questioned her of the broadcast's location, the Marines noticed the Iron Giant mobilizing across the island.[22]

From Nusjuro's efforts, all Mark III units became incapacitated, leading to him setting his eyes on Bonney to prevent her escaping the island with the power to eradicate entire nations. With the coast free of the Pacifista, the Marines kept firing at the island while voicing that they must not let the Straw Hat Pirates escape, during which the Giant Warrior Pirates' ship became their target. At the ship, the Straw Hat Pirates and Bonney defeated two Vice Admirals blocking their escape route. With four minutes left, Mars and York concluded that the origin of Vegapunk's broadcast is originating from Punk Records. When he arrived there, Nusjuro and Saturn separately approached the fleeing pirates.[23] Mars destroys the Den Den Mushi only to discover it is a decoy. He then informs the other elders that there is currently no way to stop the broadcast, and that York believes Vegapunk wished to finish what the Ohara scholars started. Unwilling to surrender the Pacifista to Bonney, Nusjuro attempts to kill her but is intercepted by her allies. While Saturn begins fighting the Straw Hat Pirates on the Labophase, the elders telepathically discussed the importance of the Power Station and the Mother Flame inside. With enough time passing, Vegapunk announces that the world will sink into the ocean.[24]

Nusjuro Cuts Labophase

Nusjuro cuts the Labophase.

The announcement is met with mixed reaction from both across the world and the island, and prompts the Five Elders to decide on eradicating all living things on Egghead in order to stop the broadcast. Going on to announce the sea levels will rise from an un-natural phenomenon, Saturn bypasses the pirates and locates the Mother Flame, while the surface of the island is engulfed in flames. Vegapunk then discusses his knowledge of the Void Century involving the Great Kingdom and Joy Boy.[25] While going into informing the world of the Great War and Joy Boy's participation in it against the Ancient Alliance which would become the World Government, the Elders start using their Haoshoku Haki to knock living beings unconscious in their vicinity. Sensing multiple life forms in the Labophase, Nusjuro bisects it, resulting in freeing the imprisoned Cipher Pol agents and Seraphim into the Fabiriophase. Vegapunk's broadcast revealed that the world contains multiple submerged continents as the result of the sea level rising over 200 meters due to ancient weapon technology in the Void Century, and that because the weapons still reside in the world in the present that the Great War is therefore still ongoing.[26]

Elders Confront Iron Giant

The Iron Giant becomes the target of the Five Elders.

Apologizing for the Mother Flame being stolen and subsequently being used to destroy Lulusia Kingdom by one of the Ancient Weapons, Vegapunk informed the world that the incident was responsible for the recent increase in sea levels, and goes onto broadcasting that the former members of the Roger Pirates know the events of the Void Century unlike himself. While the Cipher Pol agents are inhaled into Shepherd Ju Peter, York communicates with the Five Elders that she's deduced with certainty that the Iron Giant in the Fabiriophase is guarding the broadcast.[27] As Vegapunk begins to state that the last part of his message concerning those connected to the Will of D., the Elders (minus Nusjuro), surround the Iron Giant and Warcury attacks it, which causes the transmission to end.[28]

Vegapunk's Broadcast[]

A large reason for the Egghead Incident's importance was Vegapunk's broadcast, which he had recorded before his death and transmitted through the Marines' Den Den Mushi network. By hiding the Broadcast Den Den Mushi inside Emet, the majority of Vegapunk's message was able to be broadcast to the world, revealing highly classified information to the world's citizens and covering information as far back as the Void Century and as recently as Gol D. Roger's journey.

Ancient Revelations[]

These are the pieces of information that Vegapunk revealed concerning the Void Century from 800 years ago. They involve hidden details concerning the formation of the World Government.

  • The Poneglyphs exist, and their contents discuss the Void Century.
  • The Elbaf giants worship a sun god named Nika.
  • There was once a Great Kingdom in the distant past, with highly advanced technology.
  • The World Government was originally an alliance of 20 nations created to defeat the Great Kingdom and Joy Boy in the Great War, and they seemingly won.
    • During the war, Ancient Weapons were created and used and are responsible for causing the sea levels to rise.
      • Joy Boy preserved the Ancient Weapons for the future generations for unknown reasons.
    • Joy Boy, who held powers similar to that of Nika, was considered to be history's first pirate.
  • The world was once composed of several continents, but now there is only one.
    • The ocean levels rose around 200 meters.
    • All the other continents have fragmented and sunk into the ocean and the islands people are currently living on are all that remains.

Recent History[]

These are the pieces of information that Vegapunk revealed concering the last few decades.

  • The ancient knowledge above is said to be known by the former members of the Pirate King's crew, the Roger Pirates.
  • Roger's full name is Gol D. Roger.

Modern News[]

These are the pieces of information that Vegapunk revealed concering active news.

  • The remaining islands around the world are starting to sink.
    • This happened due to the recent reactivation of an Ancient Weapon.
    • Said Ancient Weapon was activated thanks to a newly created energy source, the Mother Flame, made by Vegapunk.
      • A small portion of the energy source was stolen and used by the Government to power the weapon.
      • The weapon was used on Lulusia Kingdom erasing it from existence.

Interrupted Message[]

Near the end of the transmission, Vegapunk tried to send a message to all D. name holders, though this part was interrupted by the Five Elders.


The aftermath of the Egghead Incident is currently unknown, just that it was among the headlines in the next day's newspaper, and the resolution of the incident caused international shock.[2]



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