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"Sanji the Cook! Showing His Real Worth at the Marine Dining-room!" is the 197th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

In disguise, Sanji shows the Marine chefs the proper way to prepare a decent meal.

Long Summary

The following morning Going Merry is brought in an officine of the base to be further investigated. Suddenly two marine ships reach the G-8 base and ask to enter to heal wounded people on board. Jonathan allows it.

Nami wanders in the base disguised as a marine. She finds Zoro who is walking with no destination and without doing anything to hide. Nami, then, takes his swords and throws them on a bush difficult to reach, just to make him busy and stopping him. Sanji and Luffy disguise themselves as marine cooks and enter in the kitchen. There they are mistaken for the two new cooks arrived from the headquarters, while the two real cooks have been confused by Nami's instructions. The two men are welcomed coldly by Jessica, the head chef, who wants to check what they can do. Sanji shows his ability, higher that the real cooks', while Luffy only eats what was already prepared. Both of them are accepted as the new cooks.

Meanwhile Zoro reaches his swords, but he falls into the sea. When he comes out he finds himself surrounded by marines that capture him.

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Anime Notes

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