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Emeraude is a member of the Simon Pirates and a fish-woman.


A closeup of Emeraude.

Emeraude is a slim and wheat-colored fish-man with long and erect white-hair as well as green eyes[1].


Emeraude cares for Gad so she revenges his failing to knock the Straw Hat Pirates off on them[1]. She usually keep calm but minds whether someone determines definitely her race, and gets immediately into a panic and keeps away from antagonists as she is suddenly attacked[2].

Abilities and Powers

As a fish-man, Emeraude is ten times stronger than an average human on land, and twice that in water. She demonstrated this strength by destroying a large water vortex.


Emeraude holds a spear. She seems quite skilled in using it. When Sanji wanted to be close to her, Saphir and Rubis, she used it to sent away him[1].


  • Vert Triomphant (ヴェール・トリオンファン Vēru Torionfan?): Emeraude heals herself, Saphir and Rubis. The name of the technique is French for "green triumphant".
  • Archange Tricolore (アルカンジュ トリコロール Arukanju Torikorōru?): A combination technique with Saphir and Rubis. All three fish-women summon spiraling columns of water with different colors to strike multiple opponents at once. The name of the technique is French for "archangel tricolor".


Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands

For the moment that Wadatsumi was carrying the Straw Hat Pirates from Itu island to Yaw island, Emeraude jumped out of sea along with Saphir and Rubis, and then they sat on a stone of sea area between two islands. Their look appealed to Sanji, but they chose to attack him. Later, they said their names and positions in the Simon Pirates. Soon afterwards, She and two female fish-men started to against the Straw Hat Pirates for Gad's failure. Unfortunately, all three lost to them and just decided to jump into sea[1].

Nami, Emeraude, Saphir and Rubis met a Master of the Waters.

After the Straw Hat Pirates entered a cave in Yaw island, Emeraude, Saphir and Rubis battled them again. In the end of battle with them, they still failed. After that, a Master of the Waters wanted to attack them. She and others were protected by Gad who arrived afterwards it as well as Sanji and over the hump. Finally, to be based on Gad's second defeat, she and another three fish-men went away from a cave[2].

Major Battles

  • Emeraude, Saphir and Rubis vs. Sanji[1]
  • Emeraude, Saphir and Rubis vs. the Straw Hat Pirates (1st battle, sea area)[1]
  • Emeraude, Saphir and Rubis vs. the Straw Hat Pirates (2nd battle, a cave in Yaw island)[2]
  • Emeraude, Saphir, Rubis, Gad and the Straw Hat Pirates vs a Master of the Waters[2]


  • Emeraude's name is French for "emerald", matching her green eyes and clothes.


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