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"The Second Ohara! The Mastermind's Ambition!" is the 1111th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary[]

As the battles progress, Sentomaru warns the researchers that this incident will be bigger than the Ohara Incident and urges them to flee while S-Snake finishes off Pythagoras. It is revealed that the Egghead Incident began three months ago when York leaked Dr. Vegapunk's research to the Five Elders, intent on becoming both a World Noble and the only Vegapunk.

Long Summary[]

Kizaru's ship sails toward Egghead, and it is revealed that Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, is also aboard the ship. Stussy, aware of the Marines' intended arrival, warns Sentomaru. Given this, Sentomaru orders civilians to evacuate the island, warning that the Marines would be using even more military force than was present at the Ohara Incident. The civilians work to acquire a ship to escape before the Marine reinforcements arrive.

Meanwhile, Franky attempts to threaten S-Snake into undoing his petrification. However, S-Snake ignores him, turning to Pythagoras' disembodied head. Franky watches helplessly as S-Snake stomps on Pythagoras, crushing and destroying him. On the second floor of Building A, Robin, Chopper, and Atlas continue searching for Vegapunk. Atlas suggests searching a room that has been long unused.

While Sanji confronts S-Shark for attempting to harm Nami, Luffy and Zoro teams with Lucci and Kaku to battle S-Bear and S-Hawk. However, while they are distracted, S-Hawk suddenly sneaks away. Lucci infers that S-Hawk intends to kill the weaker allied forces to demoralize the stronger ones. Zoro and Kaku leave the battlefield to pursue S-Hawk.

It is revealed that three months prior to the Egghead Incident, the World Government was first tipped by an anonymous source that Vegapunk was researching the Void Century. Over the course of three months, several Cipher Pol ships were sent to the island to investigate, but each disappeared, never returning to Mary Geoise. Eventually, the Five Elders saw this as Vegapunk's betrayal and ordered CP0 as well as Marine forces to assassinate him. They were surprised to learn that the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Egghead to defend him.

In the basement, Shaka's killer finally reveals herself to Vegapunk, being one of Vegapunk's own satellites, York. She explains that she betrayed Vegapunk and killed Shaka in order to become a World Noble.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Anime Notes[]

  • The anime adds the following:
    • An additional scene of the Marine fleet with a Marine reporting to Kizaru that the fleet would soon arrive at Egghead.
    • The Sea Beast Weapons are shown destroying CP5's ship as it attempted to leave Egghead.
    • Luffy and Chopper are shown laughing at Franky and Usopp doing funny face paint (kabuki-style) poses.
    • After York reveals her treachery, she is shown aiming her pistol at Vegapunk, implying she was about to kill him at that moment.
  • The anime extends the following:
    • Luffy's group fighting against S-Hawk and S-Bear. Additionally, when Kaku goes with Zoro to find S-Hawk, S-Bear tries to fire a laser at Kaku before being stopped by Luffy.
    • York approaching Vegapunk.
  • S-Shark tries to attack Nami again, but Sanji goes in front of her to take the hit himself. In the manga, S-Shark targeted only Sanji while the latter remained still.

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