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"Heroic Fierce Combat! The Fateful Last Battle" is the 219th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary

Luffy manages to finally defeat Foxy by using his ability against him. After getting back their crew members, the Straw Hat Pirates leave in search of a shipwright.

Long Summary

Foxy hits Luffy with a Noro Noro Beam and slows a cannonball. Luffy gets away from the cannonball as soon as the effects wore off. However, he is hit with Foxy's Fighter Jet.

After Luffy gets up yet again, Foxy casts another Noro Noro Beam, but Luffy, who is holding a mirror shard, reflects the beam back onto Foxy. Luffy attacks Foxy using his Gum Gum Flail move and waited for the effects to wear off. The crowd counts down until the effects wear off, causing Luffy's move to send Foxy flying into the air.

Foxy lands out of bounds, meaning that Luffy won the final round. The crowd jumps in the water to rescue Foxy.

After both Luffy and Foxy come to, Foxy attempts to grab Luffy's arm and perform a shoulder throw, but Luffy's arm stretches, causign Foxy to fall.

Luffy reclaims Chopper and Robin. He then strips the Foxy Pirates of their Jolly Roger, replacing it with a badly-drawn one for their sail. For the remaining 497 people to be claimed, he picks all the Foxy Pirates except for Hamburg, Porche and Foxy. However, Luffy immediately dismisses his newly-gained members, causing them to rejoin the Foxy Pirates.

The Straw Hat Pirates return to Tonjit. Suddenly, a giant mooole appears, being ridden by a boy. Tonjit recognizes the boy as his grandson. They tearfully hug after being reunited. Robin suggests that the boy dig a hole to reach the village so that TOnjit can be reunited with the villagers.

The Straw Hat Pirates finally set sail and leave Long Ring Long Land to continue searching for a shipwright for the crew.

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