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Eliza is a resident of Kogyoku Village on Jail Island. She is Jackie's mother and a member of the Pro-Marine faction. She appears in the video game One Piece: World Seeker.[1]


Eliza is a thickset woman with light green hair pulled back into a ponytail. She wears a small pair of sunglasses over her eyes, very large brown earrings, and has pronounced lipstick on her mouth. She wears a white blouse as well as a pink vest over it, and also wears a white sunhat with a pink band.[1]


Eliza strongly supports the Marine occupation of Jail Island to the point that she thinks it is a destructive mistake to associate with Anti-Marine residents. She can be quite controlling, to the point of keeping her son away from Pro-Marine families and even trying to force him to marry a woman of her choosing. However, she eventually learned to talk civilly with Pro-Marine people and let her son associate with them, though she is still a bit reluctant with it.[1]



Jackie is Eliza's son. She was initially extremely controlling over him, and allowed her Pro-Marine beliefs to lead her to prohibit him from being with his girlfriend Emma due to her being from an Anti-Marine family, believing that this was entirely in his best interest. She was so controlling over him that she even tried to force him into a marriage with a different woman whose family's views she agreed with. In response, Jackie went so far as to attempt to leave Jail Island so he could be with Emma, and when this plan failed, he stood up to his mother and claimed that her controlling behavior was no better than being enslaved by pirates. However, when Luffy told Eliza and Will that they should help their children and talk out their views civilly, Eliza came to reluctantly accept her son's relationship.[1]


Will is the father of Emma, the woman Eliza's son Jackie wishes to marry. However, since he is just as much Anti-Marine as Eliza is Pro-Marine, the two of them hated each other and blamed the other for their children getting together and running off into trouble. However, after being told by Luffy and Jeanne to talk out their differences civilly, Eliza and Will came to treat each other better while allowing their children to stay together.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

When her son Jackie started a relationship with Emma, a woman from an Anti-Marine family, Eliza opposed this to the point of even trying to force Jackie to marry someone else. Later, she found a note revealing that Jackie and Emma were going off to another island to elope, and argued with Emma's father Will with each of them blaming the other's child for this. However, Jackie and Emma later returned with Jeanne and Monkey D. Luffy, and Eliza and Will learned that their children had been captured by pirates. The two of them used this incident to justify the prohibition of their relationship, but Jackie then stood up to them and said that their controlling behavior was no different than the pirates trying to enslave them. Luffy and Jeanne then said the two parents should care about their children first and foremost and should talk out the differences civilly; Eliza and Will came to accept this, with Eliza giving her son and Emma her blessing due to knowing how happy Jackie was with it. Later, the two families came to Konko Plaza and spoke with Luffy once more.[1]


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