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Elegia, known as the "Island of Music" (音楽の島, Ongaku no Shima?), is an island that serves as the main setting of the movie One Piece Film: Red. It acts as the location of Uta's live music festival.[2]

It was formerly home to the Elegia Kingdom (エレジア王国, Erejia Ōkoku?) governed by King Gordon. However, the entire population save for Gordon was massacred twelve years ago when Tot Musica was released from its seal.[3]

Layout and Locations[]

Elegia seems to be composed of three land masses. The largest island has approximately two-thirds of it's land reconstructed into a concert hall. Behind the concert are what appears to be large green crystals, and behind that is what appears to be a rocky mountain. There also appears to be around five brown stone towers of varying heights on the island.

The smallest islet has a large brown stone tower which is connected to the other two islands by bridges.

The middle sized island has a town and a harbor, as well as at least one stone tower.[2]

Concert Hall[]

The concert hall takes up approximately two-thirds of the largest island, and is roughly oval in shape. The center of the hall is filled with water with several large rock formations. The length of the hall has the audience stands, which consists of several rows. One of the hall is open to the sea, while the other has the circular mainstage. The concert hall is open air but has several rock formations that arch over the stadium.[2]


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12 years ago, Tot Musica was inadvertently summoned on Elegia when Uta sang its song. As a result, it went on a rampage of destruction, killing nearly all the people on the island. However, Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates managed to stop it, and voluntarily took the blame for its attack, so as not to burden Uta with the guilt.[4]

Wano Country Saga[]

One Piece Film: Red[]

Despite unease caused by the aforementioned tragedy, Uta organized for a concert to take place on Elegia.[2]


  • The island has several references to classical music and German opera in its theming and residents.
  • "Elegia" may be a reference to elegy. Elegies are poems of lament and reflection, often about the dead.


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