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Passionate Emma is a resident of Kogyoku Village on Jail Island.[1] She is Will's daughter and Jackie's girlfriend.[2]


Emma is an average-sized woman with light brown hair gathered into a large bun in the back. She wears a beige-colored apron over a gray sweater and dark blue knee-length skirt.[1]


Emma was shown to be quite exasperated upon hearing about the continuing conflict between Isaac and the Straw Hat Pirates. She had no problem with answering Luffy's questions about the situation.[1] She is willing to take risks to get what she wants, as she tried to have Luffy "kidnap" her and Jackie so they could elope; she and Jackie seemed to naively try the same thing with another group of pirates, which got them captured and nearly forced into slavery. Unlike her father, she does not seem to particularly care about the Pro-Marine and Anti-Marine conflict.[2]



Jackie is Emma's boyfriend. The two of them care about each other a great deal even though Emma is from an Anti-Marine family and Jackie is from a Pro-Marine one, and their relationship has earned disapproval from their families. Emma and Jackie wanted to go off and get married outside of Jail Island in order to keep their families from meddling further; although this plot was unsuccessful, they were able to get their families to reconcile with the help of Luffy and Jeanne.[2]


Will is Emma's father. He initially disapproved of her relationship with Jackie due to his family's ideals being opposed to his, to the point of forbidding them from being together. However, he eventually learned to not let his opinions on the Marines dictate how he treats other people and so allowed their relationship.[2]


One Piece: World Seeker

Emma was in Steel City talking with Jackie outside about the prison warden Isaac leaving the naval base, and they wondered if it was due to something with the Straw Hat Pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, who unbeknownst to them was the Straw Hats' captain, then approached them and asked about the situation. He then asked where he could find the warden, and Emma and Jackie told him.[1]

Later, Emma learned who Luffy was and when the two of them reunited in Kogyoku Village, she asked him to kidnap her and Jackie and take them to another island so they could get away from their parents and elope. Luffy said he was unable to do this, and despite Jeanne advising against it, Emma went off to find a solution herself. She left a note for her father and headed off to the village port with Jackie to leave the island. However, they then approached a pirate crew who kidnapped them and locked them in a warehouse with the intention of enslaving them. Fortunately, they were later freed by Luffy and were able to escape back to Kogyoku Village. They returned to Will and Jackie's mother Eliza, who were adamant about keeping them apart due to what had happened. However, Emma and Jackie argued against this and Luffy and Jeanne helped the duo's parents come to understand the importance of family over faction ideology. Emma and Jackie later went to Konko Plaza with Will and Eliza to hang around, and the couple thanked Luffy for helping the villagers be more supportive of their relationship.[2]


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