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Elizabeth is a water lizard and Myskina Olga's pet. She appeared in the Heart of Gold special.[1]


Elizabeth is a green spotted bipedal lizard that is larger than the average human. She has a long neck, long tail, and short arms compared to its legs. She has a saddle tied around her torso.[1]


Elizabeth is loyal to her owner Olga, and will come to her at her beck and call.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Elizabeth is capable of running on water. She also has considerable endurance, being able to keep running even after her rider Olga became weak with hunger.[1]


Heart of Gold

Mad Treasure and his crew invaded a Marine convoy to capture the Marine prisoner Myskina Olga. However, Olga called Elizabeth and escaped on her. Elizabeth carried Olga across the ocean for a long time, and they suddenly came to the Thousand Sunny, where the Straw Hat Pirates brought them onboard. Mad Treasure then attacked the Sunny, leading Olga's ring to fall into the ocean, which caused Bonbori to emerge and eat the two battling ships. Inside Bonbori's mouth, the Thousand Sunny came dangerously close to hitting its uvula, but Monkey D. Luffy managed to prevent it. However, Treasure's subordinate Naomi Drunk sent Luffy flying away into the water, and Olga rode Elizabeth to rescue him.[1]

The trio fell into Bonbori's throat and landed on an island its first stomach. However, Elizabeth and Olga were later captured by Mad Treasure when he arrived on it. Mad Treasure took them to Alchemi in order to get the Pure Gold, though Elizabeth did not go into the temple with them. Later, Sanji rode Elizabeth to Olga and the Straw Hats, and the group prepared to escape Bonbori. Once they escaped Bonbori, Elizabeth, Olga, Myskina Acier, and fellow water lizard Chavez got off on an island, where they continued their lives.[1]


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