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Eisen Whip[1] is a sword owned by Ohm. A Eisen Dial installed in its base supplies a constant stream of Iron Cloud, which acts as the blade of the sword.[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In its default state, the sword bears the appearance of a normal katana, aside from the dial at the pommel and the color of the blade, and is kept in a white scabbard.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Iron Cloud blade is steel-hard but cloud-light, which allows Ohm to change the shape of his sword for offensive or defensive measures that would fit the situation, creating a very versatile and deadly weapon. All of Ohm's named attacks start with "Eisen", which is the German word for "iron".

Eisen Whip.png
Eisen Whip.
Eisen Back.png
Eisen Back.

Attack List[edit | edit source]

  • Eisen Whip (鉄の鞭アイゼンウィップ Aizen Wippu?, literally "Whip of Iron"): Ohm unleashes a powerful whip-like attack from his sword, making it look like a projectile attack at high speeds.[3]
  • Eisen Back (鉄の堤防アイゼンバック Aizen Bakku?, literally "Embankment of Iron"): Ohm forms a solid wall to block any of his opponent's attacks.[4]
  • Eisen Fan (鉄の扇アイゼンファン Aizen Fan?, literally "Fan of Iron"): Ohm shapes the blade if his sword into a fan-like blade and strikes against his opponent.[4]
  • Eisen Fork (アイゼンフォーク Aizen Fōku?): Ohm shapes his sword into a giant fork and wields it like a whip once again.[4]
  • Eisen Fleuret (アイゼンフルーレ Aizen Furūre?): Ohm shapes his sword into a long, sharp spear and projects it against his opponent.[4]
  • In the videogames the sword can enlarge itself so big that it can cut a temple in half.

References[edit | edit source]

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