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Emet,[2] also known as the Iron Giant, is a legendary robot that attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago. It was originally created 900 years ago, around the time of the Void Century, for a yet unknown purpose. It was inactive due to running out of energy and is kept on Egghead.[1][3] After hearing the Drums of Liberation from Monkey D. Luffy, Emet powered back up,[4] during which it guarded Vegapunk's prerecorded video being broadcasted from within itself.[5] He is an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates during the Egghead Arc.


Emet is a robot around as tall as the Ancient Giants. It wears a horned helmet, and its face and lower body are covered by grills with vertical bars. The left horn on its helmet broke off over two hundred years ago, and remains missing.


Despite being a machine, Emet does appear to be fully sentient and capable of emotion. After waking up from its slumber, it apologized to Joy Boy then started looking for him.[6]

Abilities and Powers[]

The full extent of its abilities is currently unknown as it ran out of energy before causing damage. However, it was able to climb the Red Line and was considered to be far beyond the scientific knowledge of the time. It later served as inspiration for Vegapunk's Vegaforce-01, however, he was unable to replicate the mysterious Ancient Energy (古代のエネルギー, Kodai no Enerugī?) power source of the Iron Giant.[3]

Iron Giant Punches Warcury

Emet's punch dealing damage to Warcury.

The "Drums of Liberation" are somehow able to power it up, although it is still unknown how exactly this happens. Its armor is extremely tough, providing it protection from explosions and high temperatures, as it was witnessed wandering through a massive fire and relentless bombardment from a Buster Call while seemingly unbothered.[6] Despite being easily knocked away into the sea by Topman Warcury, once Emet fully recognized Luffy as Joy Boy, the robot recovered instantly jumped out of the ocean despite its weight and size, and punched Warcury with enough force to break off one of his tusks and cause the Elder to bleed, effectively dealing damage to his tremendous hide that not even Luffy in his Gear 5 form and using Haoshoku-enhanced attacks combined was able to achieve.[2]

Luffy determined that it is supposed to move autonomously, as he could not find a place for people to pilot it from the inside.[7] This deduction was shown to be true as Emet could move and think for itself independently.[2]


It is shown to be wielding a polearm of some sort during its attack on Mary Geoise. It apparently once had some form of weapons mounted on its arms, although the years it spent in ruins made them inoperable.[8]



Iron Giant Attacks Mary Geoise

Emet attacks Mary Geoise.

Emet was originally created around 900 years ago. At some point, Joy Boy told it about a certain eventuality that would require Emet to act, leaving the machine with questions.[2] 200 years ago, it suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked Mary Geoise, but ran out of energy before causing damage. The World Government subsequently ordered a group of scientists to destroy it, but they chose to hide it instead to study it in secret. It eventually fell into the hands of Vegapunk.[3]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

Emet was accidentally discovered by Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe, and Bonney during their stay on Egghead.[1] Luffy attempted to climb inside the robot but was unable to, determining that it was the type that moved by itself. They were then interrupted by Vegapunk, who had gotten himself stuck while warping through the giant's outer armor. The scientist then explained its history.[7][3]

Iron Giant Defending Broadcast

Emet mobilising through Egghead's Buster Call.

During Luffy's battle against Kizaru, he activated Gear 5, which led to the Drums of Liberation reaching the Iron Giant, causing its eyes to light up.[4] When Luffy later activated his Gear 5 form again, the Drums of Liberation triggered the Iron Giant to start moving.[9] Fully awake, Emet walked through the flames from the Buster Call and mentally apologized to Joy Boy.[6] As the Iron Giant continued to make its way across Egghead, Marines surrounding the island attempted to bombard it. Despite the heavy bombing, the giant was undeterred, and continued on its route with little issue.[10] York later determined that Emet was protecting the Den Den Mushi that Vegapunk was using to broadcast his world-wide message.[11]

Warcury Stops Iron Giant

Warcury attacks Emet.

After hearing York's theory, the Five Elders (save for Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro), dropped all of their previous tasks and moved in on the Iron Giant. After successfully locating and surrounding it, the Elders recognized it as the very same machine that had attacked Mary Geoise 200 years prior. After hearing Vegapunk begin to make his announcement on the meaning of the letter "D.", Topman Warcury moved in and attacked the Iron Giant, resulting in the broadcast cutting out, and the machine collapsing.[12] The giant ended up falling into the sea and sinking down to the ocean floor while wondering about Joy Boy's whereabouts. It later reacted to the Drums of Liberation caused by another of Luffy's transformations, finally identifying his position.[13] Remembering something Joy Boy said to it earlier, Emet suddenly emerged from the sea and punched Warcury, breaking one of his tusks and stopping the Elder from smashing into the Giant Warrior Pirates' ship.[2]

Peter Eats Emet Arm

Emet's arm is bitten off by Peter.

After managing to fully reemerge from the sea, Emet was finally able to speak with Luffy, whom it called Joy Boy. Luffy heard its voice through the Voice of all things and its intentions to assist, although Luffy did not understand why or that it was an ally. Emet then prepared to use one of its weapons, although this failed, due to age making them inoperable. Due to the failure, one of Emet's arms was bitten off by Shepherd Ju Peter, although it was able to remain standing, and stood in the way of the Elders.[8]

Major Battles[]


  • Emét (אמת) means "truth" in Hebrew, and in Jewish folklore, it is the word inscribed on a golem to activate it.
    • During their attempts to get the Iron Giant to move, Luffy and Chopper try calling it by the names Robonosuke (ロボの助, Robonosuke?) and Roboking (ロボキング, Robokingu?).[7]
  • Robin mentions that 200 years ago was also the year discrimination against Fish-Men became an issue, suggesting it may be connected to Emet.[3]
  • Emet shares its alias with the Iron Giant from the 1999 animated science fiction film.
    • Both Iron Giants share a few similarities, such as being gigantic autonomous robots and that both of their exact origins and purpose are currently unknown.
  • Emet also makes a reference to the character Zog from the 2009 film of Astro Boy.
    • Both robots became dilapidated and offline for centuries until they were discovered and reawakened by the main protagonist. Furthermore, the Iron Giant's reawakening, via the Drums of Liberation created from Luffy's heartbeat, shares similarities to Zog's reawakening from being powered by Astro Boy's Blue Core that is essentially his heart.
    • Both robots are allies of a person associated with the word "Boy". Luffy being the second coming of Joy Boy also makes a connection to Astro Boy's origin story, as the main protagonist is the reincarnation of the human Tobio Tenma.


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