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Enishida is a member of the Kuja and one of Boa Hancock's attendants in her castle. She is a lady's maid.[2]


Enishida Anime Concept Art

Enishida's concept art from the anime.

She is a short lady, with blond hair, with two pieces hanging down in the front, and the rest in the back. She wears a blue shirt, showing off her cleavage, and a white coat draped over her shoulders.[1]


She is loyal to her empress, Hancock, and a supporter of Luffy.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a member of the Kuja tribe, it can be assumed that Enishida also can use Haki.


After Boa Hancock returns to Amazon Lily, she shows her the statue that the villagers had made her out of clay, Hancock quickly destroys the statue claiming it didn't fit in with her room, telling her to tidy the mess and never bring such an object to her again. After Hancock talks her warriors being missing from her arrival, Enishida tells her they have gone to investigate a dangerous monkey. When Elder Nyon arrives, Hancock tells her to throw her out. After trying to plea with Hancock, she personally takes care of Nyon herself by throwing her out the window, later claiming she slipped.


  • Her name means broom, a type of flowering shrub.


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